Online Recipe Nutrient Analysis Portal !!


Why to use Online Recipe Nutrient Analysis Portal ?

In recent years, Online Recipe Nutrient Analysis Portal services have become more popular.

In developed countries like the United States, UK & Europe, it is mandatory to provide nutritional information on packaged retail foods in the form of nutrition facts panels as a result of food labelling regulations. So, now days, many restaurants have begun posting nutrition information complying with customer demand and menu-labelling laws.

We at ‘The Brihaspati Infotech’ have strived to work hard to develop Online Recipe Nutrient Analysis portal services especially designed for Professional Chefs and Restaurant Owners provided with convenient, smooth and at par usability abiding with US, UK and EU legislation.

Know ‘Recipe Nutrient Analyser’

  • As an online portal service ‘Recipe Nutrient Analyser’ serves as a Recipe Forensic, analyses recipes and menus specifically for food and hospitality professionals to encourage, empower and make the right food choices for healthy living.
  • It also provides Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis of every dish on a user menu including allergen warnings, portion control and costing with accurate supplier order lists, as required by the new EU legislation using their proprietary database.
  • A user’s personalized account on this portal provides recipe nutrition data, and diet analysis, so that user customer can start eating healthier.
  • Whether customer is Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher or Halal, user can find the healthy nutrition information about the calories and nutrients as per customer need and eat.

Functions of Recipe Nutrient Analyser

Analyse Accurate Recipe Costing
  • Enables users to cost each item on their menu to the last penny thereby ensuring the profitability of every portion that users serve.
  • Helps to keep user food costs under control.
  • Also, calculates user Gross Profit % or Margin % for every dish automatically.
Order Lists of Supplier
  • Provides a very good idea of what user ideal portion of every dish should weigh
  • It generates accurate Supplier Order Lists for user at recipe or menu level.
  • Saves a substantial amount of money for user and also helps to make user’s business more environmental friendly by generating less waste.
Special Nutritional Needs
  • Enables user to design recipes for customers with special nutritional needs, thereby attracting new customers together with their friends.
  • Also helps user to feature the healthy options on menu thereby attracting more health-conscious diners or those on diets.
  • User can use the nutritional information to up sell starters and desserts to their customers who would otherwise have avoided them because they are unaware how low in calories they actually are, resulted in increased turnover and profit for user business.
Nutritional Reporting
  • When a customer steps over the threshold of user restaurant, he or she is on their own as far as getting information.
  • Gives chef as a user the ability to generate all of nutritional information by law, thereby enabling user to comply with the Responsibility Deal without the information about the nutritional content of the dishes on user menu.
  • The chef can greatly improve the nutritionals for his/her dishes through portion control and ingredient substitution.
Summarising above Benefits
  •  Get Started Easily and Quickly
  •  Manage Your Expenses
  •  Manage Employees and Suppliers
  •  See How Your Business Is Doing
  •  Access and Control Information From Anywhere
  •  Support and Software Updates
  •  Security You Can Trust

‘Recipe Nutrient Analyser’ is very handy to use and conveniently manages your recipes. Its Dashboard shows list of User/user group information with their name, username, User Role & email ID.

Various links and sections can be shown over dash board, where on clicking a link, users can see, edit, create and analyse specific recipe information as per their need.

‘Recipe Nutrient Analyser’ provides leading-edge restaurant and foodservice solution for chefs, owners, operators, restaurants, and other foodservice professionals in the food service industry.

So, if you are running food & hospitality business,

Hurry, Stop throwing your money in the dustbin!

Discover the Online Recipe Nutrient Analysis Portal that makes your job easier and quickly pays for itself.

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