Most Popular Magento Facebook Shop Integration Tools to Amplify Sales


Social Media is no more a place for just online social networking. Users have been exploring platforms like Facebook and Instagram for nearly everything- News, watching videos, sharing content and everything that engages them.

With nearly 2.41 billion monthly active users across the globe, Facebook delivers a limitless platform for the businesses as well. The sellers can find potential buyers for free with simpler clicks and without spending a penny for marketing.

Here are a few stats by Hootsuite on Facebook marketing:

→ 15% of US social media users shop on Facebook

→ A staggering 90 million small businesses are using Facebook, most of them sticking with free tools like Groups and pages. 

→ 87.1% of US marketers will use Facebook marketing in 2020

For sellers across the globe, these numbers are too huge for not including Facebook shopping among their marketing strategies.

Facebook offers every possible way to engage its users-both sellers and potential buyers. If you are here, probably you already own an online store and are looking forward to utilizing the prowess of Social media for enhanced product visibility and thus the sales of your store.

This blog discusses the insights of social media shopping and the best tools to integrate Facebook with stores on Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms.

What does Magento Facebook page integration offer?

Here is an example of a popular UK based online store- Cox and Cox. The store is built on Magento 2 e-Commerce platform and is the house for home decoratives of every category. Cox and Cox enhance its customer outreach with its Facebook page store.

And does the Facebook page store look any different from a regular Magento storefront? A big No to that.

It contains almost everything that an ideal online store has:

  • The product listings
  • The price 
  • The product details
  • A perfect product catalog
  • A checkout page that is redirected to the store’s checkout page 

The Social Media giant enables you to create a customer-focused shop where your potential buyers can find your Magento store products with zero hassles. That almost works like a replica of your original store, only at a larger stage.

Additionally, as the customer is subscribed to your Facebook shop, he will receive personalized suggestions based on his shopping history and thus offering you the chance for repeat purchases.

Well, that’s not all that a Facebook page shop integration can offer to your Magento store. According to Wearesocial, 2.2billion out of the 2.41 billion monthly active FB users use the mobile which infers that more than 90% of your potential audience is finding you on the smaller screen.

While if it were your Magento store alone, you were more likely to hire mobile app developers to mark your presence for the phone users. With a shop on the mobile-oriented Facebook page, you are saving the development time and the cost of getting a dedicated mobile app designed. The additional cost of marketing the native app follows.

With the Facebook product catalog from the Magento store, the majority of your task has already been covered. Your customers are finding you on their mobile(via Facebook) and are most likely paying for the out-of-box UX.

The next question that comes up: Is there any DIY solution for the sellers to establish a Facebook page shop directly from their Magento store? We have some ready to go solutions in the Magento Marketplace:

Cedcommerce Facebook Store Integration

Ced Commerce

CedCommerce is among the biggest contributors in the Magento Marketplace. The brand is famous for its ready-made solutions to ease e-commerce businesses across the globe. Above all, it has taken care of innumerable businesses and their personalized needs.

That being said, the brand pushes two Facebook shop integration tools for Magento

→ Facebook Store integration for Magento1

→ Facebook Store integration for Magento2

Here’s the configuration offered by Cedcommerce Magento Facebook shop integration, where the admin can enable the Facebook settings along with the Shop banner.

Cedcommerce magento 2 backend

The following are some of the major features offered by this extension.

Controlling the products:

The Admin has full control over the products he wants to display on the Facebook Page store. He can choose to add new products or withdraw the existing ones with simpler clicks.

Bulk product listing:

The sellers can add products on the Facebook page shop in bulks. They can select more than one product, and export them for FB.

Changes in product information:

Cedcommerce Facebook store integration allows you to manage the product details from the single panel. The admin can modify the details from the Magento Admin which is eventually reflected on the Facebook page store via the integration tool.

The admin can thus save time at updating information on multiple platforms.

Synchronizing Inventory

The Magento 1 and Magento 2 Facebook store integration manages the centralized inventory pretty well. The tool uses the Facebook API and the Magento store to keep a continuous check of the product availability.

