Is Google Penguin Watching Your Link Source?


Finally, after waiting for nearly two years, Google has announced its final Penguin algorithm update- Penguin 4.0. Google says this is Penguin’s last release that will allow real-time signal processing within its core search algorithm.

This new Google Penguin algorithm will no longer penalize a website or specific page and now it will just ignore or devalue a spammy link instead of the demoting it. Therefore, current rankings of a website will be adjusted.

Here, we are highlighting two important amendments that came with this new Google Penguin algorithm:

A Real-time Process

Penguin was first introduced in 2012 and since then it has been updated at regular intervals. Penguin is basically a filter specially designed to capture and penalize spamming websites on Google’s search results. Even after improving and changing, these spamming websites would remain penalized and it could take months to get free from penalty.

Now with the new Penguin 4.0 algorithm update, long delays will become a history. Penguin filters will work in real-time to access Google recrawls and reindexes pages. Any spammy site or page will be captured and released in a real time as a regular process.

Page-specific Action Only

Penguin 4.0 algorithm release is more granular than its previous versions.

Now, it can devalue a spam site link by adjusting its ranking based on spam signals. This will not affect the whole website ranking as affected by previous Penguin versions with a sitewide penalty.

This means Penguin might impact specific pages, sections or wide swaths of a website without affecting other pages.

Beside above updates, Google has also specified- ‘It will no longer confirm future Penguin updates as it’s a constant process and there is nothing to confirm.’

Now you may ask;

When will this new Penguin update go live?

Although it is not yet specified by Google how long it may take to get this new Penguin update fully live. But some sources confirmed that it may take 1 or 2 weeks more.

There can be chances, you may find this new Google Penguin has started to revisit your site pages.

If this happens then you should likely see the quick changes.

Is Google Penguin watching your link source?

Previous Penguin versions with “web spam” algorithm mostly focused on spammed sites. While these spammed sites are penalized by Google Penguin, mostly webmaster and SEO professionals mainly focuses around ‘sites links’ to rectify Penguin issues instead of its source. Here Google has made a point to clarify that this Penguin issue is not just limited to site link but also involves a “source site” from where the link is coming from. So, you need to watch on your site links that should come from quality sources, instead of a low-quality source.

Also, with this new Google Penguin update will no longer penalize your site or specific pages but it rather devalues or ignores the spammy site links and thus adjust its ranking.

So it is time to cheer for webmasters and SEO professionals!

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