Magento Extension Development For Gift Registry: Custom Plugin


Magento is one of the leading ecommerce content management systems (CMS) that powers billions of online stores. While Magento itself flaunts a long list of out-of-the-box, rich functionalities, merchants can opt for Custom Magento Extension Development Services to introduce a specific product plugin with new functionality or extend the functionality of an existing module. This helps make an e-store more conversion-driven, more user-friendly, and more flexible by adding new, unique features.

Each module functions independently and, therefore, the integration or disintegration of a specific module does not usually impact the functionality of any other module on the website. Custom Magento plugin development provides multifaceted benefits to an ecommerce store, such as:

  • Improve user experience with plugins like search extensions to drive more sales.
  • Provide enhanced shipping functionalities.
  • Integrate custom payment gateways.
  • Allow customers to publish rich-media product reviews.
  • Simplify the checkout process.
  • Blog extensions to improve engagement rate.
  • SEO extensions to boost on-page SEO elements.

Magento plugin development services also come in handy to add a range of custom functionalities to an e-store based on the merchant’s unique needs. This blog covers one such custom Magento extension development case study of an online gift registry solution.

The client:

The client had a gift registry website that allowed users to create different types of gift registries such as wishlists, baby registries, nonprofit-firm registries, and wedding registries.

Magento extension development

A gift registry website helps users choose their preferred gifts for special occasions. The registry, i.e. list of gifts, can then be shared with their invitees, helping them buy the perfect gift that is actually desired by the user.

The requirement:

The client wanted to have a gift registry Magento extension that can be integrated with any ecommerce store running Magento 2.

The extension would enable customers on an ecommerce website to create gift registries that they can share with their friends, thus receiving all the gifts they desire. Regardless of their product mix, ecommerce businesses would increase the conversion rate on their website using the gift registry extension for Magento as specified merchandise from their store would more likely turn into a quick order.

The client wanted the Magento 2 extension for the gift registry to enable the end-user to:

  • Create any number of special occasions and events.
  • Add gifts to the event registry.
  • Share their wishlists with relatives or friends through Email, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Assign priorities to gifts to help buyers make a well-informed decision.
  • Customize the look and feel of the gift registry frontend.
  • Manage properties of the gift registry items.
  • Quickly search gifts across a registry.

In addition, the client wanted a simple View Mode that can be used by the buyers to purchase the gifts their friends desire.

The challenges with Magento extension development:

Our Magento Custom Magento Extension Development Services are delivered by experienced developers who are certified in PHP, model-view-controller architecture, and Zend framework for Magento plugin development.

Our team was proactive to understand the major challenges that were to be addressed during the development lifecycle. The major challenges included:

  • Ensuring seamless compatibility with Magento 2.0 and beyond.
  • Making sure the extension does not impact the website load time.
  • Developing a script to import/export gift registry data from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Making sure the front-end reflects backend changes in real-time.
  • Ensuring the extension doesn’t impact the performance and functionality of other existing extensions.
  • Implementing omnichannel integration with websites and in-store devices.

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The solution: custom Magento extension development for the gift registry website

Our team delivered streamlined, agile Magento extension development services that included the following components:

  1. Frontend design and development

The solution delivered by The Brihaspati Infotech for gift registry frontend sports the following features:

Customizable home page with magento extension development

Magento plugin development


The extension provides an intuitive, clear home page that the customers can customize to sync with their brand, color, and more.

The front-end has the following main functionalities:

  1. View registry
Gift registry Magento plugin development

  1. Search gift registry
Magento extension development services

Buyers can search the gift registry to find what they are looking for. Customers can create a gift registry and assign it a Public (anyone on the website can view) or Private (only viewable by those having the unique identifier code of the registry, as shared by the customer).

  1. Gift registry detail page for buyers (view mode)
my birthday wishlist

Click on the searched registry takes the buyer to the gift listing page where the customer’s desired gifts are showcased with an “Add to Cart” button, using which the buyer can purchase the gift for the customer’s special occasion.

The page also showcases a social media sharing widget that the customer or buyer can use to share the customer’s wishlist with their friends and relatives.

