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On any general day, we would prefer browsing through Airbnb than switching between the official hotel websites to book a stay. We prefer scrolling through the likes of Indeed to find a vacancy than approaching one organization at a time. Over time, we have surrounded ourselves with so many business listing websites, that we barely have the time to realize it.

Business Listing apps avail users with innumerable options for any task. In the example below, we can find a user scrolling through Airbnb. The user adds the location and the dates for the stay, and the portal comes up with several options that match the needs:

On the other hand, the platform plays a crucial role in helping businesses find a broader exposure to their services, hence, more customers.

The in-house Shopify development agency at The Brihaspati Infotech recently had the opportunity to develop a similar Shopify app for local job search listings. The application is capable of handling bulk tasks with much ease. This blog takes you to a tour of our custom-designed Shopify application and its immense possibilities.

Need for developing a Private Shopify App for Business Directory Listing

The Shopify app marketplace is the home for thousands of predesigned ready-to-go applications catered to every need across various business niches. The marketplace is the store’s apps for tasks that can possibly happen online.

However, the store lacks a trustworthy means to establish an online business directory website on Shopify. According to a popular discussion on the Shopify community, business owners are relying on WordPress-based sites to handle the need.

And to be very honest, designing a custom business directory listing software from the scratch needs an in-depth knowledge of the workflows, techniques, brainstorming sessions, and the right strategy to implement them. That is where our client needed help.

The client is the owner of a leading Salon business, and its popularity is now crossing the national borders. The client had an existing online Shopify store for Salon products. At one point, they realized the market for salons is rather disorganized and there is a huge gap between the audience and the local service providers.

The client was in the search of a business directory listing software that could be integrated into the Shopify store. Realizing that there are no pre-designed applications to meet the need, the client approached us for a custom-designed solution. And we were willing to help them out.

Our custom Shopify app as a solution

The Shopify app custom-designed in our lab is a complete solution for business directory listing services. Going by the exact demand of the market and the client’s business, we boiled to the functions and the complete architecture.

With this app, Shopify merchants can:

  • Control the listings
  • Enable a portal for buying and selling the listings
  • Allow businesses to have personal access
  • Capture Leads
  • Find the physical location of the listing

The custom Shopify application further caters to hiring needs for the business owners. The Job portal allows your customers to find and hire new employees in fewer clicks. You can save your customers time and money at managing multiple software applications with nearly every feature being availed centrally.

With that, the custom-designed Shopify app makes you a favorite in your immediate market.

Listing the business on the portal

The process starts right from here. The brick and mortar stores can mark their online presence by approaching a similar online business directory website. The business owner can add images of his services, the physical location of the business, and more with the panel.

Listing frontend view
Listing frontend view

In the image above, we have a salon listed. It is worth noticing that the listing includes the likes of Salon name, Address, Websites, and Social media handle. The listing, moreover, includes the pictures of the shop along with its Geolocation and a Call now button that redirects the visitor to the contact number of the business.

The Google Map Integration allows the user to find the location of the shop in real-time.

Businesses have their own Login Credentials

The businesses are required to register before making it to the business listing directory. The business owners can add information like the Owner name, along with shop details.

Registering with the Shopify business listing software
Registering with the Shopify business listing software

The registration form is submitted to the Shopify Admin. The admin has the full control to grant permission to the business owner for the listing. The admin can go by the regular processes for tying up with the owners, pitching membership plans in return for the market exposure they are offering.

The following image is the Shopify admin panel for the app.

Shopify business listing admin panel
Shopify business listing admin panel

The admin has every detail regarding the shop along with the option to disapprove requests for joining.

Control over the Listings

The Shopify admin has full control over the listings. He can add new members, disapprove new members, change credentials, and can remove profiles in a touch.

Adding members in the Shopify business listing software
Adding members in the Shopify business listing software

The dashboard is custom designed for the admins to ease the management of the custom Shopify business listing software.

The admin can switch between the members and the advertisements on the dashboard, as shown in the picture below.

Switching within the custom Shopify admin

The Advertisement section accumulates all the advertisements and listings done in the recent past. The order of the listings can be customized for individual columns as per the admin’s priorities.

Generating a lead with Shopify online business directory website

The business listing software allows visitors to make a quick move. The software is free for them and they barely require credentials to participate in the process. The portal is customized to present all the listings in the storefront. The user can select the listing of his choice and is forwarded to the contact form along with the details of the listing.

The contact form is submitted to the business owner, wherefrom, they can seal the deal.

Finding ads in the Shopify job listing software
Finding ads in the Shopify job listing software

Shopify job application website development

Adding job vacancy on Shopify Job portal app

The custom Shopify app designed by us is furthered with abilities as a job portal. The app can convert regular Shopify websites to online job posting websites, wherefrom, your customers with personal credentials can post advertisements for job vacancies along with their requirements.

Placing job vacancy with Shopify Job portal app
Placing job vacancy with Shopify Job portal app

The Business owner can select the “Hire Tech” option to categorize his needs under the hiring process. The owner can proceed with the usual details about the job and can further add up to 10 images for the job.

Shopify app for local job search listings

The custom Shopify app converts your Shopify store to a full-fledged job portal. The application is empowered with an efficient internal search engine. The user can search the job listings with ease.

The Shopify job portal app development is furthered with Google Map integration that allows the visitors to find any job in their immediate 20 km radius. With that, locating the job and the exact requirements get easier.

Scope of the Shopify job application website development

The custom-designed Shopify app conquers the two crucial fields, that is, an efficient online job portal website development along with a Shopify online business directory website. Thus helping the Shopify admins organizing their immediate market.

Though the client here specifically belonged to the Salon, the scope of this application can be expanded to any number of businesses. Shopify admins can leverage this app to connect with their local service providers offering them an online presence while expanding your B2B customer space.

Time and again, the Shopify experts at The Brihaspati Infotech have developed applications that are tailored for specific business needs. We have previously developed a custom app for Loyalty Program on Shopify. As the name suggests the app enables Loyalty programs on a Shopify Store. It was one of several projects where our developers had to go for the extra mile to meet the custom needs of the client.

Summing it up:

Developing an online business directory listing app on Shopify was a huge feat by the in-house Shopify experts at The Brihaspati Infotech. The application has hugely been awaited across multiple discussion threads on and off the Shopify Community.

But that is the beauty of a custom eCommerce development agency. They can find solutions that aren’t readily available.

If you too are looking out for a similar app for business directory listing or an online job portal development on Shopify, you can contact us directly. Our Shopify experts can customize the existing solution or develop one from scratch, accordingly.

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