SAAS Web Application Development for Group Video Montage Platform


Group video sharing platforms, aka video montage web apps, are doing heavy rounds of late due to their potential to view, create, edit, and share group videos and images for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Users can easily create short clips or complete videos with text, graphics, music, etc., and share them in their preferred group. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are opting for SAAS web application development for group video montage platform.

Not just the end-users, but entrepreneurs too have a strong inclination towards group video sharing platforms as we can see the number of video montage web apps is increasing at a brisk pace. That’s because these platforms have quite a few merits on offer for business owners, such as:

  • Video montage is the viral trend with less competition

Though a group video sharing web application is no novelty anymore, it has emerged as a viral trend in the post-pandemic times. 

This means you can fetch a large userbase in less time and the percentage of success is high if you invest in a video montage website development. Also, despite many group image and video sharing websites coming up the ranks every now and then, the real competition is less as compared to most video-based application niches.

  • High return on investment

Video montage business has a high emotional marketing value (EMV) tagged to it as users can create and share videos for moments of celebration, support, encouragement, acknowledgment, empathy, beauty, amusement, and the list is endless. And when emotions are involved, the conversion rate of a product or service increases. 

Users are more likely to purchase any premium feature a group video sharing web app offers if the feature triggers their emotions and helps them convey the same to their connections more effectively. Consequently, businesses are most likely to get a high return on their investment. 

While there are many group video and image sharing platforms out there, most of them lack features or functionality. The majority of video montage solutions on the web need more work to be done manually. From adjusting video pixels to cutting/merging video length, there’s a lot of human intervention involved, making them a spoilsport for not-so-tech-savvy users. 

Moreover, the majority of these group video websites are managed by one person (the admin) from the entire group, making them inconvenient for non-admins and time-consuming for the admins.

One of our recent clients came to us for the design and development of a group video and image sharing website that resolves the shortcomings discussed above. The client wanted a SAAS web application that permits all the members of a group to participate equally and add, edit, share their video on the fly, instead of relying on the admin.

The Brihaspati Infotech was up to the task and delivered the right solution to the client on time and within budget. This blog covers our development approach for a SAAS web online platform to view, create, edit, and share group videos and images.

Client Requirement – SAAS web application development for group video montage platform

  • The client wanted a SAAS web application where multiple users can register to view, create, edit, and share videos and pictures. 
  • The posted videos and images can be public (visible to all registered users) or private (visible only to users having the video URL).
  • The users can follow each other to receive notifications and feed on the website’s home page.

Suggested Technology

We, at The Brihaspati Infotech, believe that our clients should stop worrying about technology as our experienced and versatile developers are always on their toes to simplify technology for our clients and provide solutions in the technology that will provide them with maximum benefits.

In this case, after a detailed discussion with the client to figure out their preferences and vision, we decided to go with Laravel for the SAAS web application to view, create, edit, and share group images and videos on the go.

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Why Laravel for SAAS web application development for group video montage platform?

  • Laravel offers extended integration capabilities with a wide range of tools to help make web applications super-fast and super-secure.
  • Laravel facilitates clean coding with fewer bugs to deliver a more flexible application.
  • Scheduling task management and configuration is quick and easy with Laravel.
  • Laravel offers drivers for Amazon SES, SparkPost, Mandrill, Mailgun, SMTP, PHP’s “sendmail” and “mail” function, permitting the app to get started quickly for sending emails through a cloud-based or local service.

The Challenges

The client’s requirements were unique in many ways. Some of the challenges associated with SAAS website development for group video messages included:

  • Custom third-party dual payment gateway integration 
  • Custom backend development
  • Well-defined and safe database access
  • Assuring zero-downtime deployment 

The Solution: custom SAAS web application development for group video montage platform

From wireframing and design mockup to solution delivery and after-sales support, The Brihaspati Infotech successfully completed the project in 20 working days. Our developers provided the following deliverables.

