Integration with Clover


If you are thinking to revolutionize the way your business handles payment transactions, then Clover is the best alternative. It replaces your business’s cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, bar code scanner to a single and easy to use device. You will have a number of hardware devices integrated with the Clover station which will help you to manage all these entities.

The features incorporated in the Clover station will get to know your business and customers better with the simplified reports and data which will further help you to streamline your work to make the most of your time. Once you have integrated your POS system with the this station, you can enjoy many benefits that it offers. Clover station accepts multiple payment methods which includes EMV, credit card, PIN debit, Apple Pay, Google Wallet.

You can enable your merchants to take EMV payments without the high cost of enabling chip based payments. You can also pair your Clover station with Clover Mobile that will offer pay-at-the-table solutions to increase customer turn over and provide better customer service. You will also get the access to the applications in the Clover App Market. Clover allows the integration with the popular marketplaces like Magento, Xcart, Shopify, Visualsoft, Netsuite and many more. To get the detailed description about it, please visit

The developers at TBI have great expertise in the field of Clover and its integration with various marketplaces. Our developers integrated the online store of the client with Clover with latest features and functionalities which proved to be very fruitful for the client’s business. The client wanted the inventory of the store to continuously sync with the database to ensure that the orders, products, sales are up-to-date, both online and in-store which will spare the time of the staff that is used in manual updation on various systems and can be used in adding value to the business. API used for updating and deleting the orders, is given below: /v3/merchants/{mId}/order_types/{orderTypeId} /v3/merchants/{mId}/order_types/{orderTypeId}

The developers implemented this feature by using OAuth 2.0 framework that enables the application to obtain access to the accounts. The new customers that were added in the application through Clover hardware devices were also updated in the database for record management using an external database named Firebase. Also, it allowed to manage the business from anywhere having access to the web, even if there are multiple Clover devices and multiple locations. Below is the API used to add and update the customers in the database: /v3/merchants/{mId} /v3/merchants/{mId}

The developers at the same time also worked on the auto syncing feature for each merchant. The developers created a syncing component using node.js which was made to work independently, integrated the Firebase with Clover and synced all the data in it using tokens stored in the Firebase upon login. This syncing process was an automatic process and no command or watch is needed to keep the syncing going on.These were the main functionalities of Clover on which the talented developers of TBI worked and made it work like anything to get the desired results for the client. We have gained expertise in other functionalities of Clover too. Hire our experienced developers to manage your store’s inventory, sales, employees, reports etc. on the tap of just a click.

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