Magento Instagram Extension


Magento extension provides deep integration with Instagram and other social media sites. Magento Instagram Extension provide customers with the ability to login having their existing instagram accounts and adding their comments directly at the store. Therefore, installation of Magento Instagram extension on your e-commerce store will provide you an ability to promote your store over a number of social networking sites to explore Social Commerce. You can consider hiring magento ecommerce development experts.

Social Commerce is a term we’ve been using for quite a while now. Though it hasn’t met much of our expectations in being a direct channel for sales it still provide possibilities of good branding, social recommendations and customer retention. All these have their own share of credit in promoting sales even if it is indirect, which makes social commerce significant than ever. Having login extensions like Facebook, twitter, and alike is a decision people rarely regret because they create your valuable repute in business world.

The major factor that influences implementation of such extensions is a robust Content Management System with adaptive capabilities. Modern business owners don’t settle anything less than the best when it comes to setting up their e-commerce stores. Magento is the most widely used e-commerce platform, where number of social extensions can be implemented with ease. Out of all social platforms instagram is the new wave in social media that is sure to appeal your visitors.

With our new magento instagram extension you will be able to add a simple channel to enter into your website. Plus, another bit of social web integration into your web-store.

How the Magento Instagram Extension works?

With this Instagram login extension customers are required to click on the Instagram social button.

  • If the user is not registered on the magento store but is logged into his Instagram account in the same browser, he will be required to enter the email address in order to get himself registered. The user will be redirected to the Magento store rather than entering their Instagram social profile page.
  • If the user is already logged in Instagram and is registered on the Magento website, the system will automatically use the information from their social account to log in.
  • It fetches user profile information automatically and updates it in the respective accounts
  • Users can enjoy the benefits of registered customers like viewing order history, quick login and quick checkout.

 Why should your customers care about Instagram login with Magento Extension?

  • It considerably improves user sign-up and login process by integrating Instagram on your magento web store.
  • Whenever a new user enters into your web-store entering a lot of information could probably discourage them from doing that on your website.
  • The magento instagram extension comprises a hassle-free social login mechanism and supports all the pages in magento where login will be needed.
  • This further reduces the signup abandonment rate.
  • The store customers can use both Magento login and Instagram login that will be available in the pop-up.
  • They care because instagram brings unusually high customer engagement by sharing their experiences, reactions and stories
  • This gives your users a platform where they can visualize how your products or whatever you sell look at different people.

We have integrated a social media Instagram extension with the most widely used platform for e-stores known as ‘Magento’, to allow more customers engagements with minimum abandonment rates.

Magento Instagram extension is a fast, safe and reliable which requires just a few clicks to visit the websites rather than filling complex forms. This will not only decrease the signup abandonment rates but will also increase the number of successful registration on your e-store. thus bringing in more money.

Moreover, higher customer engagement with your e-store products helps to generate maximum revenue for a Magento e-Commerce site.

The Instagram login button can be customized at the back-end by the admin, in order to suit the store design and appearance.

If you are e-commerce Magento store owner with high number of signup abandonment rates or abandonment before checkout, feel free to contact our custom magento development experts from The Brihaspati Infotech. If you want to integrate social login extensions on your website, you can REACH OUT TO US HERE.

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