OpenGL Android Application-Thunderstorm!


Thunderstorm is an impressive, live openGL android application of storm and lightening. The application supports portrait configuration on all android devices. It takes advantage of high-resolution screen and interactive touch facilities of new android mobile phones. You can also customize the wind speed, rain, bolt frequency and cloud appearance. The thunderbolts and raindrops give a pleasurable experience and do everything but drenching your screen!


Thunderstorm live wallpaper app involved a wide range of challenges. Our qualified and skilled android team took a comprehensive view of the requirements and implemented solutions to overcome the challenges. The foremost challenge was to create a rain animation view on home screen that gives a realistic appearance. The other difficult part was movement of clouds from left to right. Other major things involved in the application development were lightening settings, and integration of ‘Setting page’ with our application, so that users can personalize the app as per their preference.


With extensive experience in developing live android applications, we followed the requirements and developed solutions. Our android professionals came up with simple solutions to tricky challenges. We implemented various technologies to make the app a pleasurable and less-complex experience:

  • Canvas and OpenGL were used throughout the application, to present constantly moving screen. Canvas was used to give a high-quality effect to raindrops animation. The advanced technique is used to make rain animation clear with less flickering effect. Certain rain display classes were used for rain calculations to create the falling effect.
  • Bitmap was used to display colored and grayscale images giving more realistic effect.
  • Engine and wallpaper service classes were used throughout the android application.

The technologies used rendered some amazing features to app users, right from viewing a naturally moving personalized thunderstorm to variety of settings like cloud color, wind speed and rain appearance.

Benefits of OpenGL Android Application

Who doesn’t enjoy a personalized home screen? And when it’s about customizing the majesty of stormy sky, nothing seems more exciting! Thunderstorm openGL android application  live wallpaper provides users with array of features that can be personalized without affecting the battery life. There are various ways in which users can personalize their Thunderstorm live wallpaper:


The animation doesn’t really look like an animation; it gives a realistic appearance of raindrops. Users have different rain styles to choose from.

 Regulating frequency

You can regulate the frequency with which the wind flows, clouds move and can control bolt frequency to change how lightening appears on your screen

 Color settings

From different shades of grey to hues of pink, there is a range of colors to choose from. Customize your storm and watch as your screen goes colorful.

Lightening effects

You screen wouldn’t have illuminated more before. Download the wallpaper and watch your screen shine with a bolt of lightning.   We have extensive experience in developing android applications. In order to know more about our android services and avail them you can REACH OUT TO US HERE.

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