iOS Device Integration – BodyWeight Connect App


The mobile phone applications have given a new definition of how people use their phones to surf the world around them. The world is moving towards mobility and there are various applications available in the market. The iOS and android platforms offer various ways to integrate these devices with external hardware devices. Integration of hardware with mobile phone applications has opened up new possibilities in enterprise mobility.

With years of experience in mobile application development, the mobile developers of The Brihaspati Infotech [TBI] have achieved the milestone of successful integration of Adventure cameras, Smart Watches, Bluetooth enabled devices, Smart TV, Headphones and many other similar devices. Our skilled mobile developers have developed applications that can synchronize, communicate and control the hardware devices to meet the different needs like picture clicking, playing songs, remote controlling, fitness monitoring etc.

An incredible iOS application that we have recently integrated with a hardware device is the body weight connect that helps keep track of body workout sessions.

Body Weight Connect It is a training program specifically designed to lose weight, build muscle or to simply get better in shape. The main feature of this application is that you do not need to have any specific timings or a particular place for the workout. You can start your workout anytime and anywhere without any tool. It has more than 900 different workouts that covers the entire muscles in the body leading to fast results. This application has workouts that can be done by every age group and every level i.e. from beginners to advanced level. It also gives you the option to get a coach that will serve as a digital trainer and will analyze your performance after every workout for the speedy results. It will also ask for the feedback after every session so that the workout can be planned accordingly. The training plan in the application is completely personalized and gives immediate and effective results. It can also be operated by a Bluetooth device that will help you do the workouts more effectively. One of the main feature of this application is that the user can track his location as well as the route through which he has traveled during his running or walking session. It also allows the admin to see the location of the users who are using this application worldwide. Another feature of this application is the voice instruction during the exercise which helps in the effective workout. Various instructions like to stop the exercise or to change is done by that module which helps in continuous flow of the exercise without your need to reach the mobile phone. The results of using this mobile application effectively can be seen in just a few weeks. The main goal of this application is transforming you physically and mentally to be the best version of you.

If you are looking to integrate hardware devices with smart phones, TBI is ready for the challenge. We can provide you the assistance for the development of hardware specific application or can develop the complete application for your hardware device.

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