Redirecting to the checkout page

The Facebook page shop redirects the user to the Magento checkout page. That leaves the sellers with ease in managing the orders. The features are available for both Magento 1 stores as well as Magento 2 Stores.

Here’s a screenshot of the Magento admin panel offered for managing the Facebook store products:

Cedcommerce magento panel

Price: $199.00

A similar extension is offered for Magento 1 stores.

Note: In any case, if you are still not aware, Magento is terminating its official support for the Magento1 platform by June 2020. And if you are still clueless for the migration process, you can read our blog: Migrate Magento1 to Magento2. You can also consult us for Magento migration services. Our panel of Magento experts can help you with the same.

Zestard Facebook Store

Zestard facebook Magento integration

Zestard comes up with an excellent Magento Facebook store integration tool. The brand claims an effortless store setup on Social media. It shares the following common features, as we discussed for CedCommerce Facebook store integration:

→ Bulk product Listing

→ Product information updating from the Magento Admin panel

Moreover, the tool comes up with some additional features:

Store-specific design:

The tool designs the FB shop page using Internal CSS in the Magento configuration. The feature makes it a more flexible option for creating the Magento product catalog on the Facebook page store. You can now have a Facebook store offering nearly the same user experience as your original Magento store.

Optimized for speed and performance:

The tool optimizes the final store for speed and performance allowing the products to load faster.

Here is the screenshot from the admin panel for managing Magento Facebook shop integration.

Zestard Facebook Connection Setting

Price: $99

Meetanshi Facebook Store Integration


Meetanshi rises above the noise with a new-age tool to assign a Facebook page for the Magento store. There are ample reasons for saying that.

Scheduling product generation: 

The user can schedule products with starting time to generate products as CSV files.

The panel also allows the admin to export that manually, the way other tools do. The automated platform saves the admin from frequently visiting the Magento panel.

Add attributes to the products:

The admin can add tags like New/Used/Refurbished for the products, the very way Amazon does on its stores.

Add categories:

With this Magento Facebook Store integration app, the admin can mention additional details like product categories and product condition.

Common features this Magento Facebook shop Integration tool shares with the rest:

→ Displays the products and product information on the Facebook store

→ The products are fully under the Admin’s control for addition or removal

The Configuration page from the Magento admin panel speaks for itself.

Meetanshi Facebook Store Integration

Price: $189

Having said that, there are ample solutions that can help you present a Facebook page product catalog right from your Magento store. All the solutions in this list, to an extent, share some common features.

Developers are capable of coming up with innumerable solutions only because the Facebook API allows them. The basic workflow of this integration is as follows:

1. The Admin has to export the product in CSV format from the Admin panel.

2. The Facebook Shop accepts files in CSV formats only through a manual upload.

3. The Product ID of the Magento Store product is matched with the ID offered by Facebook API.

4. The inventory is thus in continuous synchronization

The criss-cross of features clearly infers a thing- the Magento back end has a lot more to offer to the Facebook API for creating a shop. It’s your business needs that will decide which tool suits you the best.

However, it is noticeable that the tools tend to avoid a few functions that are used as USPs by the other. One prime reason could be the realization of innumerable businesses and their demands.

While ready-made solutions like the ones mentioned above can prove to be a handy solution, you can ask us for a custom-designed Magento Facebook shop integration.

Benefits of a custom-designed Magento Facebook shop integration extension:

1. Your custom extension has features of your choice

2. The extension is not overloaded with functions that affect the performance

3. You can ask for an easy-to-manage custom Admin panel

4. You already know the full potential of your Admin panel

Magento development experts at The Brihaspati Infotech have been serving out-of-box solutions to clients based on their business-specific needs. One of our recent blogs, 3D product visualization on Magento speaks of their capability in meeting the custom needs to perfection.

Final words on setting up Magento Facebook store integration

For obvious reasons, a Facebook page store can offer you the desired exposure to your Magento store and the numbers you have always been craving for, in terms of visits and conversions. With tools that readily help you reach there, you can embrace yourself for the influx of customers.

For a personalized solution for your Magento shop, you can hire our experienced Magento development team who can get a design as per your custom demands. Reach us here for custom Magento extension or for other e-commerce development

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