Integration with AWS Cognito


AWS Cognito is an Amazon product that controls the process of user authentication and access in the web as well as in mobile applications. It includes the sign-up and sign-in process for the users and manages the permissions of numerous users. By creating a dictionary of users, it authenticates the users through various social networking platforms or by using own identity system.

AWS Cognito manages the information of all the users so that the developer can focus on building excellent interface of the applications instead of managing the data. The developer is free from securing and scaling the solutions for user management and authentication. AWS Cognito allows the application to work offline too as they save the data locally on user’s device. It allows the syncing of the information on other devices so that you can access the data without internet connectivity.

Advantages of using AWS Cognito:

AWS Cognito is a cost effective alternative for managing the data of any application. They have a very nominal plan for the startups with basic services and owner can go for advanced services as the business grows with the number of users. It is considered to as very flexible as you are free to select the operating system, database, language and many other services of your own. It also allows to load the software that the application requires.

End-to-end measures including physical and software have been taken by AWS to ensure the security of the entered data. One also has the access to the storage and computing resources of AWS. The syncing feature allows the user to have a consistent experience throughout the navigation regardless of the device they use. It also resolves the network connectivity conflicts to avoid the developer divert his mind in syncing data of the users.

Integration of AWS in a web application by TBI

The experience and expertise of the developers at TBI enabled them to integrate AWS in a web application. We did various tasks while integrating our website with AWS which were required by the clients. Below you can check the details of the functionalities that were added in the website through AWS:

Create User: We started with the creation of users in this application by filling the attributes of the users like; full name, phone number, organization and the role that is assigned to him in the organization. For increased security, an extra layer of protection is created using 2 factor authentication. This feature enables the security by asking the confirmation code received by SMS on the phone number given at the time of sign-up.

Authentication: The user has to login with a temporary password given at the time of sign-up and needs to update the default password before proceeding towards any other step.

Login: As the user updates his password, he is allowed to perform various functions of the application. The two functionalities that are added after the login step are “Forgot Password” and “Change Password”. The user is allowed to change the password only if has updated the default password at the time of authentication.

TBI worked on all these functionalities of AWS for integrating it with the web application which turned out to be very useful for the client and his business. All these functionalities added an extra layer of security to the application therefore securing the confidential data of the users. Apart from these functionalities, the developers at TBI are capable of incorporating many other useful functionalities in the web and mobile applications using AWS Cognito. If you are looking forward to use the functionalities of AWS in your web/mobile applications, feel free to visit our website.

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