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A label for shipping… Isn’t it merely a sticker on a package? Shipping labels share vital information with your supply chain, allowing technology and humans to understand the origins and destinations of your product. The shipping label contains all of the essential details about the package, including the contents and the delivery address. The user can track and control your orders using shipping labels. It also provides a positive customer experience, enhances brand loyalty and client retention, and ultimately increases profitability.

Though shipping labels may appear to be a minor component of the e-commerce puzzle, they are crucial for e-commerce logistics as well as essential to the online store’s success, reach, and customer satisfaction. Our Shopify experts got a chance to develop a Shopify custom Shipping Label app for a client.

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Shopify support for Shipping Labels Generation

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, which provides an in-built feature of Shopify Shipping in the admin panel. The default Shopify Shipping has all the features that most businesses require to process orders. Although there are a few places where Shopify should improve its present functionality. In fact, Shopify Shipping’s current features fulfill the demands of many sellers.

  • Integration with prominent carriers Canada Post, DHL, USPS, and UPS.
  • Discounted prices are also available from carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL Express, and Canada Post.
  • Provide real-time updates and tracking information to customers.
  • With your shipping labels, print customs forms.

The default Shopify Shipping app has limited features. That was when the client approached us for Shopify Shipping label app development to provide the custom features.

Shopify Shipping Labels

Drawbacks in Shopify shipping labels

You might be questioning why there is a need for a Shopify custom Shipping label app when the basic functionalities are sufficient. While Shopify Shipping has some positive aspects, it does have some flaws that need to be highlighted.

  • The biggest downside of Shopify Shipping is that the Courier options are finite. The only options accessible in the United States are USPS, UPS, and DHL. And for Canada, Canada Post is the only option.
  • While you may save the weight of your product on the dashboard, you can’t save the measurements. This is a critical issue because it can result in erroneous shipping rates being displayed at checkout, potentially resulting in underpaying for shipping.
  • There are no workflow automation or rules.
  • Merchants can purchase and print only 20 labels at a time.
  • Taxes and duties in Shopify international shipping options are not calculated automatically. While to display tax and duty rates at checkout, the merchant has to set the rates manually.

Features of our Custom Shipping Label App

The Shopify app development team at The Brihaspati Infotech has large-scale hands-on experience in Shopify custom App development. On a recent account, our Shopify development agency had the privilege to create a custom label printing app. We are delighted that the custom app was able to provide optimal outcomes to the client.

Through the custom Shopify app development, we overcome the drawbacks of the default Shopify Shipping label app while increasing sales. The custom app allows Shopify business owners to connect their Canada Post accounts and create labels without leaving the platform.

Custom Shipping Label App

Some of the advantages that Shopify custom app development provides for its eCommerce business are listed below.

1: Custom Canada Post Discounts

The user can link their Canada Post accounts with the app to get additional savings on the basis of the custom Canada Post discounts.

2: Pay for labels in Canadian funds

Since the Shopify custom app gets integrated with the Canada Post account through the APIs. So, the users can pay in CAD for the labels.

3: Easy to use with Shopify

The custom Shopify app developed under the supervision of our experienced Shopify development team offers easy integration further, making the label printing easy.

4: Dimensions of Packaging Box

With this app, the merchants can create custom dimensions for their packaging boxes and use them during the shipping creation. This feature is not available in the default Shopify Shipping label App. There will be Length, Width, and Height in Dimensions, with Units in cm/inches.

5: Calculate the shipping rates

Through the Shopify Custom Shipping label app, the merchants can calculate the shipping rates of the package before creating the labels. Our team of developers integrated the app with a third party to calculate the shipping rate on the basis of packaging box dimensions and the shipping services.

Calculate the Shipping rates

Looking to develop a Custom Shopify Label App or other Custom Shopify App?

The panel of in-house Shopify custom app development experts at The Brihaspati Infotech has delivered tailored app solutions to its clients in the past. We have experience in developing bespoke Shopify apps for businesses of all sizes. The team has repeatedly proven its worth by designing custom Shopify applications tailored to the needs of their clients. At TBI, we offer:

  • Custom and Responsive Shopify App development
  • API or third-party integrations with other services

Recently, our team has developed a Shopify custom Shipping label app for the merchants. We have a paradigm, so it will be easier for us to deliver a similar service in the future.  If you’re searching for a similar solution, we can deliver it to you faster, saving you time and money while providing all the adjustments you want. All you have to do now is employ our Shopify app development company.

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