Building Online Medical Consultation App React Native Solution


Taking work days off over a minor cold and waiting in long queues for consultation can be quite a trouble! However, the option of accessing your doctor’s consultation online with a click from the comfort of your own couch through a doctor’s appointment booking app can enable you to save a great deal of time and energy.

This flabbergasting trend of accessing virtual clinics has been steeply rising in popularity. With patients who are always on the go, these applications are the key for easy to access healthcare services.

Here are a few amazing statistics that show the exponentially rising popularity of online medical consultation app:

  • Mobile health (mHealth) is predicted to become an industry of $300 billion by 2025.(Capterra)
  • The telehealth industry is also supposed to grow by 19% until the end of 2025.-(Global Market Insight)

Hence, it won’t be unfair to say that Online consultancy apps are reshaping the future of the healthcare industry. With easy access and on-time consultation without any hassles, these applications enable people and doctors alike to get the boon of technology. 

Further, speaking of developing online medical consultancy applications, the expert at our React Native development company also had the opportunity to create a native app that enables users to directly connect with doctors and discuss their issues according to their own comfort.

What is the Online Medical Consultation app?

The main motive behind developing the healthcare app for booking doctors was to provide easily accessible health care to patients. Here the patients will have to subscribe to the monthly services of the application after sign up for accessing the services of online consultation through this. 

This application enables patients to directly connect with their doctors through video calls and also helps them in finding nearby doctors for receiving easier healthcare services. Through this unique application, after creating the user account, they can browse for his doctor or book for a specialist according to their requirements. 

After signup, this application lets users book time slots for 3 dates for consulting with their doctor and their doctors will video call them on one among the mentioned time slots.

Features Accomplished in Medical Consultation application

Developing the Doctor’s Appointment app was one of the most unique projects that our Mobile app development company have created to date. And this application had a variety of unique and amazing features which enriched its functionalities to make it easier for users to access better healthcare facilities:

1.  Quick and Easy Registration

After installation, the first step that acts as a gateway to services for both users and doctors is the registration. In this, there is a separate registration process for users and doctors where they need to fill all the required details to get started.

Although the process is quite crucial, it’s super quick at the same time. The users are guided through each step of registration where they have to fill their details and get them verified in easy steps.

2. Searching for Doctors and Scheduled Session

After you are done with the registration you can directly get started with the browsing for specialists you are looking for. In this step, you can have access to the profiles of all the doctors at your proximity to book an appointment.

Searching for Doctors and Scheduled Session

Also, this welcome page shows you all the list of previous and upcoming schedules with doctors as well to help you in keeping a track of all your appointments and schedules.

3. Scheduling Sessions

After you have carefully selected the doctor you can proceed to book an appointment for a video call. In this section, you’ll have to select the time slot and date according to your convenience. Here you can schedule an appointment for three dates according to your convenience when you’ll be available for consulting your doctor.

Scheduling Sessions

After creating the schedule your doctor will confirm for the timeslot they’ll be available for and will contact you as scheduled for treatment and consultation.

4. Video Calling

Once you have booked your session and confirmed it,  you can connect with your doctor in a video call in your scheduled time through this application. On your scheduled time you’ll receive a reminder notification for your appointment so that you can begin connecting with your doctor for consultation.

This feature doesn’t require you to connect with any other video calling app as it comes with an in-built video calling feature to provide users with a secured connection along with high quality and hassle-free communication.

5. Calendar Tracking

For the bunch of users who tend to forget their schedules, we have created an in-built calendar where all the scheduled sessions along with doctors are visible. Also, this calendar shows users the dates of canceled sessions and requested sessions as well.  Further, you can also book a new session using this as well. This allows users to keep a proper track of all their sessions for better management. 

Calendar Tracking

The Client specifications regarding the Medical Consultancy App

Although there are a number of medical health care apps available in the market, creating a platform where the patient could directly communicate with their doctors. Our Client had quite unique and specific demands regarding the app which pushed us to think out of the box for bringing forward a solution. Mainly he wanted us to create a medical consultancy app with React native along with following features

  • An application where users can find doctors at the proximity using their locations
  • An inbuilt facility for video calling within the application to connect doctors and users.
  • A facility to book an appointment with doctors according to date and time convenient for patients.

To cater to these requirements we used React Native as the choice of technology to build this application. Along with the freedom of being platform-independent, this allowed our developers to achieve all the functionalities requested by our valuable client.

Our Accomplishment in using React Native for Creating an online Medical Consultation Application:

React Native opened endless possibilities for us. This, in turn, helped us exponentially to add unique functionalities while developing the online medical consultation application. Further, it also saved us from the trouble of coding separately for Android and ios platforms as well. Below are the amazing features that we were able to incorporate using React Native while creating the online Medical Consultation application:

In-built Video Calling using Twilio

The most unique and amazing feature of this application is its inbuilt facility of video call that helps patients and doctors to connect with each other through the application. To achieve this out of the box functionality we took the help of Twilio.

What is Twilio?

Twilio - Communication APIs for SMS, Voice, Video and Authentication

Twilio is basically an open-source developer’s platform that enables the communication between users on any platform.  These platforms have a variety of APIs which you can use to add the facilities such as audio and video calling along with messaging.

Hence, using Twilio was a blessing for us. We used its Programmable video services using javascript to add the facility of video calling in our doctor’s appointment application.

Pre-booking facility for Consultation

Another amazing feature that we were able to add using React Native in the application was the facility to pre-schedule appointments for consultation.  In this, we provided the users with the option of three dates along with the time slots that they can be available for. 

Further, once the patient has provided their availability, the doctor confirms the meeting time from their end according to the schedule for providing consultation. We were able to induce this booking facility by integrating the react library for calendars and modifying its code for requesting sessions. This pre-booking facility was induced in the application to make it easier for users to receive the consultation and health care according to their comfort without having to wait in long queues.

Notifications using One Signal

Notifications using One Signal

To send reminders and updates about sessions we used One Signal. One signal is a push notification service that helps in sending mobile notifications. Through this, we were able to create reminders for upcoming sessions and updates for requested sessions. This helped users to easily track their progress related to booked appointments.

Speed breakers during creating the Medical consultation app

Although our developers had built a number of amazing applications using React native earlier, developing a medical consultation app was quite a unique challenge. While we were developing the application there were a number of cliffhangers that we had to overcome. And here’s a list of those challenges:

  • The first and most visible challenge for us was to induce the Video call facility into the application. To solve this the programmable video services of Twilio came to our rescue and we were successfully able to implement the video calling feature.
  • The Second challenge was to get the exact location of the doctor’s clinic to check its proximity with the patient. For this, we used google’s Geo Location feature to fetch the address.

Further, there were also a few minor challenges as well but with our out of the box thinking pattern and creative outlook, our team was able to break through all the speed breakers and deliver the desired result.

To Wrap it Up

Online Medical Consultation apps with React Native can open up the gateways of easy to access healthcare services with ease. As with expert doctors at just a click away, anyone can easily get healthcare from the comfort of their own couch.

This not only saves users from the trouble of looking through hospitals to find a specialist but it also saves them from long waiting hours in the queue for medical consultation. The online medical consultation application is a time-saving option to opt for both doctors and patients. 

So if you are looking for similar healthcare apps you can drop us an email anytime. Our expert Mobile app developers can build an application according to your requirements in the blink of an eye.