Kissmetrics Extension for Magento and WordPress

What is Kissmetrics ?

Kissmetrics is a web analytic tool which helps user to succeed in business by maximizing customer traffic to generate volume by tracking, analyzing and optimizing performance of digital marketing. It focus primarily on potential visitors and conversion rate.

Kissmetrics extension can be integrated with platforms like WordPress or Magento to track and collect data for every visitor’s events or activities.

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Kissmetrics Plugin or Extension Key Features

Connecting complete data 

Helps user to collect all data of visitors from various devices & browsers starting from initial step to the final step.

Decision maker

Helps to implement the best marketing strategy to boost business.

Identify Targeted Areas

Helps to target worldwide areas/locations to implement business decisions to generate maximum profits.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Helps to identify and analyse specific web campaign effectiveness and to filter out channels of potential viewers.

Conversion Rate and Time

Tracking of login/signup customers and product purchasing (Conversion rate). Moreover it also helps to analyse and reduce signup time.

Cohort Report Analysis

Help to improve customers engagement by analysing Cohort reports to know customers behaviour.

Optimize Business Marketing

Helps to locate and overcome roadblocks to business success. Also, helps to optimize business marketing by improving the percentage of potential customers to enhance conversion rates.

Kissmetrics Important Applications

  • Helps to identify the the channel/step where visitor get stuck or started purchasing process.

  • Optimizes business by testing reports to create impact on visitors.

  • Helps to locate the potential customers with channeled revenue reports.

  • Conveniently track customer targeted areas and conversion process.

Steps for Kissmetrics WordPress Plugin Integration

  1. Download the official Kissmetrics WordPress Plugin (download link) and extract the contents.

  2. Upload kissmetrics folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  3. OnWordPress dashboard, enter ‘Plugins’ menu and activate the Kissmetrics plugin.

  4. In ‘Settings’ menu, enter Kissmetrics settings to get the API key.

  5. Enter API key and select the preferred event which have automatically tracked.
JavaScript Tracking Code for WordPress

JavaScript code snippet should be pasted between thetags on every page of your site. as shown in link below :

Tracking Code

Events Tracking JS for WordPress

Following table shows JavaScript used to track various events  :

Event NamePropertiesIdentity
Viewed Signup PageJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Signed InJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Created Account / RegisteredJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Facebook Connect’dJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Facebook LogoutJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Viewed Blog HomepageJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Viewed PostID: the post ID viewedJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Title: the title of the post
Categories: an array of the post’s categories
Viewed PageID: the page ID viewedJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Title: the title of the post
Article Link ClickedTitle: the title of the link clickedJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Page: the title of the post or page containing the link
Comment Link ClickedTitle: the title of the comment clickedJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Page: the title of the post or page containing the link
TweetShared URL: URL being tweetedJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Twitter FollowUsername: Username of the new Twitter followerJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
LikeShared URL: URL of the article being Facebook LikedJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
UnlikeShared URL: URL of the article being Facebook UnlikedJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()
Searched SiteWordPress Search Query: the search terms from your site’s vanilla WordPress search engineJavaScript anonymous ID or WordPress login ()

Steps for Kissmetrics Magento Extension Integration

  1. Download the official Kissmetrics Magento Extension (download link) and extract the file contents.

  2. Get API key from ‘Settings’ menu by entering kissmetrics account.

  3. Enable Magento Extension with scroll down option ‘Yes’.

  4. Go to System → Configuration → Under Services (Kissmetirics).

Magento Extension For Kissmetrics By Inchoo

Magento Extension Links (API) for Events Tracking

Various Events can be created with following common API methods with its Name and Property value :

Common API MethodsDescription
_kmq.push(['record', 'EVENT_NAME']);Records an event.
_kmq.push(['record', 'EVENT_NAME', {'PROPERTY_NAME':'VALUE'}]);Records an event with additional properties.
_kmq.push(['record', 'EVENT_NAME', {'PROPERTY_NAME':'VALUE'}, CALLBACK_FUNCTION]);Records an event and executes the callback function after it’s recorded.
_kmq.push(['set', {'PROPERTY_NAME':'VALUE'}]);Sets properties to the current user.
_kmq.push(['identify', 'IDENTITY']);Identifies the current person with a unique ID, and attributes future events from this browser to this provided ID. If the current person is ‘anonymous’, it also connects their ‘anonymous’ ID to the provided ID so we recognize both as being the same person (aliasing). Calling identify does not count as an “event”.
JavaScript-Specific MethodsDescription
_kmq.push(['record', 'EVENT_NAME', {'PROPERTY_NAME':'VALUE'}, callbackFn]);Will execute callbackFn after event has been successfully tracked.
_kmq.push(['set', {'PROPERTY_NAME':'VALUE'}, callbackFn]);Will execute callbackFn after properties have been successfully tracked.
_kmq.push(['trackClick', 'AN_ELEMENT_ID_OR_CLASS', 'EVENT_NAME']);Tags an HTML element to record an event when it is clicked.
_kmq.push(['trackClickOnOutboundLink', 'AN_ELEMENT_ID_OR_CLASS', 'EVENT_NAME']);Tags a link that takes someone to another domain. Provides enough time to record an event when the link is clicked, before being redirected.
_kmq.push(['trackSubmit', 'AN_ELEMENT_ID_OR_CLASS', 'EVENT_NAME']);Tags a form to record an event when it is submitted.
_kmq.push(['clearIdentity']);If the current person is already ‘identified’, this clears their identity and generates a new anonymous ID for their browser. Does nothing if the current person is currently ‘anonymous’.
_kmq.push(function() { } );You can push callback functions to be executed when our library has fully loaded. Useful when invoking functions of the KM object (see examples below).
_kmq.push(function() {KM.record('EVENT_NAME');} );Equivalent to _kmq.push(['record', 'EVENT_NAME']);
KM.ab('PROPERTY_NAME', [ARRAY_OF_VALUES])Initiates an A/B test and sets the property that indicates which variation was randomly picked.
KM.i()Returns the current person’s ID, which can be their ‘named ID’ if they have one, or ‘anonymous ID’ if they don’t.
KM.ts()Returns the current Unix timestamp in seconds. This is what we use to determine the current time.
KM.rf()Returns document.referrer unless you override where to look for the referrer."/some-url")Returns true or false, depending on whether the page you are currently on will match up with the Event Wizard pattern you’ve typed in ("/some-url"). This helps you test Event Wizard urls much more quickly.

Admin for Kissmetrics

API Key for tracking :

To integrate Kissmetrics tracking plugin and extension for recording visitors, events, and properties for a business site, a tracking API Key is required. User can get this key from ‘settings’ menu after registering ‘Kissmetrics’ account.

Manage Metrics :

Here, user can add new and Reorder metrics, also view and create events.


Event Library:

Create and Track new events, edit display names, map your events and properties, and more.



User can create a new report and also access all created reports like Funnel Report, Cohort Report, Revenue Report, People Search, A/B Test Report and Path Report.

Live Tracking :

Here user can see Real time activity report of a person, event and property.

Above discussed amazing features surely help you to succeed in your business.

Don’t waste your precious time to analyse data that will not get you good results.

Kissmetrics guide you to target on important things to boost up your business by adding new potential visitors with better conversion ratio,  and revenue generation.

To lead your business project to gain assured success, we provide you all necessary information and services to integrate Kissmetrics.

So, Don’t wait, Go for it Now.!

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