Online Collaboration Platform for Experts and Users


Online collaboration platform are designed to create an easy communication channel between customers and advisors or consultants online. Giving users more personalized web experience; such platform enhances the reach for online advisors to larger base of customers. Such systems provide innovative way to reinforce the online consulting services by engaging and interactive effectively with the customers online. Our Multi-user online collaboration platform for advisors and users is a Smarty framework based interactive online platform which enables both customers and users create their own accounts to engage. Through this platform advisors can make leverage excellent customer support and users can avail the services without any hassle. It allows people to connect with experts in broad range of categories, have real conversation through calling, audio and video chat. For business proposes, the platform humanizes the online experience by increasing customer satisfaction and online sales. This is a real-time engagement solution deliver support and tools that manage all online advisor-customer interactions

Features of our online collaboration platform

  • Multi-user platform: This is a multi-user platform where both customers and experts can make their accounts in broad range of categories. Customers can choose the category and the advisors they want to interact with. They can make calls to the advisors, request for audio and video chats.
  • Real-time calling system: Real-time calling system lets customers connect with the experts and talk to them at the earliest. Users can make calls, retrieve call logs, modify live calls, view call transcripts, create and view queues.
  • Live Chat: Customers can also engage in live chats, be it audio or video chats with the service experts. They can chat with their favorite advisors or live advisors. This enhances customer services without any delay.
  • Email services: Customers can send e-mails to their favorite advisers and advisors can quickly revert, improving response as much as by 50%. While sending and receiving the messages only user name is displayed in order to maintain the privacy
  • Custom dynamic availability status buttons: The chat or call link on the advisor’s profile is empowered to dynamically display if the advisor is currently available, unavailable or engaged with other customer on another call or chat. This eliminates the need of putting unnecessary efforts to connect with already engaged advisors.
  • Phone call alerts: Both the customers and the expert advisors receive the phone call alerts whether the calls are missed or arranged. They can also check their call history anytime.
  • Full accounting system and integration with payment gateways: To ensure prompt payments, automated billing process is integrated. A secure payment gateway is integrated where customers can use either credit card or PayPal to make payments.
  • Automated “add money wizard” to continue call: If there is no budget in users’ account, he can continue call by adding more money into his accounts through secure payment gateways.
  • Account management: Experts can manage their account by selecting categories, status, buy recommendations from customers, add funds, answer calls and manage transaction history.


How the online collaboration software is developed?

  • The online collaboration platform is developed by making use of Smarty Framework to make the system flexible.
  • Customers and clients both can create and manage personalized accounts on a single platform.
  • Calling system was integrated by using Twilio REST API web service interface that allows initiating outbound call, querying Meta data about account, phone numbers, and calls. High level customization was done in the REST API to integrate real-time calling functionality.
  • This is used to make a call, retrieve call logs, modify live calls, verify caller id, view call transcriptions, view call recordings, create a call queue, and view queues.
  • Real time feeds are made available on the website as soon as the call is made, connected and disconnected. This is done by sending Ajax request to Twilio REST API.
  • The moment advisor changes his status; the button on his main profile is automatically changed. This dynamic display of buttons is done through Ajax
  • Two types of Payment gateways were implemented using
  • Reminders regarding budgets are implemented through cron jobs.


How the Online collaboration tool works?

This online collaboration Platform allows both customers and advisors to create account and interact with each other seamlessly. Advisors can manage their accounts by choosing the expert category or as many categories as they like to and make listings. They can manage all the information regarding notices, news, articles, feedbacks, buttons, invite via emails and invite via social networks. They can make calls only their customers and their fellow advisors. They can fully manage their profiles by selecting the connection option of calling, video chat or audio chat. On the other hand customers can also manage their accounts by managing their budgets by adding budget reminders using time-based scheduler, they can chose their favorite advisors, add money to their accounts through credit cards or PayPal, buy recommendations and then sell those recommendations to various advisors. Customers can only make calls to advisors. Whenever customers make calls, interact with the advisor and disconnect, all the respective messages are displayed on the website page. They can also send e-mails to their favorite advisors, audio and video chat with them. The online collaborative platform enables to create an interactive platform for customers and advisors and offer seamless communication services. If you are also managing a system requiring continuous interaction with customers and service providers, switching to online collaborative platform will save money and time. If you are looking for a similar robust complete real-time engagement platform, you can reach out to us here.

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