Multiple Shipping Addresses Extension for Magento 2


Owning an e-commerce store that offers unique services is rewarding. Offering a never-before experience gains you new customers who love repeat purchases. 

Business owners realized this long ago. They keep updating their stores with unique features to offer an excellent purchase experience and stay ahead of time. 

On a similar account, the Magento development agency at The Brihaspati Infotech was approached for a very specific business need. The client wanted to add features for shipping the same product across multiple addresses, which was solely focused on large-scale gifting.

Our team helped the client with a custom-designed Magento 2 extension.

Customer can now choose their convenient delivery options from the frontend, different dates, and multiple shipping addresses on your Magento 2 store with ease.

Single Order Multiple Delivery Addresses

Shipping a single order to multiple addresses is a frequently requested feature in the eCommerce world. Business owners have been asking for it, the corporate world has been expecting it.

Not many e-commerce stores have this feature. The ones that have it are earning a fortune.

Let us assume you are a business owner. You would like to thank all your employees this holiday season with a customized message card. Sure enough, you found an online store that offers custom printed cards the way does:

The sender designs the card, confirms it, and sends it to the employees one-by-one. Imagine creating a new card for every new recipient. If not that, imagine repeating the same process over and over again until you confirm the gift order for the last name in your employees’ list.

Either the buyers can wait for confirming one order after another, in a loop for hours, or find an alternative online store that takes in multiple addresses and confirms all the orders in a single click.

The second option, for sure, saves you hours at creating and sending gifts. Mass gifting during holidays turns so easier for your customers. Our Magento 2 extension for multiple shipping addresses attends to this ecommerce business challenge.

Need for Developing a Custom Magento 2 Extension

Our client owns a Magento 2 stationery store, where buyers can place gift orders. The store later ships the orders along with the desired customizations. This time around, the client wanted to target a customer base that primarily makes bulk orders during gifting seasons.

Large organizations would look around for the most convenient options that can ease their bulk gifting tasks. The client wanted to ready his store for this time, and he realized very soon that without prior technological support, the idea would continue being just another business idea.

There were three crucial points that decided his business:

  • Delivery date– There is no point in delivering a Christmas gift on 26th of December.
  • Multiple Products– Delivering more than one product online almost meant contacting multiple warehouses
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses- Creating an easy way to add and copy products for individual recipients. 

The default configuration of Magento 2 limited the client from offering these features. Making bulk orders with multiple addresses and delivery dates was a definite roadblock.

With no readily available solution to manage them all effectively, the client approached us for a bespoke Magento 2 extension.

Our Solution: Magento 2 Multiple Shipping Addresses Extension

By now it is clear that the client wanted a Magento 2 extension that fulfills the three basic needs of the business:

  • Multiple Shipping methods
  • Bundling multiple products in an order
  • Sending the same set of products to multiple addresses in one go

Shipping on Different Delivery Dates in Magento 2

Gifting and special dates are synonyms, even if it’s not official. With that, the client’s store has a special place for the date of product delivery. The extension offers the users with the desired freedom to select the delivery date for their gift.

For example, we have this order that offers two options for the users:

Scheduling Delivery date on Magento 2
  • Regular delivery: Takes 3-5 Working days for the delivery.
  • Next-Day Guaranteed Delivery: As the name suggests, the order is delivered the very next day.

The extension is capable of offering more delivery date options for the buyers making it ideal for online Gifting store owners.

Bulk Order for Multiple Shipping Addresses on Magento 2

The default multi-address shipping configuration in Magento 2 restricts the buyers from adding multiple products to the same order. The packages, by default, accommodate one product per package.

Our experts customized the package to ensure that the customers can add as many products as they require for multiple shipping addresses.

The following picture speaks for itself, where we can find multiple addresses on the cart page with more than one product per delivery address.

Easy Drag and Drop for adding products

Sending Magento 2 products to different shipping addresses is never easy. Bulk ordering, that too for multiple shipping addresses is something online gifting stores have always wished for. At least if we go by the default Magento 2 configuration.

We have created custom modules to make this happen. The buyers can now configure Magento 2 store for multiple order delivery addresses. 

Our extension makes it easier to configure Magento 2 for different shipping addresses that suit your corporate customers. 

For the same, we have customized the cart section. We have added easy drag and drop options to copy the existing products in the cart for new addresses. Creating the same set of products repetitively is no more needed.

The buyers will only need to add the number of recipients, the address from the list or add a new one with the custom “New Address” option at the top, drag-drop the desired products, and that is done.

With that, our tailored solution fulfills all the requirements of the client:

  • The freedom to choose shipping methods
  • The freedom to add as many products per order
  • The freedom to order a uniform set of gifts in bulk in one touch

Managing multi delivery dates and addresses on Magento 2 is now more than a mere possibility and it is here to boost your online gifting business.

Expect more from our custom Magento 2 Development

Online Gifting stores sometimes ask for more specific needs. Like delivering orders at a fixed time slot. Not just that it makes the recipients feel more special but also offers a more convenient and flexible option for your customers.

With our eCommerce experts by your side, you can always ask for more features like a customized calendar that makes scheduling more convenient in your store. We can customize the solution to ensure that your business benefits from similar features. 

The extension has been updated several times post-deployment. The feature is relatively fresh.

As a result, by July 2021, our solution has been customized and deployed on 40+ online stores offering similar services.

Our experience with custom Magento extension development

The Brihaspati Infotech is a pioneer in e-commerce development. The agency has been praised across various business review websites for its excellent services.

In the past 10+ years of professional experience, the organization has served thousands of clients across the globe helping them with out-of-box solutions that are tailored for their business needs. And does it have an impact on their customer experience?

In one of our past blogs, we have discussed 3D product visualization on Magento 2, where our Magento developers had offered a 3D product customizer for Magento products. The visual customizer itself speaks for the purchase experience it has offered to the store. 

Final Words

Magento is for online merchants who are high on daily traffic and have a really huge list of customers and products. The leading e-commerce software offers a robust and scalable platform to build a rock-solid online store.

Now that our Magento experts have developed a custom solution that offers to ship to multiple addresses, it gets easier for us to deliver one for you. We can customize it ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your business.

You can contact us for more details.

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