How to Promote and Maintain Your Facebook Fan Page?


There are nearly 500 million Facebook users, which makes marketing potential of Facebook incredible. However, creating a Fan page simply would not work like a magic wand for your business. Creating a genuine, workable Facebook fan page promotion and maintenance strategy is mandatory. Social media works with engagement, unlike newspaper ads or billboards it needs a detailed and deeper level of interaction. It demands your time to communicate with your customer and that too more than about products and prices.

Facebook is the best supplement to your online marketing strategy that creates a continuous excitement about your brand. Before we dive into the dos of promoting and maintaining Facebook business page, let’s dig insights on what do you want from your fan page? Are you happy with the exposure or do you want conversions as the end results? If latter is your ultimate aim, you’re at the right place.

So let’s find out how much efforts you’re required to put in to reach the desired goal:

Some tips to promote your facebook fan page

Invite People To Become Fans

This is the first step to build a good fan page. Having a lot of fans might not increase the sales right away, but it would surely strengthen your brands reputation. So your initial step should be to expand your reach to spread more about your brand and business. You can do this by inviting them through Facebook, by uploading a CSV file of the contacts you want to get in touch with or invite anyone by embedding the link top your email signature and newsletter. Add information about it on your business card, company website and other marketing materials.

Develop relationships with similar businesses

Building relationships with similar businesses would help you in getting useful links and information about the industry you’re working in. You can also exchange links with them. You can post their links on your page and they can reciprocate by promoting posts on your fan page. This can create a win-win situation on both the sides.

Facebook Badges and Widgets

This is another way to draw customer’s attention to your Facebook profile. Facebook widgets and badges allow users to like the fan page from any page of your website, without having to leave the website. The basic widgets for a website or blog are Floating Facebook like box from where users can like your fan page without leaving the site, Facebook pop up like box, like box, connecting Facebook fan page with twitter account, your Facebook live stream etc.

Use Facebook Events

This allows the admin to create a buzz about or promote your upcoming event at the organization. It may be an open house marketing event, a party you’re about to host, or an important meeting. Once you create an event, your fans and other users can be invited. They can also share and promote your event, which is a part of expanding the exposure.

Update Your Page

Try and update your Facebook page once a day at least. Updating regularly with good updates compels your followers to regularly like and share your feeds. If you’re managing your business page, you can tell all your employees to share everything you update or share. This is the easiest way to spread your updates because if there are 50 people sharing one update, it is getting exposure to good number if audience. The biggest question is what should you post? You can update about new releases, latest industry specific news, useful tips, links to pages on your websites, pictures of latest events, your posts and mini press releases.

Running Facebook Ad Campaigns

The ads require mini investment but are worthwhile for targeting good fan base and customer base. Also this method is very much affordable than traditional advertising methods. These ads have tools that allow you to target people based on age, gender, work experience, industry and employers. You can always keep a good track on your ads popularity and performance. For a start you can consider going for low budget and see how many new fans you get. However, your ad will no longer appear once you’ve used up your budget.

Use Reveal Tabs

Reveal tabs are custom tabs on your Facebook fan page, which can be customized to allow only fans to see your updates. This is a very effective way to increase your fan base. For example, you are offering an extraordinary service, special discounts, or a special invitation that can only be availed by your fans. Normal users will only see something like “Lie our fan page to avail this offer..” while the fans see the exact message. To set up such taps a third-party tool Pagemodo or NorthSocial FanOffer is used. Such tabs are very popular for generating a buzz about your services.

It is important to maintain the Facebook fan page all by yourself because you know the best about your business. However, if this still seems a bit too much to handle, you can avail the services of our special social media experts that can help you maintain and promote your business. We have the best social media experts who will always keep your business engaged and accomplish your desired goals. You can REACH US here.

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