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Business meetings or adventurous trips, we get to explore and travel new routes every time. Planning and remembering complex routes just add to pressure already built up in our minds and takes away the enjoyment of exploring a new place. It becomes even more time consuming when people find it difficult to follow the same route while returning back. This is the time people often wonder “Can’t we have any app that could be used to create the shortest route and take the headache of remembering all the routes whenever required?” Part of the problem is solved using a GPS based navigation system on our mobile device, but then it fails at working offline.

To ease the tension, we have come up with a route maker app that works for Tablet, iOS and android. The application allows users to find different destinations on the map, create various routes for them and save the routes for future which can be accessed offline. Users can always go back to edit a route and save it for future. This saves users from a massive headache of finding routes and depending on internet connection every time they travel.

How the route maker app is developed?

The route maker app is developed using Leaflet Java Script Library and Mb Tile SQlite database for online and offline map. The Mbtiles produced by TileMill are simple SQlite databases which contain open-street maps. The Leaflet JS library is presented in a web view by including leaflet source files in Titanium to make it run offline. The map data from SQlite database was stored locally and changes were made as per the application requirements. After the changes are saved, users can upload them on the server, so that the routes can be accessed through different devices as well. The map images are shown on the leaflet map imbedded in a Titanium web view.

How the route maker app is developed

After the images were fetched from the database, various JS functions were used for different calculations for locating the centre point of the routes, displaying the latitude and longitude of the locations and displaying other necessary details. All the changes to the main SQlite library for adding, deleting and editing routes were done through HTML and CSS file. The application is integrated with email and Facebook allowing users to share their custom routes.

Features of route maker application

  • The route creator app works for IOS,iPad,Android & Tablet.
  • Users can create custom routes by choosing the source and destination points on the map.
  • The created routes can be saved for further use. User can find the saved route by typing a search query within the application.
  • The routes will be visible on the other device only when the user will upload changes to the server
  • The application eliminates user dependency on internet connection as it supports offline functionality
  • Users can edit the routes by extending and reversing the waypoints

Features of route maker application

  • By logging in through the user-id, users can check the list of all the routes that are uploaded. These can be accessed through different devices as well.
  • Edits can only be performed by logging in with the same user-id that was used to create the routes.
  • Custom routes can be shared online through email and Facebook
  • All the details of route can be seen on the map by clicking on the respective route and waypoints

How the application works?

The route creator app works for both android and iOS. After installing the app users need to sign-up with unique user-id on their smartphone or tablet. The destinations are automatically added through an open-source JS library-Leaflet, which contains interactive maps. After users have selected the source and destination locations, the application will fetch the latitude and longitude of a location. Users can then create custom route for the locations and upload it. The route can be edited as per the requirements, by adding or deleting the waypoints. Using reverse and extend functionality, users can add more waypoints to the routes and reverse the same route while going back.

How the application works?

Along with working online, the route creator app has offline functionality where the stored cache contains detailed information of the saved routes and waypoints. Once the route is saved you can use it anytime in future without having to waste time in creating the route again. The route creator app is integrated with Facebook and Gmail, allowing users to share their custom routes online using the latitudes and longitudes. The applications also allow users to view real-time on-screen map coordinate display.

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