Radio alarm clock iOS App development: Wake up to favorite Radio station


“Morning Blues” isn’t new for us humans. Regardless of our physical location, the profession we belong to, or the bed we own, we all have faced it often. Something that annoys us more is the conventional Alarm tone that keeps ringing for eternity.

For rejuvenation, people indulge themselves in activities like tuning their radio to spiritual talks, motivational speeches, meditative songs in the first hour of quitting bed, and these have scientifically proven benefits. A survey by AhanaJournal reveals that people who practice Meditation daily were able to cut down the risk of cardiovascular issues by up to 50%.

Radio Alarm Apps on mobile phones have worked as bridges in recent years. The Apps have managed to integrate the Alarm functionalities along with the Radio stations to provide a perfect start to your day. Moreover, the soothing vibes have overshadowed the annoying age-old ringtones.

On a similar note, we had a golden opportunity to serve one of our clients with a similar app, which was way ahead of being called ordinary. Learn how our Mobile app development company led the Radio Alarm clock App development with success.

What is the Alarm Clock Radio iOS App?

Radio Alarm app development is solely focussed to provide the best start to your day. The application integrates all the features an iOS user seeks for in the initial hours. The application integrates multiple functions on the same screen allowing you to plan your next 24 hours, right from the beginning. It is a three-in-one app, that includes:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Radio
  • Weather forecast

Gone are the days when users had to switch between multiple apps. A single app now does them all without affecting the individual functionalities. A user can set up to 5 alarms at once and can tune the radio stations for particular schedules. The users can have a check on the weather forecasts for the current and next 4 days for any region of their choice.

Doesn’t that seem like a perfect assistant to plan an awesome day? Here is how the app developed by our iOS app development company looks like:

front screen radio alarm app

>> The top part of the app displays the weather forecast.

>> The next part of the app shows the current time along with the day of the week and the Date.

>> The next part displays 9 favorite channels of the user, which can be edited manually on the user’s end. Users can swipe this section to manage the alarms they have added. All the alarm schedules can be checked with simpler swipes.

It is the Best Radio Alarm Clock App on App Store

The Radio Alarm App developed by us has started to gain recognition in a very brief period. Being marked more than 4 stars out of 5 on an average, it has started to accumulate respect among the iOS users. While designing a Radio App doesn’t seem much exciting, it was our special touch that makes it stand apart.

Features of the Radio Alarm clock App on iOS store

Here, we enlist the significant features of our iPhone Alarm Clock Radio App and the way it outstands the crowd.

Alarm Clock

Users can add up to 5 alarms at once. Instead of adding them by typing, we made it easier by simply tapping the pre-added numbers. The users can combine them to set their time with much ease.

In the following example, let us suppose that the user needs to set an alarm at 10.10 AM every day, except Wednesday. He can select 10 from the first column which is meant for Hour selection. He can select 1 and 0 from the next columns to add the minutes (the orange block in the picture).

Next, he can select the weekdays for inclusion or exclusion. He can finally select AM from the last box (marked with red borders in the picture). 

Alarm settings Radio Alarm clock

Of course, tapping is way easier and faster than typing.

Start your day with music

This is the Unique Sell Point of this Radio Alarm iOS App. Users can either opt to stay with the conventional ringtones or allow themselves to wake up to their favorite music tunes.

Individual alarms can be allotted separate Radio channels or Alarm ringtones. Users can click on the option ”Wake to Music”. The very next screen opens up the option for users to add their favorite music source from the list of various Radio channels or pre-installed ringtones.

Wake up to music

A long list of regional as well as national Radio channels

Our Radio Alarm Clock iOS App enlists a broad number of options as Radio channels. The list covers all the Radio channels across the 52 US states that are region-specific as well as for the nation.

Options like Public Radio and Talk stations allow the users to connect with several audio broadcasters. The exact number of available Radio channels is officially beyond 50000.

radio stations

The app provides the users with a few pre-installed libraries, from which they can select their tracks. Options like “URL” enable the users to add custom links for the audio sources.

Weather Forecasting with Radio Alarm Clock iOS App

We have all been through an incident when we were fully ready to execute our exciting plans, but the sudden heavy showers ruined our day. Haven’t we? The rains can’t be turned down and, so should our plans. Is it worthy to plan your weekend trips to your dream place without actually analyzing the weather conditions there?

Weather forecasting apps have gained huge popularity among users ever since its existence has been known. The apps allow the users to understand the weather of any location on the current day and beyond.

It enables the user to take a brief prediction of the region’s climatic conditions and their chances of exploring it the best. It also lets them take into account the probable traffic and much more.

To enhance your planning, our app comes with the option to check climatic conditions of any region and for the next 4 days. User can check it with simpler swipes.

weather check.

Compatible across multiple devices

iOS devices don’t come in one size; so are the screen sizes. All we could do to make it accessible for all the iOS users was the flexibility of screen sizes.

Our iPhone Alarm clock radio App developed by us is available for iPhone as well as iPad users.

A personalized Settings space

The users can check the climatic conditions of any region of their choice. They will need to add their location manually. Users can put this to benefit while planning their trip to any far-off place.

The red marked block in the picture below helps you change your locations.

radio clock app Settings

The working of the Radio can be turned off automatically as well. The Auto-Sleep feature allows you to control the sleep time of the radio. The section marked in green in the picture above helps the user with the same.

The radio Alarm clock iOS app enables the user to have control over the screen brightness of the app. They can set the app for losing and gaining brightness levels in a much-automated fashion.

In the example above, they can utilize the blue-bordered section for the same.

What were the client requirements during Radio alarm clock app Development?

There were several existing apps in the store that already offered this service of iOS Radio Alarm app. The client is a known contributor in the Apple App Store. They wanted us to add some unique features to make it the best of the apps in this section:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Covering up as many radio stations as possible

It was easier said than done. Managing multiple apps together in a harmonious manner was surely a difficult task to handle. Above all, was the struggle of making it flexible across various screen sizes.

That is where an experienced iOS app development services company comes into play.

The solution offered for Radio Alarm App Development

There were some popular APIs that rendered easy to integrate APIs that ease the task of iOS Radio Alarm app development. We took help of such APIs to gather data about the services required.

We took the help of Weather forecasting API offered by one of the popular developer sites that enabled us to allow all the required functions needed in our Weather section. The site is authorized by the Govt. for its precision at forecasting climatic conditions.

For the radio, we took the help of a highly authorized API that rendered thousands of radio channels in a go. The integration allowed our Alarm clock to connect with all the Radio channels well.

Our past experience with iOS App development that involved the environmental conditions

The iOS Radio Alarm app wasn’t our maiden project that dealt with the mother nature. We previously had our hands on an app that integrated with a specially designed device to acquire details about the immediate environment.

The iOS app developed by us measured Air Quality of the immediate surroundings and the sources of pollution. The App integrated with a BLE device to take measurements.

Wrapping up with Radio Alarm Clock App Development

The Radio Alarm Clock iOS app is surely one of the best iOS apps developed by us in recent years. With the growing craze for holidaying and adventuring the world, the app will surely see a steep curve in popularity with time.

As a leading iPhone app development company, The Brihaspati Infotech welcomes innovation in every form. If you feel an urge to consult for your innovative project or seek help from our expert developers, you can contact us anytime.

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