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Real Estate has always been a lucrative business model, be it any part of the Globe. Realtors are leveraging technological advancements to organize a big chunk of their day-to-day tasks. Instead of manually reaching out to the properties they are fetching a larger number of leads sitting right on their couch.

The community of developers is extending a helping hand to support the business model. WordPress alone has several Themes and plugins to allow Real Estate owners to readily building a Real estate website. Listing sites like make a good example that pulls details about sellers more quickly. Similar websites also allow the brokers to come across potential buyers and earn a brokerage for life.

As such, the expert PHP developers at The Brihaspati Infotech had the opportunity to develop a custom quote management software for contractors where Real Estate quotations can be managed with far ease. Our client had more than one reason to get software designed with custom needs.

Real Estate Sales Process

Before delving deeper into the working of the custom design Quote proposal software, we need to understand the complexity of the business. The business model involves different roles at various levels. It’s just not limited to the seller and the prospective buyer. We have Seller agent, Buyer’s Agent, and maintenance Contractors to streamline the selling process.      real estate selling

The process of selling the home starts from the very minute the Homeowner seeks Sellers. Selling Agents thus have to get the home ready for a deserving price tag. And, this has to be carried out in a restricted time-space.

With a contractor quoting software, the Real Estate Agents can reach out to immediately available contractors who can make repairs in days than weeks. Above all, the software avail the right platform to create quotes, make negotiations, and finalize the contract right on the portal.

Our quotation management tool for field service meets the points right-

Quote Proposal Software offers a common platform

The Quote proposal software provides a common platform for managing all the leads. The software connects the customers, the staff, and the contractors on the same page allowing them to close transactions precisely and faster.

Here is a complete workflow of a Real Estate selling where our Quoting software keeps all the entities on the same page allowing them to share quotes and reports with ease.

Working Model of online Quoting management

Here is a step-by-step guide to the functioning of the custom-designed quoting management field service software.

Request a quote with the service quoting software

Real Estate agents can readily ask for a quote from the management. They can upload Inspection reports and the Repair reports right on the portal. Just click on the Request Quote

Step 1: Upload the Inspection report

Step 2: Upload Repair request

Step 3: Add details like Street address, Zip code, Closing date, your role and Submit.

Once sent, the portal displays a request confirmation message along with a notification regarding the request.

Requesting a quote

The Staff portal allows various pre-defined roles to send the quote request:

  • Home Owner
  • Listing Agent
  • Buyer’s Agent
  • Home Buyer

The customer can select any role of their choice while requesting for a quote.

Admin receives the request

The Admin receives the request right away. The request screen is designed sort the quote requests per their status. We have 4 different screens for displaying the requests. The Admin can view and manage them from the same screen.

Managing quotes
  • Active Requests
  • Approved Quotes
  • Declined Quotes
  • Completed Quotes

Each subcategory displays the quote with their current status:

Quote status The admin can view the request directly along with all the details. They can download the reports, check the status and more. For declined Quote, they can also check the reasons.

quote details

Forwarding to our next step,

Creating a Quote

The Contractor Quoting software notifies the admin regarding every request. The Admin can Download the reports and create or decline the quote right there. Otherwise, the admin can pass on the task to one of his staff as shown below.:

The Staff can check his tasks right from the dashboard. He can create a detailed quote along with the tasks, and their expected rates.

The field service quoting software forwards the quote back to the Admin again for approval.

Approve Quotes

The Admin can check the details of the quotation and can approve it with a click.

Next, the quote is sent to the customer.

Customer reacts to the quote

The customer can find the quote right on the dashboard. The customer can view the tasks and the charges for the services.

The customer can take actions on the quote with the software. We have provided options for the following tasks:

  • Approving the quote and paying for the contract
  • Requesting for a negotiation
  • Declining the deal with reasons.

The edit request is sent to the admin as well as the staff. The option allows the customers to make negotiations with ease. Being centrally designed, the final rates can be centrally decided among the admin, the staff, and the user in a transparent platform.

The deal closes with the customer paying for the maintenance. Once done, the admin can manually change the quote status to “Completed”.

Completing the tasks

Reliable Contractors at your service

Quote Management Software for Contractors is solely designed to get the most reliable Contractors by your side. The management can define contractors on their will, for which the contractors need to showcase sufficient documents with industrial experience.

Once the quote is approved and payment is done, the management passes the reports to the Contractors right on the portal. The contractor now has a detailed document of the needful minimizing the conventional communication barriers in the process.

Added Benefits of having Contractor Quoting software

The application is designed to streamline the way different job roles perform in an organization. The admin, the staff and the customers stay in a transparent loop throughout a deal, closing it with success. Now that the software can store all the past deals and the respective customers, it gets easier for the organization to re-consider the deals. They can open themselves for more negotiations aiming for a longer relationship with their customers.

The ability to add multiple roles and managing their access to data makes similar SaaS solutions a reliable architecture for any business niche. We have previously discussed SaaS application development for Boat owners where the Boat owners and the Fractional owners can stay on the same page across transactions. Not only it makes the business a more transparent model, but it also allows the business owners to manage a big chunk of their job to be handled automatically. No doubt it saves them time, but it also helps to improve the accuracy of the job.

Getting a centrally designed software certainly has its perks in terms of saving time, effort and more. Our expert PHP developers can get you there.

This wasn’t the first time when our expert developers had something to offer to the Real Estate business. In one of our previous logs, we have talked about Real Estate WordPress custom Theme development. The custom-developed theme is designed to enhance the way realtors manage their tasks fetching them more leads and hence the revenue.

Summing up with Contractor Quoting Software

With added advantage of technological advancements, most industries are eagerly replacing their manual tasks with software solutions that can meet their needs. And the market is pre-loaded with similar applications that meet their needs to perfection. However, there is a reason tailor-made solutions often find the perfect fit.

The Field Service Quoting Software mentioned above is designed keeping in eye of the unique business model of the client. The software is, however, ready to expand its functionalities based on the client’s needs. If your business also has similar needs, you can reach out to us.

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