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Artificial Intelligence is no more limited to just robots and machines. The technology has extended its support to jobs that are often time-consuming and carry the risk of human-errors. We are talking about Job recruitment.

Popular job portals like Monster are helping employers find the right leads in far lesser time.

Here are a few stats by Similarweb for the Monster mobile app:

→ The app is downloaded at an average of 11,720 times every month

→ The app witnesses an average of 7,370 active users every day

Undoubtedly the app is delivering a high number of qualified professionals. The app makes it easy for companies to post jobs and find candidates with nearly skipping every time-consuming step like screening the applicants. Based on the set priorities, the app creates an applicant pool for the said job, helping the employer find quality leads in a short time-frame.

On the other side, the mobile app makes it easier for job applicants to mark their presence in the professional world offering them ample opportunities.

Being said that the app works as a middle man between several companies and thousands of potential workers, it’s easy to realize the humongous back-end integrations that make the entire procedure a success.

Mobile app development company extend their support with features that reduce your efforts at hiring the right person on board. Through this blog, we will learn more about building a custom job recruitment app, their purpose, and the challenges faced at developing one.

Before understanding the depth of the app, let us take a quick glimpse of our job recruitment app with React Native development company :

Adding post with custom job search app

The Employer can be seen adding the job post in a tweak. 

Need for Job recruitment app development

Despite uncertainties in the face of the Brexit, the UK Construction industry has remained steady throughout 2019 maintaining it as one of the leading paying sectors. The construction industry manages an average salary of £43,946 which roughly counts to 20 percent higher than the average UK full-time salary of £36,611. In fact, Statista claims that the UK alone is employing nearly 2.7 million professionals this year in the said sector.

Undoubtedly, there are thousands of job openings every day. In the meantime, there are several candidates who can fill the space right, only if they are found on time. There is a clear gap between the employers and the job seekers.

Reasons for this gap can be many, like:

→ Availability of the candidate

→ Qualifications

→ Desired skillset

→ Location

and many more. Added to that is the endless cycle of screening and rejecting the candidates, eventually adding them to your talent pool.

Job recruitment apps ease this task by automating candidates searching. The apps can screen out the desired candidates and can create the perfect talent pool. As an employer, you are saving yourself time and effort at boarding the right person along with the added cost of hiring a recruitment specialist.

In our case, we developed the job recruitment app on React Native as the platform renders Android and iOS equally well.

But how do these applications work? How can a mobile app claim that extent of accuracy? Let us find out their features and the mechanism that governs them.

Working of React Native based Job recruitment app

The app is designed for both parties involved in the process of Job recruitment:

-> The Employers

-> The Job seekers

The basic workflow:

The Employer adds a job with the following details:

→ The job description

→ Category of workers needed

→ The location of the job

→ The pay per hour

→ Desired qualifications

→ On-field skills

On the other hand, the app judges the job seekers on the following parameters:

→ Their availability on the said dates

→ Their current location

→ The payment they expect

→ The certificates they have added

With filters fetching these details from both the ends and matching them, the app finalizes the list of eligible candidates and prioritizes them. Let us cover each part in brief:

Finding the right resources

Job Recruitment apps are known for their precision at filtering the candidates. The most basic part is to find out the candidates who can nearly perform the task The rest of the filters may follow. We have categorized all the jobs under the following types:

→ General Labourer

→ Handyperson

→ Demo laborer

→ Trade Mate 

The Employer can place the task under any of these job categories. 

On the other hand, every job seeker introduces his skill sets at the time of profile creation. Their job preference along with their repertoire are saved in the “Personal Information” section. The app prioritizes these preferences as tags while hunting candidates.

Here’s a sample where the company is searching for General Labourers. As a result, the app starts finding job seekers who have introduced themselves from the same position.


Additionally, the app allows job seekers to upload documents, qualifications, and certifications to support their worth.

Advantages of this feature:

→ Saves the employer’s time at finding skilled workers for his job

→ Saves the jobseekers’ time at reaching out to job opportunities of their interest

→ The employer can run a background check of the said applicant with much ease, saving them more time.

Managing availability

Time is the next constraint at finding the applicants. The employers and the job seekers shall find themselves on the same page for obvious reasons. The app resolves this part from the very first moment itself. 

At the time of the job posting, the company adds the expected days required for the job completion along with the time.

On the other hand, the applicant also has to add his availability beforehand. The Job searching app uses the time slots from both the ends as a part of its filtering mechanism and confirms a candidate only if he meets the dates.

The following image depicts a similar situation where the company is hunting for skilled workers who can work from the 19th to 22nd of November between 10 AM to 5 PM.

The app sorts a candidate who expresses his availability from the 16th to 30th of the said month.

Availability of the job applicants

Advantages of this feature:

→ Job seekers who lay beyond the available schedule are already rejected

→ Employers are confirmed about the availability of the applicants

Unique designed Job search mobile app on React Native

While designing the Job Recruitment app, our developers paid attention to every detail that would have triggered in the long run. Sorting all the profiles at the back as per the purpose they serve, was surely one that we have discussed earlier. 

Next, it was the regional preferences. For obvious reasons, employers are more likely to hire candidates from their locality than from distances. That would save them from paying additional employment benefits like temporary shelter along with meals.

We came up with the idea to integrate distance-based searches. The app asks the company for ZIP code at the time of posting jobs. The search filters use the ZIP for searching local applicants and prioritize them based on their distance.

The job seekers may opt for short commutes, that filters them against opportunities from far-off locations. The Google Matrix API for React Native makes it easier for the app to calculate commute times. We have talked about its working in one of our previous blogs Marketplace app using React Native, where the users can locate the service providers from their locality and the app prioritizes the TSPs on their distance from the user.

That makes this app a fully controllable application for boarding eligible candidates. Above all, it saves hours of effort and manpower at locating them. 

Custom designed solutions offer unique features at the expense of unexpected obstacles. Developing the Job recruitment app on React Native was no different. 

Challenges faced at developing Job recruitment app with React Native

React Native is a great platform to develop mobile apps across both the operating systems- Android and iOS. And, this is a reason, why we have been using this technology for most of our mobile app development projects in recent times.

We have discussed in the previous section about the availability of applicants. We have added a custom-designed calendar for the purpose. The default calendar offered by React Native library comes with minimal features like just adding the dates and setting event notifications.

Our React Native app development team modified the library to shape it up for the custom business needs.

We added additional features to the calendar based on their availability. The job seekers can push themselves as Unavailable or Available or choose to avail themselves for any specific half of the day.

Managing availability with job search mobile app

A feather on the hat, the customization allowed us to mention it automatically if the job seeker has already been hired.

To distinguish them all, we added custom colors to the calendar which can be readily changed based on the status of the applicant.

We had a few more challenges while designing the app, but that is where experience comes into play. With a decade worth of experience at designing mobile applications across all the popular platforms, developers at The Brihaspati Infotech understand the need for custom solutions and the best ways to outshine challenges.

What does the custom React Native mobile app hold for you?

The custom-designed mobile app for job recruitment offers a handy admin panel allowing you to add categories that serve your purpose. Recruiters can control the users and companies on their will. The panel is well organized on every front to make your task easier at managing both parties pretty well. 

That being said, your app can now save several man-hours at reaching out candidates possibly with zero results, your clients can now have quality leads with zero effort. The app can possibly offer you the desired branding establishing you as a more reliable and efficient solution at fetching leads.

Every time we come up with such custom solutions, we save a ready to go layout by our side to reduce time and effort while meeting similar needs in the future. If you feel that our app serves your purpose, you can buy the React Native app code for job recruitment from us.

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