How to Make Magento PayPal Standard Method Visible?


PayPal Standard method is by far the most widely used method for accepting payments. This can be used to accept payments through customer PayPal account or his credit card. People generally prefer this method of payments because the PayPal express method takes them through a long procedure of logging into the PayPal account or create a new one if they don’t have one. This can be a real annoyance if your most of the customers are not registered with PayPal. PayPal Standard method allows the users the choice of signing in and not signing-in, which reduces customer’s time. Working without PayPal Standard Payment method can be quite nerve racking. Something similar happened when someone tried to make payments by setting merchant country to Germany. This is not a feature of any of the versions of Magento and is considered as a bug.

What problem arises with Magento PayPal Standard Method ?

If you set your merchant country to Germany, the PayPal  method that appears is only PayPal express. The PayPal standard method disappears as soon as you start making payments after setting Germany as the merchant country.   There was no second PayPal payment option visible on the checkout page. Most of the cases related to this problem are from Germany.

Why Magento PayPal feature not Visible ?

There can be many possible causes that could lead to the current problem. Some of then are:

  • The country your customers are residing in might cause such an issue, because not all the PayPal features are available in all the countries.
  • The country you are residing in might be another reason for the problem. By applying the same logic of all PayPal features are not available in all the countries, this can be justified.

What is the solution?

This problem has surely created a lot of commotion because PayPal standard method is normally the first choice for anyone to make payments. After making a purchase, when the customers are redirected to payment configuration page, instead of selecting the merchant country to Germany select Austria. After making this selection, do not save the selection. As soon as customers will choose the merchant country as Austria, the PayPal Standard  method will automatically become visible.   The moment this become visible, again change the country to Germany from Austria. The customers will still see both the options available on the checkout page. From here, the customers can now save the selection and proceed with the Payment using Magento PayPal Standard method. This will lead to a successful transaction every time  customers follow this method.  This is a workable solution as long as the core problem is not detected and resolved.

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