Is Facebook trying to make its coupon product and offers, a big deal?


The latest reports published in ‘Marketing Land’ states;

“Facebook is going to update its coupon product and offers tab that will allow users to easily view, use and save offer codes from a brand site to new Offer tab. This Facebook update will also make its feature more mobile-friendly, thereby allowing brands a better authority to target their offers to specific users.”

By offering this new update, Facebook is putting more efforts to make its earlier introduced offers in 2012, a big deal and also making it more like a Facebook product.

In this article, we are highlighting some brand-friendly features from new Facebook update which can make its coupon product and offers, a big deal:

  • Users can view offers through brand pages links or ads, and every offer will have its own tab on the platform.
  • A Facebook advertising platform helps advertisers to make offers on coupon product more mobile-friendly and also allows them to better target their offers to specific Facebook users.
  • Offers can be redeemed on a mobile device, either from in-store by using a scannable coupon or through a brand’s website only.
  • A targeted coupons approach will help to reduce misuse of coupon offers from shoppers.
  • An advertiser can limit the use of its coupon offer by assigning it with a specific code to prevent it redeemed more than the provided limit. Although Facebook has not declared it yet when the unique codes would be available.

Beside above brand-friendly features for product coupon and offers, Facebook has also declared to offer new “shop” sections and ad-free brand pages that allow advertisers to better display their products.

How will user Redeem Facebook Product coupon offer?

Users can redeem offer-carrying ads or Facebook post using their mobile device or they can also redeem an emailed version in the store. Now users can also save brand offers to a new Offers bookmark tab integrated to their Facebook account.

If a person wants to redeem an in-store coupon offer using his mobile then he can pull up the Offer tab in his Facebook App and show a corresponding barcode to a cashier for scanning.

An online offer can be redeemed by clicking on the ad Offer that will open up the brand site and here the coupon code will be displayed at the bottom of the mobile screen. The user can copy and paste this code to redeem immediately while checking out for purchasing.

Offer-Expiry Reminder

As described earlier, The Facebook new update will allow users to save or bookmark an offer. Facebook will remind and prod people to redeem their offers. If their saved offers are going to expire then it will raise an alert or a push notification whenever user will login to his Facebook account.

Customized Coupon Offer

The Facebook update will allow advertisers to customize their product coupon offers by setting its expiry date, limit of usage and targeting to specific users. They can also promote these offers by highlighting it on their Facebook page tab gallery.

View Ad Report

Advertisers will have to pay for their offered ads according to the number of users click on their ads to redeem an offer. Advertisers can place Facebook’s tracking pixel on their website to view an ad report for the numbers or percentage of visits and actions taken by users, such as page like, share, coupons redeemed or purchasing etc.


As per our opinion, all above discussed new Facebook features and advantages can surely make its coupon product and offers, a big deal in coming future especially for Brands who are looking to promote their online business targeting a specific group or potential users.

Are you ready to avail this new coupon product offer from Facebook?

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