Online T-Shirt Designing Tool as a Magento Extension


It’s time to cheer for many Magento Ecommerce owners who are offering services for customized T-Shirt designs. A new Magento Ecommerce Extension is on its way from the Magento team of The Brihaspati Infotech. Now, with this unique online T-Shirt Designing Tool’ your users can easily create their own distinctive T-shirt designs within few seconds.


This online T-Shirt designing tool as a Magento Extension offers more than 12 billion customization combinations that allow users to create something truly unique. You can readily integrate this Magento Extension on your Ecommerce web portal and make use of its exciting features like customizing text, colour, pattern, image, clip-art or shape.

Technology used

  • PHP (Magento CMS)
  • Jquery, JS, CSS.
  • Z-Indexing Properties.
  • Custom Magento Functionality.

Exclusive Features

  1. Easily integrated with front and back end with Magento Ecommerce website.
  2. Successfully tested on all Magento 1.x versions.
  3. Customize T-shirt design from admin.
  4. Configures custom design pricing (Printing) from admin.
  5. Provides Advanced Text Arc.
  6. Offers ‘Cart view’ for design and thumbnail details.
  7. Allows full website hosting with your own web server.
  8. Offers libraries for Clip-arts, Shapes, and Fonts.
  9. Installed with designing module and related scripts like PHP, XML, AJAX, and MySql.

Users can go through following simple steps to customize their T-shirt design:

  1. First, select initial T-shirt design template.
  2. Choose your primary colour of choice.
  3. Now, select a secondary colour.
  4. Also, select the third colour for your T-shirt design.
  5. Add number and style of your T-shirt.
  6. Finally, choose and add your favorite embellishments.

Yes, you’ve done it! After finishing above steps, the final masterpiece of your T-shirt design will be displayed on your screen. Once you get satisfied with your T-shirt colour and design, add this to the cart with specific quantity. You can also add any additional design details to modify your design.


Steps to add custom design images to T-shirt designing tool:

  1. First log-in to the website admin using your super admin account.
  2. Go to the top on the menu bar > select last menu (Jersey Builder).

Here, you will see two sub-menus i.e.

  • Manage Categories: Here you can add, edit or delete different categories.
  • Manage Jersey Builder: You can add custom T-shirt design images.
  1. Select second option “Manage Jersey Builder”

You can view grids of all custom Jersey designs.

  1. Click on “Add New Jersey” button on top right of the page.
  1. Add General Information for New Design Images i.e. Design name, Active (Disabled/Enabled), Category, Price, and Sort Order.
  2. On left sidebar add images for different steps.

Once you are done with above steps, hit the top right link to save your designs for a specific category. You can also view the saved designs in the grid list.

Steps to view your custom designs added in Front-end:

  • Go to your website ‘Home Page’ > Select the last menu ‘Customize Your Product’
  • You can view the custom design listed under “Select your starting design” text.
  • To order the custom design follow the steps and choose different design image option, and then hit ‘add to cart’ followed by adding the quantity of product.

You can also go through trailing video clip to see on screen operation for every step:

Kudos! You have learned the whole process for this Magento T-shirt designing extension. Check and try this unique extension and let us know for any concern. If you have any requirement for this custom software development, then please contact us for Magento Module Development.