Magento News Extension for User-Friendly Experience


Since many years, Magento has been established as a leading Ecommerce platform empowering more than 200,000 online retailers worldwide. Every 1 out of 4 online stores is running on this popular eCommerce platform which claims to offer many powerful and flexible features to its customers.

With advanced and powerful features and functionalities, Magento allows its users total flexibility as per their specific business needs. Moreover, Magento also provides facility to enhance the efficiency of an online Magento store with many third party extensions or modules available to use as free or paying a reasonable amount.

In this post, we are discussing one of the best Magento extensions named ‘Magento News Extension’ which has claimed to deliver its best features and tools to benefit both business owners and shoppers.

Magento News Extension

It is a comprehensive news management system that allows its users to post relevant news for their client’s awareness. On using this extension, a business owner can create various categories or sub-categories to post news and comments along with relevant images and videos. It enables a business website to display news stories anywhere on a site page. Not only this, it can help users to improve SEO process with its URL friendly META tags features.

We have elaborated some of the powerful features of Magento News Extension for user-friendly experience as stated below:

Create and Edit News Story

This extension allows users to write and make changes to a news story using WYSIWYG editor which provides a complete MS Word like experience.

Create Multiple Groups

You can create multiple categories or sub-categories to differentiate various news stories that allow shoppers to easily read news related to their selected products.

Add Images or Videos

Magento also has a provision to add relevant images or videos along with a news story. The user can also create an image gallery to support the information in the news.

Separate News Block

If you want your user to give an immediate attention to a selected number of news stories then you can easily create and add a separate news block anywhere on your website.

Customize Layout and Theme

Users can always select their favorite layout design style according to their store design. Magento news extension allows users to easily customize their website theme design in many ways i.e. color, width, font etc to enhance the site presentation.

Improving SEO

In Magento News Extension there is also a provision to make advanced SEO settings to ensure an improved visibility of posted news stories in a separate section.

Set Time to Post A News

As per their convenience users can create and post news at a suitable time. Magento News Extension offers a facility in the admin section for posting a particular news at a specific time.

Manage Ratings, Comments, and RSS Settings

Magento News Extension offers a Comments manager dashboard, where a user can view and manage all the received comments which can help readers to participate by giving their ratings and adding comments for a specific product or services. Moreover, users can also do needful RSS feed settings on selecting a specific feed length and enable or remove HTML tags.

User-Friendly Benefits:

Merchants Benefits

  • Posting latest news and updates related to the products and services with a customer alert.
  • Help to win customers trust and driving more traffic to enhance conversion rate.
  • Gain a better authority over competitors.

Shopper’s Benefits

  • A user-friendly experience for selecting a specific news section on a business website.
  • Providing relevant updates on a Magento business store’s news section without digging into the internet.
  • Helps to save time in reading the headlines rather than visiting the whole page.
  • The rating and comments section encourages shoppers to participate in the conversation to share their personal opinion.

Overall, a Magento News Extension comes with many useful inbuilt features and tools that will help to make your online store more interactive and also keep your visitors updated with the latest business information and developments.

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