Magento Integration with PriceMinister


PriceMinister is one of the most powerful and globally recognized marketplaces with 22 million members and 9 million visitors per month. This is the almost one third of all the internet users. There are around 5,000 professional sellers who are active on PriceMinister and over 200 million products are available on it. More than 30,000 products are sold every day on PriceMinister which makes it a major marketplace for new opportunities.

It is a quick and easy way to sell highly targeted products so it is no wonder that more and more sellers are looking to list their products with PriceMinister. It is one of the leading marketplaces in terms of building brand awareness and increasing traffic volume to the website. It offers a wide variety of goods and categories that includes media, music, electronics, fashion and many more.

It delivers an outstanding shopping experience to millions of customers and offers a broad selection of products and merchants. The Brihaspati Infotech has assisted its clients in the integration of their Magento store with PriceMinister that helped them to easily sell their products on a popular and well-established marketplace that already had a huge customer base and they need not had to set up a new customer base for their business.

We can help you connect your Magento store with PriceMinister so that you can easily sell your products on it right from your Magento store catalog and manage your sales within Magento store. Integration of PriceMinister with your web store offers seamlessly compatible user experience between marketplace and your web store. The process we followed in the admin panel for the integration was done in three sections: products, sales and dispatch.

  • The Products section was used to select the products from the list of available products to export them to PriceMinister platform.
  • The Sales section gives the access to the new sales of the PriceMinister to the merchant so that he can have a view of all the orders and ship the orders once accepted.
  • The Dispatch section added is used to enter the shipping details and informing the buyer of the Tracking Number, Tracking URL and name of the transporter.

Magento-PriceMinister integration requires a proper connection to be established between both the platforms for an efficient synchronization as well as flawless, smooth and uncompromised performance. This whole process of integration with PriceMinister is really a complex process and the developers faced various challenges during the API implementation.

  • The products that are to be exported to PriceMinister are sent in an xml format which should not exceed 30MB. So to overcome it, an error is to be returned if the file size exceeds 30MB.
  • The limitation of PriceMinister is that it cannot receive more than 10 files in an hour. So a column was created in the database which returned error if more than 10 files were uploaded by the merchant in an hour.
  • The major challenge was not being able to use the sandbox account during the API integration process and complete integration was done live.

API integration with such popular marketplace helps to drive more sales and boost up the business revenues. The expert developers of TBI have the capability to offer such efficient API integration services and used following APIs for the integration.

  • API used to send the products to the PriceMinister platform
  • API used to have the access to the list of latest sales
  • API used to send the tracking number of the orders and informing the buyer about the shipment of the orders.

Whole of this integration helps to gain maximum exposure for your products and attract more customers. So, if you also desire for more potential for your business through a new and popular marketplace and customer base then integrating your Magento store with PriceMinister with the help of expert developers from our reliable magento development company in India.

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