Know latest In Magento 1.9 features


Powering 26% of all the e-commerce websites, Magento has constantly evolved itself to become a perfect fit for needs of e-commerce owners. With various magento upgrades, efforts are made to make it more sustainable, robust and agile. The release of Magento 1.9 has instilled the inevitable excitement amongst Magento lovers. Mobile technologies are sweeping the markets today, which make it crucial for e-commerce solutions to have a mobile readiness. The magento 1.9 features  increase sales and make it big in e-commerce business. Magento 1.9 has come up with major improvements for all the Magento driven e-commerce websites. From having a responsive theme design to security enhancement, new edition has seen inclusion of major long-awaited features. Let’s find out what has this latest Magento edition stored in and why should you upgrade:

Magento 1.9 community edition features

Responsive Web Designs

In the new Magento 1.9 there is a responsive design theme for its default theme. This undoubtedly has made setting-up of responsive website relatively easier—almost half the time it took earlier to make the site responsive. All your customers can get a consistent brand experience regardless of their preferred device. Responsive treatment of the default theme is necessary from Google standpoint as well, as it gives better user experience and improved search rankings.

Improved Security and User Experience Designs

The new Magento version has come up with range of security enhancements that makes the e-commerce store safe and less vulnerable to threats. Some major security enhancements included in Magento 1.9 are cross-site scripting (XSS), better file system security, exclusion of .swf file from Magento distribution, making Magento randomness function more secure, and secure action URLs.

Price Consistency for Global Trading

If you are one of those who operate an e-commerce store from diverse geographical locations, price consistency in global trade is just the right magento community feature upgrade for you! This new option offers much accurate and clutter-free pricing. It simplifies the tax structure that differs across the countries, so that customers have to pay a single price as per the tax variations.

Better Payment Options in Magento 1.9

The checkout process is the most crucial one for an e–commerce store leveraging easy and user-friendly process. The new Magento release has made the entire checkout process effortless and appealing, so that customers can navigate and make sales. ‘Bill me later’ scheme has increased the sales more than 15% than before. It enables the customers to pay within six months of purchase. In case the ongoing credit card payment stops for some reason, the new process allows users to go for an alternate payment mode. Further, the Ajax technology is used to make shopping carts more functional.

PHP and Zend Framework Update

Magento 1.9 is supported by Zend 1.12.3 and PHP 5.4, which feature some awesome changes, giving developers the best experience to develop Magento driven e-commerce platform. For detailed information, you can view the changes in PHP 5.4 and Zend 1.12.3   With all these enhanced features coming your way, you can make your e-commerce business better than any time before. So, we recommend you not to miss a chance with Magento community edition 1.9 and build your customer base globally. If you too have questions like how to upgrade your Magento e-commerce platform to Magento 1.9 and are looking for a Magento upgrade service, REACH OUT TO US HERE.

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