How to Create an E-Commerce Website


 Nothing changes like change! And the adage sounds perfect when it comes to technology; particularly a website that brings you business. If you already sell online or are planning to build best e-commerce website, you are well aware of the e-commerce stats. But if you intend to remain a credible business online, you need to understand the know how to create  best e-commerce website.

So let’s see how can you make the most of your e-commerce business and keep pace with the changes coming your way

Best Practices To Create  E-commerce Website

Deploying the right kind of technology

E-commerce is a two way process; you give them easy experience, they give you easy money! Your money, efforts and strategy all go in vain, if your e-commerce business doesn’t fit the purpose. One very common mistake people make is to choose the e-commerce platform first and tweak it according to the requirements later. This makes a mess for obvious reasons!

  • To best a best e-commerce website you need to ask yourself the right kind of questions. What are your requirements? What is your budget? What do you need to sell?
  • Choose the right kind of platform. If you have a small business choosing Shopify, or Bigcommerce would be wise. If the business is medium sized Drupal commerce or Woocommerce will suit undoubtedly, and for large business you must go for Magento.
  • Pay a good attention to the dexterity of your e-commerce store. Make your your e-commerce website design feature-rich, with all the functionalities viz. shopping cart, payments systems, and social links working smoothly. Have a clear logo, good deals and free-shipping options.
  • Make the website navigate faster than instant to the individual product and ensure only relevant information is displayed about the product.
  • Make the buying process easy; do not make it compulsory for visitors to login before buying.
  • If you have many stores located nationally, it would be a bonus to add a store-finder tab on your website.
  • In a startup e-commerce website having Trustmarks by an external party is a must-have. Trustmarks from BBB, Geotrust, and McAfee indicates the safety of shopping on your website and instills a sense of security in customers. A study from Actual Insights says that 75.66% customers believe trustmarks as ice-breakers for considering a purchase.
  • Wearable devices has put internet within such an easy access to users, that retailing efforts resembles more to breathing than conscious efforts. This makes it important to deploy technology that keeps you in constant touch with your e-store.

Make your e-commerce website social

Stats abound about social media’s potential to drive new business to your website. Social integration is an inevitable component of an e-commerce website.

  • Put share plugins on pages to increase visibility and engagement around a particular product page. Include FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ plugins to attract traffic.
  • Highlight the social content generated by customers about your products or service. Platforms like Curalate, Pixlee allow websites to highlight social content from their fans or followers on website.
  • Do not miss to add social based comment feature. This makes customers to comment on your services or products, converse with other customers and review your e-commerce store easily.
  • Display all your new trends on social pages so that people can like and revisit your website.
  • Twitter is a social media king for businesses. Among the best e-commerce websites a few can  that can be followed on twitter to stay up-to-date on all current e-commerce practices. You can follow @Magento80, follow @Magento80, @Bigcommerce, @Googleretail and many others.

Get a hang of e-commerce stats

Statistics are something that gives us a true insight into what the best e-commerce website should focus on. Keeping a good note of online shopper’s habits enables us to strategize our process well.

  • Get reviewed: Yes, you heard it right! Lightspeed Research says that almost 45% of online shoppers leave your store if the products are not reviewed. Their decision to buy anything depends upon the kind of reviews it gets. So, the first step in building best e-commerce website is to attract this 45% and get reviews about your products. Or else they’ll leave your store!
  • Give them a reason to reappear: Intershop reveals that only 35% of visitor–turned-customers take your revenue graph up. Loyalty is a ‘must have’ to drive your business sales. Give them a good reason to comeback, may be something your competitors are missing on.
  • Maintain high product ratings: A research analysis by Econsultancy discloses how important product ratings are! About 55% rely on product ratings, and low star rating is a total turn-off for them. Get away with all the low star ratings and try hard to rate your product.
  • Let them track their belongings: If they bought it, they must not be kept in dark about how far it is. The comStore analysis emphasizes that 99% of customers feel that tracking is vital for security proposes. Having this facility makes yours a credible online store.

The best fit for your business depends upon the business you’d like to create. Good choices beget great results! This was an effort to make you avoid all the pitfalls you might plunge into while creating your e-commerce business and making it best e-commerce website.

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