Know About Augmented Reality and Its Scope In Marketing?


Since the past few years, the trend of using Augmented Reality is increasing exponentially, especially in Brand Advertising and Marketing.  The Augmented Reality is targeted to build a system in which it is hard to  specify the difference between the virtual augmentation and the real world. Presently,  Augmented Reality has already spread its wings in the fields of entertainment, engineering design, military training,  manufacturing, robotics,  and various other fields. Further, in this article you will read about Augmented Reality and its scope in Marketing.

Know About Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality is a digital technology which allows us to display images, text or videos over physical objects. Augmented reality hastens a real-time feedback by providing a lots of information related to visual, heading, audio, location, and acceleration data. It helps to bridge the gap between a digital and physical experience for a better brand positioning with the better customer engagement, and thereby driving splendid business results for a successful Marketing.


  AR is more of a user experience and engagement strategy than an advertising push tool. It would be exciting to go from product information to an interactive engagement.

Know the Functioning of Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality is similar to virtual reality and with a head mounted display (HMD) or a pair of 3D glasses, the user can view a series of images. In the same way as virtual reality glasses, Augmented reality glasses are worn that enable the users to interact with images for an enhanced overall experience.


  For a diversified user experiences, Augmented Reality tools can be categorized in three main categories mentioned below :

  • An ‘Augment’ App, as an Augmented Reality 3D viewer, allows users to place life-size 3D models with or without using trackers in their environment.
  • Users can improve their camera feed with contextual information by using Augmented Reality browsers. i.e. users can point their mobile device at a building to display its estimated value or history.
  • Users can create immersive gaming experiences with Augmented Reality games, such as games shooting with zombies while walking in their own bedroom!

Commonly used devices for Augmented reality : All screens and connected devices can be used for Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality opens like a magic window on a smart-phone or tablets. That results in the availability of a number of Augmented Reality apps on Android, iPhone or iPad. Augmented Reality functions with a web-cam connected on a TV or PC, which can be quite clumsy for users to manipulate a tracker in front of screen. Users may feel like being a Robocop using an Augmented reality connected glasses and lenses.

What are the Scope of Augmented reality in Marketing ?

Globally, in the next five years, Augmented reality has been predicted as one of the fastest-moving markets. An Augmented reality Advertising App known as ‘Blipper’ itself has over 50 million global users. If we compare that figure to the growing social services and tools i.e. Pinterest (70 million) and Vine (40 million), it can be concluded that AR is all set to become a permanent fixture in the landscape of digital marketing.


Within the next decade, it would be fascinating to see, mobile devices and automobiles fully infused with Augmented reality. It may utilize navigation to allow visuals moving from the navigation screen on a car to an overlay on a windshield that allows the driver to keep the focus on driving rather than glancing back and forth. In the last few years, Augmented reality marketing just like other nascent marketing mediums, has originated very quickly, moving from web to mobile. Since the last few years till 2012, a number of web-based AR experiences are integrated with websites and interactive ads. After 2012, it is shifted to mobile-based AR experiences and a few of which are used to interact with other platforms like-print. As predicted by ‘Szymczyk’, we will likely to see in the future more about a home display and wearable technology leveraging AR. Also, AR will be going to become more ubiquitous in everyday life and across advertising as well. There could be interactive or virtual mirrors in-a retail store. There might be more enhanced visualizations for mapping or directions for mobile devices. and moreover, we’ll likely to see AR opportunities and advertisements all around, once the wearable technology segment matures. So, it will be pretty exciting for marketers about the possibilities that AR offers.


  Moreover, there’s also the possibility may arise for user-generated AR content just like ‘Blippar’ which helps to create AR experiences with a user-friendly platform for brands. Also, through brand awareness AR can improve ROI by increasing consumer’s engagement. AR can provide a lot of fun for consumers and marketers through Augmented reality with its advanced visual experiences. So, it can be rightly explained that with AR Brands are able to create much more impactful interactions to deliver more value to their audiences. We can compare ‘Blippar’ campaigns with radio or TV ads. Campaigns with Blippar have an average dwell time of 75 seconds which is 2.5 times higher than the average of radio or TV ads because AR campaigns require active engagement to trigger an AR experience instead of passive forms of traditional advertising with radio or TV ads that don’t require any active audience engagement. Hence, authenticity and a true buy-in from consumers will always win with the AR marketing.

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