  1. View my registries
my gift registry

Clicking my gift registries section on the LHS navigation menu shows a list of all gift registries created by the customer. The customer is provided with the Action links that can be used to Preview, Edit, Share and Delete a gift registry.

  1. Edit a gift registry
edit registry

Customers can click on the Edit Action Link to edit the details of a gift registry. The information that can be added or modified in this section includes title, description, location, date, visibility (public/private), image, and shipping address.

    2. Backend Magento extension development

Our custom Magento extension development services team provided the client with a simplified, fast, and east-to-use backend that provided the following capabilities and functionalities.

  1. Easy-to-use customer dashboard


The customer dashboard home provided a list of all gift categories created by the customer. The customer can perform the following activities using the backend.

  1. Create event
Magento 2 extension development company

Select Event Type from the main menu and click the Add New button to create a new event type.

Extension for gift registry Magento

Fill in the required details and hit Save to create an Event.

  1. Add/edit priority levels
Custom Magento extension development

Clicking the Item Priorities link in the main backend menu takes the customer to a page similar to the one shown above. In this section, the customer can set/modify Order for the existing priorities or create a new priority by clicking the Add New button on the top right of the page.

Once the priorities are created, the customer can assign them to individual gifts in a registry to hint the buyers about things you desire most urgently.

  1. Manage registry form fields

The solution provides customers the comfort to set their own custom form fields for all registries based on their preference of what all information they need to provide the buyers for a gift listing.

Magento extension development services


Customers can click on an existing form field to edit/add details or click Add New to create a new form field.

Magento module development company


Customers can simply fill in the required details, mark a form field as Active/Inactive, and hit Save to create a new form field for all gift registries. Form fields can come in handy to provide additional information to the buyers.

  1. Manage registry form sections

Similar to form fields, customers can add form sections using the Form Sections backend module of the Magento extension development services platform for gift registries.

Magento 2 extension development services

Customers can click an existing section to add/edit its details or click the Add New button on the top-right to create a new Form Section similar to the form fields, set its status as Active/Inactive, and click Save.

  1. Create a registry

Customers can navigate to My Gift Registries under My Account and click Create Gift Registry to add a registry.

Magento plugin development services gift registry

On the next screen, they need to select an Event Type created in Step 1 above for the gift registry they wish to add.

gift registry magento extension development

Customers can fill in the required details on the next page, set visibility to public/private, and hit Save to create their new registry.

Magento Extension Development For Gift Registry Website: Custom Plugin

That’s it. Customers can then start browsing the ecommerce store, select products, and add them to their gift registries to be shared with their friends and relatives.

Order view for the admin

view mode gift registry


The final stage of our Magento extension development services was to deliver a module at the backend for the admin to view orders coming from the Magento plugin development platform.

The admin can stay abreast of all the Orders under the Sales section of the backend where the admin can view and process the Orders.

Solution highlights

Our Magento extension development services company provided the client with the following high-end features in the gift registry Magento plugin:

In-store scanner app: Magento extension development

We delivered an in-store scanner application that helped the client provide custom branding services to their customers. The customers can connect to their product feed with ease, providing a dedicated scanner that enables the customers to scan products directly from their mobile phones onto the gift registries they create.

Gift registry front-end grid customization

Gift registry Magento extension development is a powerful and flexible module that permits users to customize the list of gifts in a front-end grid layout.

With an easy-to-use backend UI, the admin can easily add or delete, activate or deactivate different fields on the gift list of a customer. Moreover, admins can set the mandatory fields and sort orders the way they fancy.

The Magento 2 extension development services have enabled the client to create different types of fields for an event. For instance, the client can include a dedicated section called “Customers” or “Co-customers” for a “Birthday” event, while keeping the section disabled for other events.

Create any number of events

The client can use our Magento 2 plugin development solution to create ‘n’ number of events to suit their store’s specialization.

The result

Our Magento 2 extension development company delivered the thoroughly tested and stable version of the module to the client on time. The plugin is compatible with Magento 2.0 and beyond versions.

If you are also looking for a similar Magento plugin development for a gift registry solution, or practically any Magento custom module, simply fill out this short form to contact us and one of our representatives will reach out to you in the next 48 business hours.

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