Injoy Health: A Health Game Portal to Improve Lifestyle Scores.!


“Injoy Health.. because together makes greater.!!” is an Online Social Networking Health Game Portal that challenges your lifestyle scores.! It is a simple, social platform to ignite corporate engagement, by changing the lifestyle of a user/employee for betterment.

Our dedicated team at The Brihaspati Infotech, helps to ensure your business more productive by fully equipped it with the latest and highly efficient online health game social networking web portal.

By understanding the importance of ‘wellness is more than physical health’ in mind, our team’s continuous hard-work have created and compiled an online Health Game Portal to make the users / employees of a corporate, feel well and healthy by analyzing their lifestyle data on daily basis with lots of fun.

What is ‘Injoy Health’ ?

‘InJoy Health’ offers an interesting fun game, in which users can submit and analyze their daily activities information to gain the best lifestyle scores. Whenever, an user performs well by losing weight, or quality of sleep etc., he / she gains scores for it. The highest scores gained with all these activities may win various attractive prizes. Moreover, for a recognition, user can share his/her scores with ‘Injoy  Health’ online social networking web portal.

Therefore, ‘Injoy Health’ helps to boost up confidence of an user to feel more energetic and happier at work.

Why to Join ‘InJoy Health’ ?

“Injoy Health’ helps comparing user health fitness data with the people of his/her network, which motivates a user of an organization to think more creatively, and to solve problems more efficiently.

So, we can ensure a better productivity of an organization by caring its users/employees to indulge in this health game challenge.

Impact of ‘Injoy Health’ not just on users/people who work in an organization, but also for their families as well. Having a tremendous presence here, users can be happier and healthier feeling more energized to work with their corporate environment.

For a company, this type of support for employees / users, make them showing up to work each day something to look forward to.

‘Injoy Health’ Activities

Here, the Grateful Living Challenge is focused on small changes that affect your overall health.

This is an individual competition to earn as many points as you can.

On a Dashboard user can enter and create My Account’ to fill in his/her account and personal details.

 ‘Monthly Weigh-In’ and ‘Monthly Blood Pressure’ (FM WELLNESS)

User can submit his/her monthly weight and Blood pressure report.

Online Health Assessment

This section takes user to myCigna to submit date of online health assessment. It may earn user with 20 points.

Health Coaching calls

Here, user can submit date/s of his /her coaching calls. It may earn user with 10 points.

Sleep Tracker

Here user can submit his / her daily sleep information by entering Bed time, Rise time and rate of quality of sleep to calculate/track monthly average sleep and quality of sleep per night. Sleep tracker can earn user with 20 points.


On entering the this section user can upload his/her images for various routine activities to share on the social network.

Gratitude Journal

Here user can share his two great experiences on a particular day and a lifetime experience that user is greatful for. Submitting these informations, may warn 20 points.

Moving Words

Various inspirational and motivational quotes/words or banners can be uploaded here. Submitting here can earn 10 points to user.

Holiday Giving

Category wise images for gratitude, family tradition, healthy recipe, giving back and tips can be uploaded here to share it on social network. Here, 20 earning points are received on submission.

Jason’s Blog

To benefit user’s healthy lifestyle, various informative health articles are also available on the ‘Jason’s Blog’ section.

Total Points Earn

When all activities are submitted, total points earned can be seen on ‘Points Earned’ section. User can share it socially in his/her network to challenge other users.

Moreover, if user has earned a total of 1250 or more points, it would entitle him/her to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize.

You can see more information regarding How Do You Earn Points? on tapping ‘Contest rules’.

Tech Support: If unfortunately, some technical issue arises during the use, then user may ask for ‘Tech Support’ by submitting the issue with requisite information.

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