Multilingual WordPress Event Management System


Managing events on any event management website is often rated as tedious task due to voluminous and vague data information scattered all through the website. Given the complexity and level of management required, it gets necessary to implement a full-fledged Event Management System on the website. WordPress Event Management system is a tool for fully-featured event management website, offering unparalleled services to event managers. Our multilingual WordPress based Event Management Software is an interface streamlined to create and manage complex events in a precise manner. This integrated platform is a comprehensive solution for small to big event planning corporations who require more control over their events. With features like customized filter-based event registrations, publishing events, booking events, secure event payment processing, and venue management this forms a robust system for proper management of events.  

Features of WordPress based Event Management System

  • Manage multiple events and event activities through a single platform
  • Event promotion listings based on basic and premium plans
  • Integrated Google maps
  • Location based map filtering for selecting venues.
  • Various self-made widgets
  • Allowing for listing and registration of events
  • Receive secure payments instantly through PayPal and ePay
  • Booking system to manage events
  • Robust event reporting to track important information such as amount of registrations, cancellations, ticket sales etc
  • Listings connection with Booking System Pro Plugin
  • Redesigned admin panel to provide controlled access to event manager
  • Automatic event e-mail reminders, confirmations, e-tickets


How the WordPress Event Management System is developed?

  • The WordPress event management system is created by making use of WordPress Ajax, hooks and filters to make the system as flexible as possible.
  • Multistep Listing post type was created by using fully customized Tevolution WordPress Plugin. The Plugin was installed to enable new events and features within the theme. This integrated the events on all the areas of the system, including home page-the main listing area, category pages and on the map.
  • The listing form was created using custom post types, custom fields and price packaging. Booking System Pro Plugin was used to display booking calendar for listings. Listings were customized to connect with Booking System Pro, which created different booking calendar for different event listings.
  • Different Tevolution add-ons viz. location manager, directory listing, and short codes.
  • Location Manager was customized to add Google map. Using WordPress widgets and Ajax location based map filtering functionality was applied. Here filtering was done based on regions.
  • Various widgets were used to create filters for services, categories, prices and capacity.
  • The admin panel was redesigned to provide controlled author access to event manager. Both admin and manager can manage events from the backend. However, the event manager is provided with controlled access.
  • Payment gateway ePay was implemented using WordPress Directory Plugin.
  • Short codes were used to embed lists, buttons, message boxes and directory categories on the system.


How the WordPress Event Management System Works?

The event management system is designed by our expert team to simplify the complex task of planning, promoting and managing events. Event planner can create event listings and event by selecting the basic or premium plans available. In premium listing plans the event managers are allowed to add additional information, profile picture and gallery pictures to the listings. Also, the premium listed events are displayed on the home page of the website. Listing post type is connected to the Booking system Pro Plugin where further details of the events can be added including calendar dates. The payments for event registration are carried out through PayPal or ePay payment gateways. Attendees can book the events in their specific region by selecting the events using various filters viz. region based filters, event category based filters, price based filters and capacity of attendees based filters. Automatic e-mail reminders of confirmation, rejection or e-tickets are sent to the users.   Event Management System is a WordPress based system that enables you to organize events at your finger prints. If you are managing event registration switching to this Event Management System will allow you to save time and money. Whether you are dealing with alumni events, grand events or corporate conferences, this is a robust platform to increase efficiency, streamline processes and automate manual tasks.

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