Magento Go to Magento Community Migration


Ever since eBay took over Magento, a lot of things have changed– from slowing down of Magento Go updates to finally laying it to rest before February 1st 2015. On 1st July 2014 Magento announced the final termination of Magento Go platform. This clearly depicts that anyone operating on Magento platform will have to migrate. Many Magento Go customers are considering the different options available. If you’re one of them, yours Magento Go to Magento Community  Migration must be the first reliable alternative you’re thinking of. As we already know that Magento Go is a platform hosted by Magento platform, which is why it contains some of Magento enterprise code base.

Magento Go was strictly locked down to the extent of not allowing its users to access additional functionalities of Magento connect world. Migrating to a totally different platform would make less sense when we have a system that wouldn’t require much of hassle—Magento Community Edition. Also, with Magento CE users can avail the benefits of direct integration with eBay, which is quite challenging on other platforms.

Many had choosen The Brihaspati Infotech for Magento Migration from magento GO to magento Community. We have years of experience in offering migration services, magento module development, store feature enhancement and more.

Before making the final decision of Magento Go to Magento Community Migration, always ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you have a large product base to migrate?
  • What number of extensions you’re currently using?
  • What level of site redesign are you looking for?

With the shutdown date looming, it is easy to get trapped into any e-commerce platform tempting you with limitless features and functionalities. At present Magento community is the best alternative you have in hand. This is because there are many things in Magento CE that can work to your advantage in log run. The biggest of these is that you would be familiar with the dashboard and your content wouldn’t be lost while migrating.

Why it is necessary from ‘Magento Go’ to ‘Magento Community Migration’ ?

If you’re looking to stay in the Magento family, migrating to magento community is the quick and easy solution to your problem.

  • Magento Community offers the flexibility to make use of already built themes. It also allows adding code to new themes as well. The vast range of free and paid community plugins are present adding more scalability to your product.
  • In Magento Community there is no default editor but it gives access to code-base, using which admin can make all the changes.
  • Community Edition is an open source platform, where you can freely add custom features and functionalities using own extensions or any of the extensions already available with Magento Community
  • Magento Community is the best option for you if you’re not interested in learning a new backend. This is because after migrating to it you would be familiar with the dashboard and you won’t lose any of your content. The similar backends of both the platforms is the biggest advantage of this migration.
  • Unlike Magento Go, which charges monthly subscription fee of up to $125, Magento Community is free to use. Magento Go charges on the basis of amount of storage, bandwidth and number of admin, languages and SKUs used. There are no such charges in Magento Community Edition.
  • Magento Community has built in features viz. built in SEO, social media integration facility and many exclusive useful features.

Before you migrate from magento go to magento community consider the following steps:

  • Archive all your customer data, order data, products and categories.
  • Prepare your Domain Name Server record updates record and upgrade your DNS server.
  • If you are unsure about the migration, you can seek professional advice and avail our services.

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