Custom Shopify Product Page PDF App with Multilingual Support


Ecommerce is thriving and continues to spread its roots to nearly every business and its daily functioning. With digital channels coming to the forefront, business owners are trying the reduce the gap between online and offline stores.

According to Statista

Ecommerce is expected to contribute 22% of the total retail sales by 2023.

This number is significantly higher than the current 14.1%, however, we can admit that physical stores dominate the retail industry and will continue to do so for the upcoming years. While offline stores have already started to make their presence online, ecommerce owners have their strategies to expand their base off the internet too. 

On a recent account, our Shopify Development Agency had the opportunity to develop a custom Shopify app that generates customizable product page PDF. Users can download the offline PDF file along with custom notes for better online offline management.

How to Download Product Page to PDF in Shopify?

  • Enable the app on your Shopify Store
  • The app creates a Download button on every product page
  • Customers can click on the Download button 
  • Add text to the fillable PDF generated by our app
  • Save the PDF as a downloaded copy

Benefits of a Shopify Custom Product Page PDF App

A Shopify product page PDF builder app is capable of creating high-quality PDF copies of the Shopify product pages along with images and details. Following are a few of the many benefits a dynamic PDF builder can offer for your eCommerce store: 

  • Offline copy of products
  • Archiving information
  • Printable copies
  • Highly Customizable Printouts

Customers can now have access to your products, images description even without the internet. They have readily available brochures that can be accessed across all the devices with the desired customizations.

Your friends and affiliates can recommend your physical store with PDF brochures. The feature carries huge potential to drive traffic to your offline store if done right.

Having said that, creating a high-quality PDF that offers the same soothing experience as your stores is challenging. You will expect the PDF to offer the same font style your store follows, the logo, product images, variants and whatnot. 

Our Approach for Developing Shopify Product page PDF App 

The client owns a physical store with an exclusive collection of home decors and related products that are highly popular in the region. The client owns a Shopify store in parallel with the physical outlet helping them to grow beyond the local borders. 

The store already had an extension that converts the product dimensions as PDF. The client wanted a similar PDF creator that can readily extract product details along with custom text fields. While this is a trend for businesses that primarily work on PDF, there aren’t many ready-made extensions that serve the ecommerce industry.

Our Shopify experts took this as a challenge to help the client build a custom app to generate product page PDFs. The app is developed from scratch and required us to extract more than just the data.

jsPDF for Creating Shopify Product Page PDF

Our developers chose the jsPDF library to generate dynamic PDFs for each product page. jsPDF offers an efficient, powerful means to create PDF copies from web pages. The library works on JavaScript which is highly popular among developers, keeping the learning curve relatively low.

jsPDF for PDF creation

Automatic Font Scaling 

Our custom Shopify product page PDF app creates a dynamic download button on the product page. Once clicked, the download button triggers the app for generating a PDF.

It is worth noticing that the Download button has the same font style and size as the page content. The app is capable of fetching the font styles followed by the product page, the language it uses, and the font format. The app replicates the same and creates a dynamic button accordingly.

Dynamic button on Shopify product page

The dynamically generated Shopify product page PDF follows the same. Our experts have created custom modules to generate content with the same font style and format in the PDF.

Automatically Fetching Images from Product Page

The client wanted to let use the PDFs as e-brochures. This goes without saying that quality images with thoughtful placement play an important role here. 

The PDF offers a dedicated space for the brand logo and the product image. The app fetches its images directly from the product page and places them in the respective regions. Initially, the images were not that aligned. Our experts fixed the issues to ensure that logo and the product images are in perfect shape while maintaining the image quality.

Multilingual Support for PDF

The client’s store is designed for two languages- English and French. Every time a user switches the language, the page content changes, and so does the brand logo. 

In the picture below, we have the French version of the Shopify store where the content and the logo are designed for the French-speaking audience. The app precisely migrates the content and logo from the product page to generate PDF.

Multilingual pdf copy

Interestingly, the custom-designed fillable forms are in French too. The name of the fields is custom added while generating a PDF. The app is smart enough to fetch the language preference of the user and adds the field names accordingly.

Created a Fillable PDF 

One of the primary reasons to build a bespoke Shopify Product page pdf builder app was to allow customers for adding text to the product page PDF. The customer can download PDFs along with the personalized text. The offline accessible file is generated at the user’s end and the store doesn’t save customizations of any kind.

Our experts have added multiple fields for the dynamically generated PDF. The size of the fields is customized based on the purpose they serve.

Fillable PDF

Further possibilities with custom Shopify Product page PDF App

The client’s demands were unique based on the business and its customer base. Our Shopify experts are capable of adding more features as the demand comes. They can update the app to generate an invoice PDF from your store, or maybe a complete product catalog. They can also customize Docusign for a printable copy for your customers.

As of July 2021, the app and its customized versions serve more than 15 global stores which speaks volumes about the growing demand for this feature.

There are endless possibilities a custom product page PDF builder app can do. The need of the hour is to realize the technology gaps that stop you from effective business functioning and how these tailored solutions can help you out.

Our Experience in Custom Shopify App Development

The Brihaspati Infotech is a pioneer in eCommerce development. Our agency has been recognized for its excellent services on multiple occasions. Recently, the leading business review platform Clutch has named us as Top eCommerce Developers.

Clutch Top Ecommerce developers

In our past 10+ years of industrial experience, we have developed several Shopify apps tailored to client’s businesses. Having served for both private and Public apps, our team knows the do’s and don’ts in the field and the most efficient ways to create custom apps.

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Shopify Product Page PDF App Development: Summary

The world of eCommerce is transforming drastically. Every day, we come across potential business demands that nobody dreamt of a year back. Most businesses don’t even realize they have hurdles in their existing infrastructure that can be removed.

If you too have a similar business demand and want an experienced team to resolve them, you can contact us. Our experts are known to offer excellent business solutions.