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According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors:

  • Online property listings have been a go-to source for over 44 percent of home buyers.
  • Additionally, over 90% of the real estate business firms own a website and are leveraging the new age buyer demands to strengthen their digital space. 

It turns crucial for the realtors to showcase their consistent presence in the digital world. Not only it provides them with an advantage against their competitors but also helps you fetch new leads over time.

However, from a realtor’s perspective, it is very important to understand what works on the web and what won’t. While a thoughtful and planned approach can provide you fruitful returns to your investments for your web presence, things can go downhill if the planning phase is not executed well. 

Must-have Features in a Real estate website

The Brihaspati Infotech has been a leading Real estate website development service provider and we are continuing our splendid track record for the past 9+ years. 

One of the major factors contributing to our continued success has been our rich experience and grasp over Online real estate website standards and norms that need to be in place in order to establish a leading real estate website. 

In the coming sections, we will discuss the major components in an ideal real estate website that play crucial roles in converting users to reliable customers:

Managing property listings

Images speak more than the words. Listing the properties with clear pictures along with the related data helps to convert more users over time. The buyers can visually find their desired properties and the available options along with details. At the same time, the back-end of the real estate website needs to be well organized and shall save the realtors with time and effort while adding up more efficiency to their core tasks.

Managing properties in real estate website
In the example above, the real estate website displays a clear image of the property along with the cost and the benefits it offers.

Mobile-first UI

The modern world needs a majority of tasks to be mobile-controlled. Mobile responsive sites allow your website to fit on the mobile screens perfectly with custom mobile-specific functions. 


Other features may follow that make it function like a pseudo-native app.

Geo-mapping the property

The physical location of any property has a huge impact on its cost. Locating the property on Google Maps not only allows the user to decide the affordability but also helps to find them easily in the physical world.

Geo-mapping the property

We find this property on a majority of the websites, that speaks of its significance. From the mobile perspective too, the users can find the routes to visit the property with precision.

Capturing the leads on a real estate website

The sole purpose of digital presence and all the marketing strategies is to find a lead and nurture them till they convert. Most websites prefer to send frequent email notifications to remind the user of their recent visit on the website and the concerned realtor’s future projects.

Maintaining a constant interaction with the prospective can do miracles with your conversion rates and traffics.

Capturing real estate leads
The captured data is stored in the email marketing tool’s database to entertain the realtor with mails.

Integrating 3rd party property listing data

The longer is the list of properties, the more are the chances for the realtor to fetch leads. An ideal real estate website needs to support the MLS database. There are more than 800 MLS that enhances a realtor’s chances to gain buyers.

Integrating IDX allows the property to be verified and thus make it visible across multiple search engines. An integrated IDX solution provides crawlable pages for listings on your website.

Website developers on WordPress can directly go with ready-made plugins mentioned here.

Available options for real estate website development

There are plenty of options to lay the foundation for a real estate website. There are several paid and opensource CMSes out there. WordPress is mostly recommended for the robustness it provides to the website developers. It offers the right flexibility and the scalability to add innumerable webpages and still maintain stability in the website performance.

Prefabricated WordPress Real estate themes offer easy integrations with the business-specific third-party tools and databases. The CMS allows easy organization of the webpages from the back-end allowing the developers to arrange the pages and their integrations.

That said, you can establish a compelling real estate website with WordPress Templates in no time. Though it may seem a one-stop cost and time-efficient solution, some properties of the predesigned WordPress themes are difficult to utilize in our context.

This insufficiency calls for a need of Custom WordPress real estate Theme development where the developers can add the essential properties and functions of their choice. Our expert WordPress developers recently had the opportunity to implement a custom WordPress theme for real estate business. In the coming sections, we will discuss this in detail on how we successfully performed the needful.

Implementing a Real Estate WordPress Custom Theme

As the leaders in the field of website development, and the team that has a rich grasp on the real estate business and its norms, we were approached to develop a feature-rich real estate custom WordPress theme. 

Amazingly, the features we had in our mind for an ideal real estate website had a clear match with those asked by our client which helped us lead the development with success. 

In the coming sections, we will discuss the features we implemented in the custom WordPress theme and the way we achieved the feat.

Managing property listing in the custom real estate theme:

We have discussed the importance of property listing before. In our custom WordPress real estate theme, the properties are listed along with the descriptions and various fields.

The following screenshot briefs us with the available fields that the realtors can use to add the properties, pictures, and related information. 


Our developers took the help of custom fields to render with the easy maintenance of the available data. Users can simply fill in the spaces to add information at the front.

The corresponding front view of the property is listed as shown in the picture below:


It is noticeable that the information added from the back-end like the picture, address, price, and the selling date have been successfully reflected in the front listings.

The realtor does not need to juggle with the front-end implementations. The custom theme does them all in a much-automated pattern.

Geo-mapping properties in the custom WordPress theme

The importance of this feature has been discussed before. We had to make it easy to save time and stay fruitful for a longer time.

The custom field in the backend includes a separate space for the location where the realtor can manually add data about the physical location of the property and Google Map marks it automatically.

The way it is utilized in the front is shown in the property listing section. Here is the screenshot for the backend address management:

Capturing the leads with our custom WordPress real estate Theme

As the theme is developed on WordPress, MailChimp by default acts as the chief email marketing solution for our custom real estate theme. The marketing giant captures and nurtures the lead with a loop of constant

The screenshot showed above manages the part pretty well. The sooner a user adds his email address, MailChimp takes the charge.

Integration with third party database listings

MLS database had to be managed in a planned manner to provide a smooth display of the properties and their features.


In the process, we integrated the Realtyna plugin that offers all the desired options to customize the 3rd property details, according to your theme features.

The custom real estate theme is highly Mobile responsive

The custom WordPress theme for real estate is highly mobile responsive that allows the realtor to stay connected 24×7 with the buyers.

That being said, our custom WordPress real estate theme ticks all the boxes as an ideal real estate theme. The template finds itself a perfect fit on the client requirements and the norms in the business

Wrapping up with Real Estate WordPress Custom Theme Development

Designing a real estate website takes into account a lot of crucial factors. There are plenty of pre-designed templates available to readily set up a website. We have discussed the major components a real estate website needs, and their significance. But then again, bespoke themes match your specific needs with perfection.

As the leading WordPress development company, The Brihaspati Infotech has served clients with pre-designed as well as custom-designed WordPress themes. If your business seeks help from a highly dedicated website development team, you can hire our expert WordPress developers.

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