Custom Product Builder Shopify App: Multiple Product Options


If there is one thing where the world has seen tremendous growth during the past decade it has to be  E-commerce. The way it has changed the face of the retail market with quickened deliveries, and the flexibility to personalize products have gained the attention.

Apart from the ability to add custom texts and designs, customers can now create their own products online using tools named “Custom Product Builder Tools”. The leading online businesses are providing this flexibility for some years now where the users can assemble parts of products that fit perfectly to their needs. 

For example, we have an online store for Thesis Bicycles:

Source: The OB1 bike

If we can look closely, the bike was originally priced at $3,299. The user, however, makes some customizations with the parts of the bike like the “Wheel Package” which solely added $1200 to the base price. The customer makes further changes in the gears resulting in the final cost of approximately 4800 USD. The customer ends up paying $4800 instead of $3299 which is a straight 45 percent rise in sales, on his will.

The numbers are associated with just one bike. Think about the number of pieces sold per week. Strategically placed product options can do the miracle. The merchants can offer their customers the much needed to flexibility to find the right product while raising the chances for additional sales.

The expert Shopify development team at The Brihaspati Infotech had the opportunity to deliver multiple product options on the client’s Shopify store. The custom-designed app fits in any Shopify store and can readily change the product page layout to a complete product building tool with all the options at the right place.

The need for Shopify multiple product options

Our client is a leading name for supplying shape-shifting bicycle saddles. On most orders, the client was asked for additional customizations in the form of saddle covers and frames. However, implementing this idea in the online store was never easy.

The client hunted for a ready to integrate Shopify product builder app, only to realize that the available tools didn’t meet his needs, and he might need some additional help. 

That is when we were approached for a custom Shopify product builder app development. The basic idea was to sort the priorities as steps for adding prices. 

The same can be seen in the following GIF file where the customer is shown creating a product in three different steps:

Developing a Shopify Custom Product Builder App

Shopify, as an eCommerce development platform, has come a long way. With over 500,000 active stores collectively generating more than 40 billion worth of sales, Shopify becomes the first choice for newly arrived online merchants.

Above all, the global community of expert Shopify developers has contributed thousands of apps to Shopify’s app store, each pertaining to specific business needs. Merchants can readily install the apps of their choice and can make a fortune.

Our custom product builder Shopify app is exceptional with its ability to modify the existing product page. The app converts the Shopify product page layout to a more readable and intuitive design leaving your customers with an excellent shopping experience.

A Custom product page layout

The custom app for Shopify product options sorts the product page to subsequent parts.

Step1: The Main product

Step2: First level customization on the main product

Step3: Second level customization on the main product

The final product is a combination of these selections. The final price and the combination of product parts are decided from here. 

In the process, we have redesigned the Shopify storefront in a way such that the products and the options are presented in a whole new way. We have customized the Shopify liquid files to make the right changes in the storefront.

  • The main product is placed at the left side of the screen, and is locked throughout the scroll. 
  • The price of the final product is placed at the top of the product page as a sticky header
  • The sticky header also includes the total savings and another “Add to Cart” option.

A custom-designed cart page:

Our Shopify custom product builder extends its support for the cart page as well. The application redesigns the default page layout to a more informative and controllable page.

In the following Gif file, we can find the Cart page created by the customer.

The page includes the product selected along with the product options, their price, and quantity.

The user can make changes in the quantities from here and can even delete the options. The price changes accordingly.

Managing Shopify multiple product options

Our custom Shopify product builder app allows the admin to have complete control over the storefront. They can control the images, place the products, and customize the existing contents on the product page.

Adding product options:

The app is primarily designed to reduce the pain of admins at managing the store backend. With this by their side, they can add innumerable products, create numerous Shopify product variant options, and can customize the contents. The app offers a CMS front-like panel making it easier to manage the elements.

The Menu bar constitutes options for:

  • Manage Custom Texts
  • Products 
  • Builder

The Products menu allows the admin to add products to the app. The admin can hit the Sync Product Data option at the top and the existing Shopify store products will be transferred to the app.

Admin panel for adding products

Customizing product options:

After adding the products, the admin can add the products as the main product or its sub-parts.

The Builder menu at the top offers the ease to control the product page contents. The section has an “Add steps” button at the top. The admin can use the option to create options for Shopify products.

The options can be customized anytime in the future.

The GIF file above displays the admin panel offered by our custom-designed app. We can find multiple steps: Step 1, 2, and 3 with the same content as shown in the live storefront. 

The Admin can manage:

  • The title of the step
  • The subtitle of the page
  • The product 
  • The price of the products

Something that is worth noticing is that the storefront is almost a replica to the “Products” page at the backend.

Is it confined to the client’s business only?

The answer is: NO. The custom product builder Shopify app is designed flexibly for every product that deserves online customization. From products as common as Shirts to Mobile phones, everything single thing, where merchants business offers a custom product building, our app can find itself a perfect fit.

For example, in the following image, we can find a customer ordering a Shirt. Of all the available options for the collar, the customer is interested in “The Classic Spread design” along with the 2 Button design for the cuff region.

Customizing Shirt

The highlighted portions in the final image will be affected as per the selections made.

The Shopify custom product builder app is designed to extract Shopify products regardless of the size of the shop and the number of products with the merchant. The app was updated several times during and after the final deployment as there aren’t sufficient solutions for readily available apps.

As of July 2021, the app caters to more than 10 ecommerce stores that sell similar products globally.

Our experience with custom Ecommerce product builders 

The Brihaspati Infotech is a pioneer in developing custom eCommerce solutions. The team has helped the clients resolve complex eCommerce issues with tailor-made solutions. 

In the past, we have developed several apps for custom product builder ecommerce extensions with the sole aim to help our clients. The recent most blog on custom Shopify development was on packaging box design software where the customers can design personalized boxes online.

Final words

With our app by their side, merchants can customize product page on Shopify stores with much ease. The app’s exact potential is broader. We had to limit it with the client’s requirement.

If your business also has a similar need, you can contact us directly. Our Shopify expert developers can make the desired changes in the app that fits your custom business needs quicker and at a far lower rate.

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