PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway Integration with WordPress

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PayPal is by far the most widely used payment gateway services in e-commerce market at present. Integration of PayPal into an e-commerce website is thought of as robust and the most effective way of carrying out money transactions. From handling credit card transactions, submitting multiple transactions in a single file to verifying multiple accounts quickly, PayPal is a trustworthy payment gateway. PayPal’s adaptive payment gateway integration brings plenty of possibilities, especially for multi-vendor websites. As an admin of a multi-vendor website, website owners find it difficult to track every sale and distribute money to different vendors. PayPal adaptive payment system is a perfect solution to make things easier for all such website owners. We integrated a similar PayPal adaptive system on our self-built site WordPress based website. The system was developed with a view to bridging the revenue split problems on the multi-vendor website. It reduces the unnecessary tedious task of sending payments separately via payment gateways and saves a lot of time.

Features of our PayPal Adaptive Payment System

  • The automatic split of payment in the backend and distribute money to the respective vendors without involving much of human effort.
  • Payments involving secondary receivers, there are two different payment systems-Delayed Chain method and Parallel method.
  • This can be integrated into websites involving e-commerce practices, affiliate payments, and supplier payments.
  • The payments can be sent to 4-5 vendors at a time.
  • Adaptive Payment system makes use of web redirect approval method where the customer is redirected to PayPal website and asked for a login to approve. This makes the payments secure.

Steps involved in WordPress PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway integration

  • For PayPal adaptive payment Gateway integration with WordPress, we have used PayPal Adaptive SDK library.
  • The payment system follows parallel and delayed chained payment method.
  • To make use of this library need PayPal username, password, and signature.
  • The receiver emails are assigned with the payment ratio.
  • Using various classes from the library, we redirect the user to PayPal site to transfer money from their account to receiver.

How PayPal adaptive Payment System works?

The Adaptive Payment system integrated into the website handles payment between one sender and many receivers of payment. It follows parallel and delayed chained payment method.

Parallel Payment Method

In Parallel payment method whenever any customer makes a payment, it will split directly into pre-defined shares to be sent to various vendors and merchants. The admin or website owner is not required perform the tedious talk of splitting revenue. This is automatically done by the adaptive payment method. Here the payment split will directly reach the receivers end. PayPal supports sending payment to 6 receivers at a time. The sharing mechanism is absolutely secure and transparent, where the customers receive information about all the recipients in the chain.

Delayed Chain Payment Method

In delayed chain payment method the sender can choose to delay the payment to secondary receivers. After the payment is received by the primary recipient and he approves of it, the payment will be sent to the secondary receiver. This method is useful when vendors are required to ship the products before receiving the payments or waiting till the expiration of return period. In this method, payments to secondary recipients can be delayed up to 90 days. If you are a multi-vendor website and your website is still deprived of a robust payment gateway system, we can provide you with top-notch services. With extensive experience in implementation of payment gateways, our team offers excellent adaptive payments gateway integration services. For further information and in order to avail our services you can REACH OUT TO US HERE For Quick Review Visit This Video:

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