Is Snapchat adopting Facebook-style ad-targeting?


In 2013, the Snapchat app has reportedly refused an offer of $3 billion to become an integral part of Facebook. This decision was taken by Snapchat just to prove its strong vision for emulating Facebook’s success. Since late 2014, Snapchat has built several plans to compete with other popular social media ads targeting platforms and made leaps of progress in selling ads.

According to the reports of ‘the eMarketer’, by the end of 2017 Snapchat may boost up its users base up to 217 million from 150 million in the current year.

Recently to explore a mission to compete with other social media ads platforms, three new ad-targeting options are announced by Snapchat adopting Facebook-style ad-targeting for advertisers.

We are highlighting some of the salient points that would be offered by Snapchat:

  • Allows advertisers or brands to target their ads based on people’s email addresses, their unique mobile ads identifiers, content-based audience categories, and people who are more involved in gaming, sports, music, or technology etc.
  • Offering three new ads-targeting options i.e. Snapchat Lifestyle, Snap Audience Match, and Lookalikes Categories that will be available anywhere such as in its vertical video, in between people’s Stories, within Discover channels or Live Stories.
  • Advertisers won’t be able to use new ads-targeting options to target their sponsored ads or geo-filter campaigns.
  • Advertisers will have to spend more money for a more targeted advt based on a genuine data of audiences like their email addresses.
  • Adding a new way to opt out for Snapchat users who doesn’t want any brand advertisement based on their email address and the mobile advt ID that is attached to their mobiles.

Before the announcement of above ad-targeting features, Snapchat has already been offering advertisers with the features to target their ads to specific audiences according to their gender, age, location, and usage behavior of the mobile device or operating system, wireless carrier, Live Story or Discover channel. But these ad-targeting features were very basic as compared to Snapchat’s new introduced options.

Although Snapchat always denies any creepy usage of its audience data for ad-targeting by tracking all audience activities outside of Snapchat, but advertisers are always free to execute their re-targeting strategy on Snapchat using its new rolling out options.

Also, Snapchat’s ad-targeting are not rolling out as new options, as it appears just like Facebook-style ad-targeting and already been adopted by other popular digital ad platforms like Twitter, Google, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Snapchat is now looking to encash its more than 150 million audience base to let brands aim their ads using new ads-targeting options and its differentiated innovative formats of vertical video ads.

It will be a great opportunity for many advertisers who are looking to target their ads according to audience specific behaviour.

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