Competing in the crowded electronics market can indeed be challenging. However, offering customers the ability to configure their custom PCs can grant businesses a notable edge over competitors and foster stronger customer loyalty.

Our team of Shopify developers recently had the opportunity to create a custom PC configurator for a well-known gaming PC retailer, enhancing the online shopping experience for their customers.

Do You Need a Shopify Product Configurator?

If you want to offer your customers a broader range of personalized products, a Shopify visual product configurator is the perfect solution for you!

Who Is the Custom Shopify Product Configurator Built For?

Custom Product Distributors

Custom Product Distributors

Personalized Appliance Sellers

Personalized Appliance Sellers

Apparel Industry

Apparel Industry

Sports Goods Sellers

Sports Goods Sellers

Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry

Benefits of a Custom PC Configurator for Shopify

In an age where customers crave personalization, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s explore the advantages of implementing a PC configurator for Shopify store:

PC Configurator for Shopify Benefits

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Imagine letting customers design custom built pc, selecting components that perfectly match their needs. This personalization fosters builds brand loyalty.
  • Increased Sales: By offering a wider range of customizable options, you cater to a broader customer base. This targeted approach leads to happier customers and increased sales.
  • Reduced Errors: Pre-built options can sometimes have compatibility issues. An automized method for custom built pc further eliminates human error & ensures a functional, frustration-free build.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: Customers can configure a custom pc & add it to their cart with a click. This subsequently reduces friction & streamlines the buying journey, leading to faster conversions.
  • Reduced Cart Abandonment: Customers overwhelmed by pre-built options are likelier to abandon their carts. Configurators basically keep customers engaged & reduce cart abandonment rates.

Our Case Study of a Custom PC Configurator for Shopify

A leading gaming PC brand reached out to us for a custom gaming PC configurator for their Shopify website. Consequently, our team of Shopify experts developed a PC configuration tool, enabling customers to build their customized gaming machines.

Additionally, we designed a custom Shopify app that allows the owner to manage products seamlessly from the backend. Below are the features of the solution we created:

Configuration from Scratch Based on Your Budget

Configuration from Scratch

Enable your customers to configure a custom built PC from scratch by selecting the desired chipset, primary use, and resolution. Most importantly, you can design your gaming PC within your budget limits from the custom gaming PC configurator.

Easily Track Price Subtotal as You Add Components

Subtotal: product configurator for Shopify

Uncertain about the actual prices of the PC components you’re considering? With the best custom PC builder, you’ll see the latest prices of each component, along with the subtotal price of your custom build as you select each component to configure a custom pc.

Visible Product Summary Provided on the Fly

Product summary: product configurator for Shopify

A custom gaming PC configurator assists you by providing a step-by-step product summary clarifying any doubts about the dependencies of PC components with ease, ensuring the purchase of the right components while you configure a custom PC.

Auto Recommendation Helps User Select the Right Component

pc configurator for Shopify- compatibility check

The PC builder will check the compatibility of the selected hardware with the previous selections. The compatibility check popup will be displayed when a user selects an option that is not compatible with the previous option to configure a custom pc. 

Streamlined Admin Dashboard On the custom Shopify App

custom Dashboard admin

The consolidated admin dashboard helps the admin view PC components displayed on the custom PC configuration tool. It displays fields such as product image, product ID, title, product type, and product price details for simplified navigation.

Filter Out Products to Navigate Toward Your Desired Component

Dashboard select product

A Product filter drop-down menu can help the admin find desired products easily without the need to search from the long list manually. The search pattern follows the sequence of core components, refinement category, followed by the extras section.

Edit Components Displayed on the Custom Pc Builder For Shopify

product edit: product configurator for Shopify

Admins can add information related to each product from the admin management panel by clicking on the “Edit” button under the actions section. Hence, this feature enables admins to add new products, upload images, and modify prices for existing options on Shopify computer configurator.

Control What’s Being Displayed on the Custom Pc Builder for Shopify

Product update- product configurator for Shopify

The admin can also easily opt to create a new product to display on the custom PC configurator for Shopify by completing the required fields and clicking the “Submit” button. This action adds the newly added component to the list.

Custom Gaming PC Configurator Demo

Our interactive Shopify computer configurator basically takes the guesswork out of configuring a custom PC, allowing you to design your own gaming PC that perfectly aligns with your needs and budget. Finally let’s have a look at how it functions.

custom pc configurator demo

Challenges of Developing the Custom PC Configurator

Even though our Shopify development company successfully delivered the Custom PC configurator for Shopify. Following are some of the challenges while developing it. 

— Managing Bulk Options for Customizations: Handling numerous custom options posed a challenge. We addressed this by basically treating each option as a separate product.

— Sending Customized Data with Cart: Integrating customized data with the cart also presented a hurdle. We further resolved this by creating configurable products.

— Loading Speed Management: Optimizing loading speed while providing a feature-rich experience was crucial. We implemented strategies to enhance performance.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create Shopify product configurators for different businesses?

Absolutely, our team of Shopify experts can create Shopify visual product configurators for various industries based on unique requirements. All you have to do is reach out to us!

What is the benefit of offering a custom PC configurator for Shopify?

Providing a custom PC configurator enhances the customer experience by allowing them to personalize their PCs according to their preferences, leading to increased satisfaction & brand loyalty.

How can a custom PC configurator for Shopify improve sales?

By offering a wider range of customizable options with a custom gaming pc configurator, businesses can cater to a broader customer base, leading to happier customers by and ultimately increased sales.

How does a custom gaming PC configurator for Shopify reduce cart abandonment rates?

Custom PC configurators provide clarity and control to customers, preventing them from feeling overwhelmed by pre-built options, thus keeping them engaged and reducing cart abandonment rates.


In conclusion, the implementation of a custom PC configurator for Shopify offers businesses a strategic advantage in the competitive electronics market. By enabling customers to personalize their PCs according to their unique preferences and budget constraints, businesses can altogether foster stronger customer loyalty, and ultimately drive increased sales. 

If you’re seeking a similar solution to enhance your online retail experience, look no further. Our Shopify development company specializes in developing custom product configurators tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

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