How to make secure android apps?


Google’s open source platform-Android, dominates the mobile phone market invariably. Businesses adore these apps for groundbreaking technology it offers and often prefer to hire Mobile app development company. However, there are still users who like to go for other operating systems. Thanks to the security concerns!! Whether it is about using any android application or about using the system as a whole, following safe practices is crucial.

Users with old android devices are more likely to get targeted by the hackers, simply because they aren’t receiving any security upgrades. A secure android apps is the first thing businesses long for these days, because if it is not secure, it is useless. Here are some important practices for which you can hire android developer to deploy proactive controls in android applications.

Some Tips to Make secure android apps

Watch out for SQL injections

The dynamic SQL statements are the most vulnerable to malicious SQL injection threats. There are plenty of tools available using which hackers can insert SQL injections to the usernames, passwords or any other data. This makes exploiting an application a cake walk. You can secure android apps from this threat by avoiding dynamic SQL statements and using parameterized queries or prepared statements. You can also use web application firewall to help filter out viral data.

Don’t forget to validate input

Input validation is an important aspect to application security. If not done properly, your app is likely to encounter SQL injections, Cross site scripting, XML injections and response splitting. Hackers can get unauthorized access to the system if your app has cross site scripting vulnerability. In worst case scenario he can also launch a DOS attack. There are various framework validator controls like range validator that can be of great help in constraining the input.

Build secure access control policy

Authorization and authentication are two most important things you need to consider before building an android application. You can centralize the access control policy which is comparatively easy to inspect and that grants limited and authenticated controls to app user. Avoid using any data that cannot be trusted in making access control policy decisions. This can secure android app to a great extent.

Android app logging

Logging forms an important part for any application, whether it is for activity inspection or for checking the after effects of hacking the application. You can create various android log methods by simply calling the method. The messages are classified based on severity messages, debug messages, warnings and other informational messages. You can use Logcat to closely monitor the logging output and create security filters accordingly.

Authentication and session managements

For hackers it is pretty easy to use malpractices to hack user ids and passwords, which is why you need to be careful with authentication and session management. Allow users to comeup with secure and strong passwords by implementing methods like ‘generate long passwords’ or ‘strong passwords’. Session management works after a user is registered with a particular identity. Associate a particular identity with separate session identification and protect it from common attacks.

Security is something that should never be compromised when it is about making an application, be it for any operating system. There are plenty of techniques through which hackers can break into your app and access the source code. This is the reason you need to be more careful with your valuable applications. We have a team of android developers who value and understand the security needs, and deploy authentic techniques to build android applications.

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