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Painting frames are Integral elements in defining the personality and aesthetic sense of the people living in the house. Framing is not just about choosing four brown borders for artwork or painting. Rather, it is the process of choosing the Color, Quality, and Finishing of your frame.

Until now we only had an option of local shops to buy paintings, artwork and their frames. The expansion of E-commerce has provided us the option to buy paintings and frames from various online stores. Online stores are more elevated as compared to local shops because they offer more options of choosing artwork as well as frames which eventually saves time, money and resources.

Recently a project related to Painting Frames was successfully delivered by our expert team of Magento developers. Basically, the scope of the project was to develop an extension that will allow users to choose frames for paintings.

In this blog, we will discuss the major key features of the Magento 2 painting frame extension developed by the team of The Brihaspati Infotech. To get better insight into our extension working flow please review the below image.

Working flow of painting frames extension
Magento 2 painting frame extension working flow

Need For Painting Frames Magento 2 Extension

There are numerous e-commerce stores specifically selling paintings, artwork, and their frame. But only a few stores offer the features of choosing frames for painting and after that preview options for the final product i.e. painting inside the frame.

Listed below are some points that make painting frame extension a must for e-commerce websites selling artwork, painting, and frames.

  • To provide various customization options for frames, painting and artwork material.
  • For enabling customers to preview how final product will look.
  • In order to improve customer loyalty.
  • Ultimately, to boost sale of paintings and artwork.

Features Included In Magento 2 Framing Extension

Our experienced team of Magento 2 developers built the framing extension coupled with various features. This extension is easy to install and use on any Magento 2 e-commerce website. Major key features of painting frame extension are such as :

1. Filters for selecting painting categories :

Firstly, customers can make the selection for paintings or artwork among available ‘Shopping options’. For instance, paintings can be searched based on various filters such as colors, collections, artists, art style, photography, etc. As soon as filters are set by the customer thereafter relevant paintings and artwork will be shown.

Various filters for shopping paintings
Filters for making the selection of paintings or artwork

Just in case the customer doesn’t want to opt from available paintings or artwork then the customer can upload custom paintings or photos on the platform.

2. Choosing material, size and painting frames :

Under this section, our painting frame extension offers very easy-to-use features. Step by step customers can easily customize the painting or artwork. Selection of simple three steps finalize the painting and make it ready for ‘Add to cart.’ To enumerate three steps are :

  • Step 1 : Choose material (Poster, Canvases, Acrylic Prints, Handmade Oil Painting)
  • Step 2 : Select size (Set dimension based on height and width)
  • Last Step : Choose frame (Customer can also place order without frame)

3. Preview tool for finalized framed painting

This feature makes our Magento 2 painting frames extension different from other available extensions in the market. After customizing the selected painting customer reaches this point. The final product preview feature lets customers see how actual painting will show up on the wall as well as in the room. Some main key features of the preview tool are:

  • Zoom in and out
  • Move painting left, right, up and down
  • Options to change background room
  • Choose multiple wall colors

4. Additional add-on feature: Multilingual

Additionally, with other features, we have included one important functionality in the artwork frames extension. This feature is multilingual i.e. multiple languages. The customer has an option to select a specific language out of 10 languages (English, Deutsch, España, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polskie, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian).

The multilingual feature plays a very vital role in order to reach out to a wide range of customers.

Final Words For Magento 2 Painting Frames Extension

When off-the-shelf extensions don’t fulfill the actual requirements of the Magento 2 e-commerce website then custom extension comes into play. Furthermore, the custom extension can be enhanced anytime based on store owner requirements. We have developed a Print-On-Demand Magento 2 extension before also.

If you are an artist and planning to sell your artwork with custom frames options then we can surely help you out. Aside from this, we are also readily available for setting up full-fledged, seamlessly working e-commerce websites.

Kindly reach out to us and get optimal solutions for your business. 


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