Lawn Mowing Quote Calculator: WordPress Plugin Development

Lawn Mowing Quote Calculator WordPress

Building & maintaining a customer base who trust your services to mow their lawn & gardens is a backbreaking job. However, tools like WordPress lawn mowing quote calculator can make it easy by distinguishing your business in an ever-growing competitive market.

The landscaping industry is growing at a CAGR of 4.5% per year and is worth $129 billion in the United States alone – Andy Brennan, IBIS World.

Whether you’re doing basic lawn mowing or providing a full suite of home maintenance services, solutions like a lawn care pricing calculator for WordPress will yield more value to the customers while generating handsome revenues for your lawn care business.

What is a Lawn care pricing calculator and its significance?

Cost is the first thing that customers will wonder about before hiring your lawn mowing services. Solutions like the Lawn Mowing quote calculator provide them with an accurate indication of the approximate cost involved in servicing their lawns or gardens.

It’s a handy tool designed to help property owners and lawn-mowing businesses calculate the accurate time, resources, and costs included for mowing services in residential and commercial properties. Apart from it, such tools can also assist you in:

  • Calculating the cost of mowing services based on the property size.
  • Making a price comparison between different lawn service providers.
  • Helping the customers to plan a budget for regular mowing services.
  • Streamlining the customer quote process for lawn mowing businesses.

How we developed a WordPress Lawn Mowing Quote calculator?

Recently our expert WordPress developers delivered a custom quote calculator for a reputed Mowing services company in the United States. We built this plugin from scratch, including everything from design to deployment on the client’s WordPress website. 

Apart from it, we also integrated the quote calculator with HubSpot and Stripe using API integration. We followed a custom approach to avoid complex integrations & security loopholes. Below are some of the solutions we worked out to come up with an intuitive, accurate, and highly customized Lawn Mowing services quote calculator:-

  • We created the PSD designs to finalize the design and layout of the Plugin’s front end.
  • The Frontend was built using PHP programming language for intuitive yet simple interactions.
  • Our WordPress experts used AJAX to ensure a smooth and quick flow of information from and to the database.
  • The event handling, animation, Ajax, and HTML manipulations using jQuery JavaScrpt library.
  • We implemented custom formulas provided by the client to calculate the prices of mowing services.

Additionally, we used a short code to display the plugin on the home page of the client’s website. We also developed custom features, including a custom calendar functionality to manage the plugin and data efficiently.

Salient features of our Lawn Care Pricing Calculator for WordPress

By now, it should be obvious that a lawn mowing cost calculator is a valuable tool in your arsenal. However, we will give you some ideas from our recent project so that you can flesh it out better. Let’s wrap our heads around the role of quote calculators to understand some significant features that you need while building similar tools for lawn mowing business:-

1. Calendar feature to mark time & day slots

The calendar feature allows the Lawn mowing services provider to schedule the day and time for services they owe on a particular day of the month. As customers book the services, they can mark these slots and identify the bookings made by other users for the same time slot.

2. Lawn care & pricing content customization

We provided an option to modify content displayed to the customer while generating quotes.  This feature allows the admin to customize the content displayed in all the steps to make the process more interactive. Apart from it, we also provided an option to edit the images/banners on these pages.

3. Schedules of the services

The admin has a feature to schedule the services manually. He can update the time slots for the services booked by his offline customers. It enables the system to store them so that the time slots booked by customers using the online mode never clash with the offline customers.

4. Ability to view subscribers

The plugin provides an option to view the list of customers who have subscribed for the mowing services packages. As most of the lawn mowing business works on post payment model, we also provided an option to update custom prices and add payment completion status.

Lawn Mowing Quote Calculator WordPress

5. Setting Prices for Lawn Sizes

You can’t hope for sustainable business growth without balancing competitive pricing and profitability. With this in view, we equipped our WordPress Lawn mowing pricing calculator with a feature to modify the pricing w.r.t to the different lawn sizes.

6. Email content management

Lawn Care Pricing Calculator for WordPress sends an email to the customers at the time of registration and completing the purchase. The plugin provides an easy option to modify the content of these emails to maintain professional etiquette.

How did our Lawn care pricing calculator works for the customer?

Till now, we have discussed all the vital features to build an efficient Lawn Mowing quote calculator for WordPress. However, don’t forget that apart from these, the front end is also a crucial part of any cost calculator plugin.  

The plugin built by our WordPress development agency offers an optimal booking experience. Our plugin can generate the mowing price quotes in just four easy steps. Let’s go through these steps to understand how our custom WordPress lawn mowing quote calculator works for the users:-

  • Step 1 – The user enters the details about the address.
  • Step 2 – The user enters the size of his lawn/Garden.
  • Step 3 – The user selects the number of bushes on a Lawn.
  • Step 4 – The user chooses services for overgrown mowing.

Key Challenges in Building Lawn Mowing Quote Calculator

Building a custom WordPress Lawn mowing quote calculator may seem simple at first glance. However, that is far from the truth, as there are many elements that go into a successful move. Therefore, let’s go through the challenges our team faced while building the Lawn Care Pricing Calculator for WordPress.

  • How to display the plugin on the website was a big concern we overcame by implementing the shortcode on the home page.
  • Readily available Plugins for calendar functionality were not matching the requirements, so we had to create one from scratch.
  • Implementation of the custom formulas to calculate the mowing quotes for different property sizes & regions
  • The solution for managing the time slots of the services as a client was taking both online and offline bookings.
  • Integration of CRM software and Payment gateway API to connect them with our quote calculator plugin

Final words on Lawn Care Pricing Calculator for WordPress

Using a Lawn Mowing quote calculator for WordPress can help you instill a positive impact on customers and shine as a Lawn Mowing services brand. Once they have an exact number for lawn mowing services, they can move ahead by putting things into their perspective.

Our experts can help you make the WordPress Lawn Mowing Quote calculator an active part of the viewer experience. We have extensive experience building & weaving such tools into the user journey. Sounds interesting! Let’s get in touch to discuss your requirements.