Magento Go to Bigcommerce Migration


Magento Go eCommerce retailers would be scrambling receiving a notification that services of Magento Go is being closed from 1st February 2015.

For every Magento merchant, it would be a nightmare to shift for the next best eCommerce hosting platform. As an ideal choice for a merchant e-store business, Magento Go to BigCommerce migration would be the most suited transition, as it would be free for all Magento Go merchants.

Bigcommerce is more expensive and comes with more additional features than Magento Go. There are various features included in Bigcommerce than Magento Go like Extra Bandwidth, Extra Design Options, Additional Payment Gateways and Social Integration facility. Magento Go Migration is not something you’ll regret in long run. This is because eBay itself has selected BigCommerce as SaaS ecommerce migration provider for Magento Go. For once from Magento Migration Go to Big Commerce sounds a tedious task to carry out. However, experts suggest that Big Commerce comes with couple of advantages that wouldn’t make users regret their decision.

Why should you consider magento go to BigCommerce migration?

For emerging big and medium sized enterprises BigCommerce is the fastest growing e-commerce platform. It is also recommended by eBay Enterprise Company to their users. Big Commerce has proven its legitimacy and credibility long back by powering over 50, 000 e-commerce stores and processing near about $3 in transactions.

Why BigCommerce should be preferred over Magento Go ?

Although Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise have their own set of advantages, Big Commerce too promises to work well. The biggest striking feature is that you don’t have to go through any learning process to upload new themes and edit new files. Also, Magento can appear tough for those who have never tried their hands on it.

  • BigCommerce is a platform easy to set-up, operate and maintain.
  • You will not be required to do any special coding
  • It contains built-in marketing tools to improve sales and the store is optimized for Search Engine Optimization
  • BigCommerce and Magento Go are very similar in the way they operate. However, latter is likely to offer more in terms of plugins and themes.
  • Continuous dedicated customer support and easy user interface
  • Seamless integration with PayPal and eBay
  • Responsive in nature, which can be viewed equally well on all the devices viz. mobiles and tablets
  • It contains built in blogging functionality useful in developing content marketing strategy
  • It has securely hosted tools with plenty of features and functionalities
  • Customization on the store is quite easy.

What do you need to consider before choosing an e-commerce platform?

Less time and more urgency is pushing Magento Go customers to make decisions in a rush to migrate magento go. So before you select you’re an e-commerce platform to migrate your web store, consider following:

  • Analyze your present web store to decide if self-hosted solutions or fully-hosted solutions will suit you the best.
  • What is the product base you’re about to migrate?
  • Are you looking for a website redesign or not? If yes, then how much?
  • What are the total numbers of extensions you’re currently working on?

After you have taken all the things into consideration, there is no need to wait more. All what you require is a professional magento migration services that would do  Magento Go to Bigcommerce Migration for you in a hassle free manner. Our Magento and BigCommerce experts can make the magento go migration super easy for you. To avail our services you can REACH OUT TO US HERE.

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