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Businesses made their first leap into the web-world with a website, to use it as advertising and promotion platform. This was enough until the concept of making online bookings came into existence. Web world can be used as a perfect equalizer between small and big businesses. Internet is here to stay, and to keep pace with it businesses need to change the way they work. The concept of real time online booking has provided small business a robust platform to enjoy their share of profits.

Online appointment booking plugin is a technology that allows customers to instantly book and pay for your services without any intervention from your side. This allows you to centralize bookings, accept payments, track appointments, give controlled access to staff and streamline business administration. This saves you from the hassle of manual bookings, record keeping and payments. Whether you are a sole trader or manage chain of businesses, whether you have a dance school or yacht charter, this software can make it all a piece of cake for you.

Our Online Appointment Booking Plugin- A Hassle Free Unified Tool Set

The online appointment booking plugin is a plug-in for a website built on WordPress. This is built to meet the requirements of managing customers and online bookings in a unified tool set. The idea was to create a single platform from where admin could manage staff appointments, customer bookings, classes and constantly changing schedules. The system is made to keep the entire process highly organized without keeping the admin busy. The striking feature of this online booking WordPress plug-in is that it is easy to operate from admin panel, client’s end and customer’s end. The entire booking process is controlled by admin panel, where admin can give controlled access to staff members. We followed agile best practices to built various components and add features & functionalities as per the requirements.

  • Customers can make the bookings by clicking on suitable, dates, duration, type of lessons-private or group, staff member, recurring days and recurring dates.
  • It is quick and easy for customers to view, book and make payments for the services.
  • Staff members can manage their entire profile which includes managing their calendar, time schedules, appointments, appointment reminders, confirmations and reviews. All their activities are rolled up into one master schedule.
  • By simply setting up the hours of operation, services and related staff members, the admin can accept appointments on the website.
  • All the activities can be managed through the admin panel, from where staff-members are given controlled access to the booking system.
  • Payments, income and expenses are also maintained from the admin panel without any intervention from the staff members.

This is flexible booking software to meet your requirements of managing your business in through a streamlined administration.

How the online appointment booking plugin was developed?

  • This is a custom Plugin developed in WordPress.
  • Shortcode is used to implement this Plugin and call in custom template file.
  • A new user role is created to access Booking Manger. Other than new role users, only admin has the access to view the Plugin.
  • Admin can give full access to any user to manage each and every section.
  • This plugin has the ability to export the users/bookings and install on any other system/server with same users and their corresponding bookings.
  • Features of Online Appointment Booking Plugin

    The WordPress plug-in comes with various benefits and features for a business involving online booking system:

    • Accepts booking online– The system makes it easy and quick for customers to view services, book them and make payments. The booking is highly organized as users can select their preferred staff member, duration, type of classes and dates.
      • Automates Payments and Invoices: The admin can view and manage all the bookings and payments for all the working hours and staff members. Staff members can be given controlled access to the functions they can perform. Admin can manage the appointments, payments, daily events, incomes and expenses, and company events. You can also view and manage daily checklist
    • Multiple staff calendars: Every staff member custom calendar and profile he can individually manage, by adding schedules, working hours, breaks, appointments, vacations, and confirmations. All this is automatically included in a master calendar. Staff member can create custom reminders about his appointments, events, and bookings.
    • Automated reminders: You can set reminders about the upcoming tasks, appointments and events to avoid any confusion and waste of time. Whether it’s regarding pending payments, pending appointments or booking clients, you are automatically reminded without any confusion.

    The online appointement booking plugin is built to automate and streamline online bookings so that you can focus on what you do the best. Without having to worry about the entire process, you can manage your business seamlessly. We built this system by overcoming all the challenges on our way. Our WordPress experts deployed their best efforts and best technology to bring it to life.

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