Removal of Google Content Keywords Feature Reported from Google Search Console.


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Have you heard the latest news about the removal of ‘Google content keywords’ feature from Google search console?

It is already official now, but there is no reason to surprise here as Google already had clarified its intentions a few months back on May 23rd.

Until this official announcement, ‘Google Content Keywords’ was the only feature of Google Webmaster’s Search Console tool that helps to find the results of Googlebot crawling over a website.

Google has also told about some genuine reasons for taking this move:

  • People are already using some useful webmasters tools like Search Analytics and Fetch. So, It may create confusion amongst users about the keywords that are listed in a website content.
  • The Fetch as Google tool allows testing its users how Google crawls on their site URL. It also allows users to find how Googlebot renders and access a web page. Moreover, it also helps users to see any page resources errors to Googlebot.
  • A Search Analytics Report helps to see Google search results for a website to improve a site’s search performance. It also helps users to see any search traffic changes, its source, and relevant search queries that most likely to show a site result.

If you know, besides above move, a few weeks back on October 13th Google has already dropped out approximately nine years old ‘Sitelinks demotion feature’ from Google Search Console.

According to Google the main reason for removing this feature was just to ‘simplify the things’.

Here, Google had described following best practices to justify its action:

  • Providing a clear website structure by using appropriate, informative, compact and non-repetitive anchor text and relevant internal links.
  • Helping Google to index and crawl essential website pages.
  • Allows complete removal of a page from search results using meta tag[2] ‘noindex’ robots.

Anyways, you don’t need to worry about all above actions!

It is not at all going to decrease the importance of main keywords used on your website pages. But you should be more clear and specific about your site objective, and how you would like to found on search engines. Always provide right and detailed information to your online site audience about your website, services or special products.

So, what are your opinions on the above actions taken from Google?

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