Second Ad Slot by Google in Play Store Search Results


Worldwide with over 190 countries, Google Play is enjoying its popularity with more than a billion Android Users who can choose and enjoy its huge variety of latest apps for music, movies, and books etc.

Google has recently announced two updates on 7th Sept, 2016 in its search ads on Google Play store that was first introduced last year in July 2015. Now Google is fine-tuning its search ads experience on Google Play to provide better growth opportunities for both users and the developer community with following display adjustments:

1. App-specific searches on the top:

While going for app-specific searches on Google Play, the organic result will be displayed at the top of the page followed by some additional results for the app and its relevant ads. This will be entirely different to the current form of Google Play ads display.

Source: youmobile

2. Additional ads on the second slot:

Under the organic search results, a relevant and additional ads may display in the second slot on Google Play for some app-specific queries like music streaming and exercise apps. This will give an additional opportunity to app developers to promote their innovative apps.

Updates of second ad slot by Google in Play Store search results promise to display latest apps for its user’s specific searches and also provide best additional value for the developer’s community with new tools and best practices to achieve niche of success.

According to Google, above changes are just made for an enhanced user experience and ads performance. Also, it will encourage developers to monitor their ads campaigns with the advantage of some natural changes in performance metrics.

Google’s main motive to release above updates can be best understood with following points:

  • Promise to improve its user experience and advertisers performance.
  • Prohibit any duplicate app ads above its organic listings.
  • Prevent unnecessary organic clicks and its payment for advertisers that come their way.
  • Users no longer need to find identical listings on Google Play.
  • Second ad slot for relevant apps allows advertisers to place a competitive bid with their ads.

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