How to use Pokemon-Go to generate organic mobile traffic?


In today’s mobile gaming world, unprecedented Pokémon-Go rage has now spread all over especially amongst kids and adults. The craze of this unique augmented reality (AR) mobile game is so intense that within a week of launching, Pokemon-Go has surpassed ‘twitter’ in terms of daily active users. Moreover, it has also overpowered ‘Snapchat & Instagram‘ in terms of users engagement.

As people are spending so much time in engaging and searching around for Pokemon-Go, many local businesses are also seeking a huge opportunity with this game for generating mobile traffic.


The Pokemon-go game comes with PokéStops and Gyms, where users can assemble to trap and fight Pokémon. If a local business is located in the close proximity to these PokéStops or Gyms, then more users traffic can draw in and result in increased business revenue. Many small or big businesses are already availing this opportunity with their creative marketing campaigns and in-app purchases.

Now a big question arises here;

How to use Pokemon-Go to generate organic mobile traffic?

To generate and convert the ambulating game lovers as your potential organic customers, first, you have to understand the basics of this game and utilization of its tools for your business advantage.

Here, we are explaining some tricks that will help you to generate potential organic mobile traffic on your business location.

1. Find Your Business location near to PokeStop or a Gym

This real world AR game is all different and full of excitement. Pokemon-Go crazy people usually travel outside from their house or premises to find Pokemon’s avatars and then catching them to collect reward points from PokeStops, battle others users at Gyms and also form a team to defend their territory. Therefore, without much effort PokeStops and Gyms can attract maximum foot traffic of players who flock to get rewards. You can definitely leverage those players by offering special discounts to generate massive sales.

So first you need to figure out whether your business location is near to PokeStop or Gym?

Now, with your Google account install “Ingress” game also created by Niantic, and virtually maps 1:1 with PokeStops and Gyms in Pokemon-Go. Once you have installed it, you can make use of world map for PokeStop or a Gym.

2. Purchase Lures

One of most important in-app purchase offered by Pokemon-Go is ‘Lures’. This is an absolute feature you must try if your business is near to PokeStop or Gym.

By spending just a little more than a dollar per hour, the user can get virtually guaranteed organic traffic to his business.

Steps to get ‘Lures’:

  • At the bottom, tap the red colored Pokeball.
  • Enter into “Shop”
  • Scroll to tap box-shaped purple in color ‘Lures’ offered to purchase.
  • Once purchased get back to in-app, and touch the red Pokeball and tap “Items”
  • Now activate purple Lure.

You have to think more when your business location is not near to a PokeStop or a Gym.

3. Go Where the Pokemon Roam

It is not always necessary that your business location should be nearby to a PokeStop or a Gym.

You can move your business on the road where you may find clusters of PokeStops. Here you can park your business in the middle and then place multiple Lures at the same time. By doing this you can attract a serious traffic on your business.

4. Social Media Promotion for Your Local Pokemon

This is the another trick to get people attracted to your business, even if your business is far away from a PokeStop or a Gym. Purchase in-app ‘Incense’ just like ‘Lure’ to catch more Pokemon. Now get on your business presence on social media and promote a rare or valuable Pokemon popping up in your business location by taking Pokemon screenshots offered to capture.

You can promote it like a referral program:

  • Promote your strategy for rewarding users who can locate rare Pokemon at your business area.
  • Offer users to catch any rare Pokemon that pops up near to your business vicinity and in return give them Pokemon-Incense for free.
  • Expand your followers by offering users to upload the image and tag your business location on social media.

So, by implementing above strategy wisely you can make your business store a hot spot destination.

Above described facts about Pokemon Go promises to bring an unprecedented opportunity for your local business by improving direct customer interaction on spending a very small amount of money.

Then what are you waiting for?

Go for Pokemon Go Right Now, and Start Promoting Your Local Business!

If you have some better idea or some useful tips other than above, then please share it in a comment section. For any query, you may reach us.

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