  • UI/UX design
  • Frontend development with sign up process, member dashboard to create and share videos, real-time notification feed module, animation, and visualization
  • Backend development                                                                                                                

    The Features

  • Group videos online
  • Record live videos and upload
  • Invite friends to follow you and add video messages
  • Share invite on social media channels
  • Arrange videos with a simple drag-n-drop
  • Add background picture and music to videos
  • Trim and merge videos
  • Multilingual UI (English and Portuguese)
  • Tiered access (charge users a fee to access premium features)
  • Dual payment gateway integration (Skrill and PayPal)

The Design 

Our designers delivered initial website wireframes and UI template mockups in line with the client’s business vision. We then communicated with the client seamlessly to make the changes they sought after till the final design was approved. 

Video Montage Development

The design is simple yet effective. It is easy on the eyes, mobile compatible, consistent, easy to load, and provides fantastic typography and readability. 

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The Functionality

The SAAS web application for video montage provides the desired platform to view, create, and share group video gifts for all special occasions. Users get a custom dashboard to create new videos and manage the existing ones. Users can initiate group video making, collaborate with their friends, and send a video gift to someone special.

1. Create a Video Event

Users can sign-up at the group video sharing website and start creating their first video. They can add the special occasion for which they need the videos, enter an invitation message, set a due date, title, and a featured image. Registered users can manage their onsite profile names and pictures. 

The video creation section allows users to create videos in simple steps. They can add videos, select the background music, pattern, images, set the volume, equalizers, font, text, and more on a go. 

The platform further permits users to add thumbnails of their choice and recreate the videos if needed. Similar to the invitation part, the video montage online platform generates a custom URL (Link) for the final video that you can share with whomever you like.

During content upload, a user needs to:

  • Upload video or picture
  • Set the type of content as public or private
  • Set due date
  • Add video/image description

Users can find the event right on their dashboard together with the type of media file added and the deadline to add video greetings.

2. Invite Friends

Users can invite their friends and family to join you on the custom SAAS website for video montage and add videos. Invitations can be sent through social media channels such as Facebook and Whatsapp or through email. The video creator has the privilege to copy the URL of a video and share it directly with anyone through any channel. 

invite members in video montage web app development

The receiver finds an invitation that is similar to the picture above. They can upload their video and the uploaded video can be found in the Video timeline of the event creator. Collaborating online is that easy.

The video creator can mark a video as public or private. The public content is available to all users on the app’s home screen while the private content is only visible to those having the URL for it.

3. Edit Videos 

Our SAAS group video message development solution helps end-users edit their videos on the go. 

Rearrange Video Clips

The videos added by the participants get displayed randomly. However, creators can easily rearrange them the way they want with a simple drag-n-drop in the timeline.

drag and drop to edit videos in video montage app

 Add Music, Background Image, and More

 Users can further edit the videos, add background screens, music, or trim/merge the videos. 

4. Custom Payment Gateway Integration

Our custom SAAS video montage website provided the client with a tiered access system for revenue generation. As per it, the users can create up to 3 videos for free, after which they will need to purchase the paid version of the platform. In the picture below, the app can be seen limiting access to the fourth video clip in the timeline. The final video in the free mode can only be viewed on YouTube.

The paid version offers unlimited media file creation and the videos can be accessed directly from the platform’s server. 

For payment processing, the client wanted both PayPal and Skrill and, therefore, our developers used custom payment gateway API integration for both PayPal and Skrill to address the client’s requirement effectively.

The Result

The group video montage platform was developed, tested, and delivered in a timely manner. The solution met 100% client satisfaction.

Our expert video montage developers met the client’s expectations quickly, saving time and cost by minimizing revisions and bug fixing. The client got sublime business agility and a faster time to market.

Final Words

This custom SAAS web application development project was a great experience for us. Given the surge in the number of online platforms providing group video messaging services, it is certain that the video montage concept is going to go places. 

It offers numerous benefits to entrepreneurs, including a high return on their investment. If you too want SAAS web application development for group video montage platform, feel free to drop us a line and one of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.