Magento SMS Integration for E-store Owners


Magento, being the leading e-commerce platforms used today has made things considerably easy for both-sellers and buyers. Lots of feature-rich community extensions are available in Magento that can be made to work as per the requirements. E-commerce business is all about convenience of customer service, which is only possible with implementation of successful operations on the e-store. Extensions grant complete control of the store to online merchants with no glitches in the process flow. The smooth magento SMS integration with Magento SMS Extension built by us, makes it look and feel like SMS was always an integral part of Magento.  

Feature Rich SMS integration with Magento SMS Extension

This new extension is built to integrate and send SMS from e-commerce store. It has been entirely built from the scratch to render ultimate solutions to e-store owners. It brings the comfort and convenience to the customers, and helps them to market their stores. It allows you to send notifications to your customers about their orders, credit memo, invoice and shipping events. The allows you to extend mobile services to your customers.

A Brief About Important Features:

  • SMS’s sending configured with a transactional Email.
  • Verification of Mobile number just before purchase or registration.
  • SMS custom/scheduled for backend or single users, all groups and customers.
  • All third party integration with extensions to send Email transaction.
  • In spite of a complete multi-store support, there is also an inclusion of time zone recognition for scheduled messages.
  • There is a real-time SMS preview for customer name, order updates, and comments etc.
  • No long & cropped SMS due to smart variables for template and calculation of length.


How we built  Magento SMS Extension

The extension was created for SMS integration to send it through magento e-commerce platform. The notification is sent at different events in the website:

  • To send order ID after the order is placed
  • To send invoices
  • To send notifications during credit memo
  • To send notifications at shipping events

The extension was integrated with the existing API to send notifications during various events on the main website. Our Magento developers implemented different technologies to make the process-flow easy. We fetched various events on the website and used them to send notifications at the time of a particular event, say, order placement. Certain SMS templates were created with various variables like order-ID, shipping-ID etc, so that a personalized message can be added to the template. The templates were linked to order state changes through which store owner can notify the customers when required. Also, a notification template was created which was sent to customers when old status changes to new status. To send message to mobile devices all round the world, functionality was integrated into the system by implementing communication with CM Direct API. This supports sending notification via HTTP. This notification functionality was integrated, through which store owner was able to enter and edit his CM Direct API details and get identified.  

Features of magento SMS integration with magento SMS extension.

  • Customized and automated SMS sending: This enables sending  notifications  to customers without any constraints in the services. You can send custom messages a s per the requirements of a particular event.
  • Event configuration: You have complete control of events for which you want to send notification. You can send events for various events such as shipping, invoices, credit memo, and order placements.
  • Template variables: The pre-defined template variables are used to send notifications. The character length for a particular event SMS is set to 160 characters.
  • SMS configuration: Whenever a notification alert is enabled, two types of text messages can be configured. One message is sent to the customer when he involves in a particular event and another is sent to store owner so as to keep him updated with orders and cancellations.
  • SMS delivery reports: Delivery reports for messages are enabled for you to know if the message delivered on your customer’s device.
  • Compatibility with Magento versions: This extension is compatible with all the magento versions.

If you are looking for Magento SMS extension services, hire magento developers from India who are specialized in creating and integrating Magento SMS App that look no less than native magento feature.  To avail yourselves of our expert services, Reach Out To Us.