Shopify Custom Poster Designing: Print-On-Demand Posters


Posters share a healthy space in the history of marketing. Their existence dates back to the late nineteenth century when it was professionally carried out with Lithography, the actual date of it being prevalent, is way older. The tradition for custom poster designing could be old, the methods of designing might be fading, but the craze for its demand isn’t going down any time in the near future.

Businessmen still rely on personalized prints to reach out to their audience at various stages of the marketing funnels. They offer occasional gifts and compliments with a touch of their branding. However, assigning a professional for getting these things can often turn out to be a liability on your marketing campaign. 

At this, professional graphic designing brands have come up with solutions like Canva that allow the users to create online poster designs of their choice with readily available templates. They can customize the templates per their branding standards with zero professional grip at graphic designing.

In one of our recent projects, our Shopify web development team took a step further to establish a custom poster design app on a Shopify store where the businessman can design posters effortlessly. Let us get started with this exciting Shopify app development process.

But before that let us take a brief overview of the traditional business that has managed to survive through centuries of technological advancements.

The Problem

Custom designing posters are often demanding at various steps. You need to keep a count of the elements used in designing, their color combinations, and more. You have several orders to fulfill, manage multiple designs, and more. Having said that you are helping a business to market its brand, the margin of allowable errors is nearly zero. Summing that up, an average vendor has the following challenges to deal with:

1. Placing the right elements
A poster comprises various elements like logo, taglines, designs, and dates. As a service provider, you need to recheck if all the elements asked by your client finds a place in the poster.

2. Maintaining consistency in the designs
Now, that you need to supply the poster in bulk, you have to maintain that consistency of design across all the posters in terms of styling.

3. Adjusting the Dimensions:
The larger is the number of elements, the more difficult it is to define a fixed ratio of space for each element.

With that, it is easily understandable that managing a poster design business is definitely not as easy as it seems. At this, the best you can do is to allow your customers to manage the designs all by themselves and automate a majority of your tasks.

This is where our custom-developed Shopify poster design tool comes into play.

The Solution: Custom Shopify Poster Designing App

Our in-house Shopify development team at The Brihaspati Infotech recently had the opportunity to come up with a Shopify custom poster maker app. The app is aimed to keep the users and the Shopify vendors on the same page while custom designing a poster. 

The app can create posters with easy drag and drop options allowing the businessmen to get a design of their choice. Above all, the user doesn’t need you to learn professional skills to control it. The app offers ease of access to that extent.

Managing multiple custom designs with Shopify poster design app

The reasons for getting a poster designed can be numerous. On occasions like Halloween, they keep flooding, like from every direction- on and off the internet. To make sure that the user has enough options to select from, we developed it to suit multiple designs.

In this project, we have three design templates:

Type one design 

It allows you to create posters with just one letter and a small text related to that. The user can add a date per his wish.

Shopify poster design app-Type one

The final design comprises of the following:

  • A large letter at the center
  • A small text
  • The date
  • The design can be availed in two sizes- Regular and Large.

To make this happen, we defined the dimensions and pixels in CanvasJS that eventually allow the app to print sufficiently large fonts.

Type Two design

It allows the user to add two letters in the poster design. The rest of the fields are similar to the Type one design.

Shopify poster design app-type two

The final design comprises of the following:

  • Two capital letters at the two opposite corners
  • A small text at the center of the poster
  • Date of your choice
  • Set for two predefined sizes- Regular and Large

For sure, getting the two letters in their respective places was a big challenge. We had to keep an eye on the pixels covered and the scalability to adjust all the letters in the Alphabet set. Letters like W are more likely to ask for more pixels compared to letters like I.

We assigned fixed pixels to both the fields in the app, which is Letter A and Letter B text fields. As a result, the design fixes all the letters in their respective places regardless of their usual size and font style.

Calendar poster designing

With our Shopify poster design app, users can opt for Calendar customization as well. The app is equipped for redesigning the existing calendar templates to your preferences.

The final design comprises the following:

  • An Alphanumeric character at the background
  • A small Caption
  • Two Caption lines

The custom poster for the calendar is way different than the other two posters. The template involved a large alphanumeric character in the background.

To allow further customization, we enabled predefined color schemes for each poster. Proceeding with the text fields, the final poster design is saved with the app. The app now dynamically assorts all the posters with their respective background colors.

The users can navigate among the color variants really fast. They are all color variants on a dynamic screen. Users can click any of the variants and the changes are implemented on the final design in real-time. Here are the color variants of each of the design templates:

online poster design tool-custom color variants

Implementing all these variations, we were able to deliver the final poster designs as:

custom online poster design app-final designs

What does Shopify custom poster designing app hold for the vendors?

The Shopify poster designing app is developed independently on PHP, from scratch. The app template fits on Shopify like a miracle. The user can check the customizations on the poster in real-time and can modify them with ease. For the same, we have used the CanvasJS library which has the ability to transform inputs to live graphical designs. 

The app was updated several times post-deployment keeping in the eye of how users perceive it, the combinations that have gained the right traction, and the ones that demand optimization.

As of July 2021, the app caters to more than 20 ecommerce stores now with similar print-on-demand services. 

Our expert developers have developed a platform-agnostic design and use Shopify webhooks to fit in. The app can readily function on any other E-commerce platform, along with CMS platforms to render the desired services. We can tailor it to your needs, wherever and whenever needed.

You can hire Shopify experts from us, for developing a similar Shopify custom poster designing app.

Summing up with Shopify custom poster maker app

Personalization and customization have long been known to Shopify vendors. So they are, to us. We have discussed the Shopify product customizer app before. The current project is another feather on the hat.

At The Brihaspati Infotech, we outsource our Shopify development team to deliver the much-needed expertise for meeting your business requirements. Drop us an email if this article encourages us to get a custom Shopify app developed.

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