iOS App for Fall detection and Accident Alert


Casualties due to falls create serious injuries like fractures and often the victims succumb to such injuries as they don’t have much of a choice in isolated environments. Victims of such unfortunate miss happenings either give in to death or end up with broken body parts making them dependable. Combating such situations seems impossible, as how can anyone help when there is no one around the accident? Or is it?

As a leading iPhone app development company, we offered a solution.

Our Accelerometer-based iOS App for Fall detection and Accident Alert comes with this striking feature of detecting falls and sending automatic alerts to the family members or friends via a text message or e-mail. This is a very simple yet powerful application built with strategic implementation of accelerometer’s functionality. This app is basically designed for safety purposes for detecting falls and sending alerts to the contacts. The app can be extremely helpful to combat such risks in secluded locations.

Features of iOS app for fall detection  and accident alerts

  • The application works on iPhone and detects the falls based on the position of the falling person
  • Notification alerts as the fall happens
  • Sensitivity calibrating feature where user can calibrate the sensitivity meter. More sensitivity would mean detection of even minute falls.
  • Users can set a timer, minimum of 60 seconds, which should be stopped before the set time if you do not want alerts to be sent.
  • All user details viz. name, contact number and other can be saved in the application.
  • You can add maximum 5 contacts in the emergency alert contact list on the application.

How the iOS for fall detection application is created?

  • This system is implemented on the smartphone running on iOS.
  • The application is based on the built-in Accelerometer of the device.
  • Using accelerometer different acceleration values were checked for different position viz. rest and fall.
  • For sending email alerts API Integration was used where automatic emails are sent through 3dideaforum. Similarly, Twilio API Integration was used to send message alerts.
  • Programming language tool used was XCode6.
  • Different iOS classes are used to implement different functions. For instance, AF Networking is the third party for API Integration, for setting timer NSTimes is used, and audio toolbox is used for alarm sound.
  • Various iOS class frameworks used is Core Location, AV Foundation, and Core Motion.

How the iOS fall alert application works?

The application is specifically designed to alert some specific group of contacts saved on user’s iPhone at the time of fall. The contacts will be as decided by the users of the iOS app. After users will install the application they can manage the settings after pressing the enable button. They can add their respective details, set the timer to start the countdown as per the convenience, and set the contacts they want in the emergency alert receivers list. As soon as the fall will be detected, the device will receive the notification with the alert sound. If, for any reason, the user is not able to stop the timer before time limit reaches zero, a text-message and e-mail will be sent to all the five contacts listed. The message will contain your contact number, fall information and your GPS coordinates with your fall location.

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