Developing Shopify Gift Box Builder App


Gift personalization is one of those businesses that are in high demand. With better visibility online, the stores offering similar services have only got more popular among consumers.

According to a recent report by PRNewswire,

The Global Personalized Gifts market is expected to reach $43.3 Billion by 2027.

Reasons can be many. We manage to find two decisive factors behind the spike in demand:

1. A Personalized Gift compensates for the physical distance (Most websites offer International Shipping)
2. Multiple options to design customized gifts online

The customers can design and order personalized gifts from any corner of the world for their nears and dears. Gift box builder apps have offered similar flexibility to the business owners too, as both the parties have better transparency at getting a perfectly customized end-product.

Combined with the leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify that can take care of payments and timely fulfilment, the business owners can now focus on more important roles- like expanding their regions of services.

In a similar account, the custom Shopify development team at The Brihaspati Infotech recently built a gift box builder app for one of our clients. The app is one of its kind and helps the client manage the complete business with utter ease.

In the process, we have developed a custom gift box personalizer form along with a highly organized admin panel. The following GIF file gives us a complete walkthrough of our custom-designed Shopify Gift Box builder app:

Need for a Custom Gift Box Shopify App

The Shopify app store is brimming with readily available solutions that can help e-commerce stores serve as online Gift Box builders. Consumers can design their own products online and make payments. The Shopify admins also have the freedom to add infinite variations for their store products.

However, the client’s business deserved more than a “one size fits all” kind of gift customizer. Following were the exclusive services the business offered:

1. Multiple Box layouts
2. Multiple products (with optional customizations)
3. Product options for upselling
4. Personalized Gift card

A regular Shopify gift customizer app doesn’t offer product customization at multiple stages. That was when the client looked out for an experienced team of eCommerce experts. Our Custom Gift Box Shopify App development turned out to be the ultimate savior for the client.

Our Solution: Custom Shopify Gift Box Builder App

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce development platforms. The e-commerce software giant has played a key role in helping generate $40 Billion worth of combined sales across 500,000 active stores. The reasons are many. One is the flexibility it offers to the developers in building tailored solutions for their stores.

If done right, the Shopify stores can support third-party integrations almost like running a fullfledged software solution, only that they are more native to the online shop. This time around, we used Laravel to build the Shopify box builder application.

Multiple Box Layout Options

Selecting the Gift box layout is the first step in building a custom gift box online. The customers can select the number of products they want to order. The app offers all the box layout options with the number of slots available for each. Now, you can literally build your own gift box online with Shopify.

In the following picture, a customer selects a box for two gift products. It is worth noticing that each layout option comes with a box preview. 

Selecting the Box layout

The app also offers a box preview option (View Box Ideas) at the bottom. The option leads to a pop-up named Inspirations that provides a real-world preview of the box and the way it accommodates gift products.

We have taken special care of the online vs a more streamlined offline purchase experience while developing the Shopify Gift Box builder app. This section exactly does the part with a visual preview of your probable gift.

Customize Gift Products

Next in the online gift creation list comes the section where users can customize their gift products. Users can personalize the products on various levels like:

  • Adding texts
  • Size of the dress
  • The colour variant

End-users can add custom texts for the product. The custom-designed app offers easy options to manage customization on your store. The following GIF file speaks for itself:

The best part, users have the freedom to customize multiple products for the final gift. Our Shopify gift box builder app saves every customization thus offering the much-needed transparency in the business.

The buyers can find all the customizations they have asked for on the cart page, as shown below:

List of Gift Customizations

Personalized Message Card

Buyers can now add a custom message card with the gift. The app offers a separate section for creating a custom card with ease. With all the desired fields in their place, the users really don’t have to add much effort to customize the card.

The Shopify gift box builder app offers fields for Sender, Receiver, and the Message box. The card is saved the way clients expect them to.

The buyers can literally find everything they had always wished for on an ideal gift customization store. At the same time, the convenience for customers gives you the fame you had always deserved.

The Shopify app to build custom gift boxes brings more streamlined management for the merchants as well.

Custom Admin Dashboard

The Shopify app is a complete solution for e-commerce merchants. Not only it offers an excellent user interface for the shoppers, but also a highly organized Shopify dashboard.

Our custom Shopify box builder app offers the desired flexibility to scale your business. We have added custom options at the top for products, categories, box layouts, and Orders generated by the store. Our Shopify developers have added custom fields to scale their options in the future with ease.

The client’s business, for instance, offers up to three box layouts as of now. However, the client can always add extra boxes if the demand comes. Merchants can add the Name of the layout, number of items, Layout type, and its current status.

Adding New Box Layout

The Box Layout Idea option, similarly adds easy options to manage the box layout ideas where the merchant can add the images and the text for the layout ideas. Selling designer gift boxes online with Shopify only gets easier!

Adding box layout idea in the Shopify app

The bespoke ecommerce gift packaging app on Shopify was a grand success as it opened new doors for businesses offering similar services. By July 2021, the app is installed across 20+ global ecommerce stores in its vanilla as well as customized versions.

Our Experience in Shopify Custom App Development

The Brihaspati Infotech is a pioneer in custom e-commerce development. Our experts have a proven track record in developing custom eCommerce extensions whenever there is a need. From setting up a complete eCommerce store from scratch to customizing APIs our developers have done them all.

In one of our past blogs, we have discussed the development of a custom Shopify Dropshipping app specially designed to administer the Dropship business. The merchants can now manage the complete business right from their Shopify panel.

Final Words on Gift Box Shopify App

Online gift customization as a business will boom in the coming times. Is your e-commerce store prepared for that? 

Our Shopify Gift Box Builder App is a standalone solution built with Laravel, which also makes it a platform-agnostic extension. Be it Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or any other platform, we will customize it for your store.  Now that our Shopify experts have already built one, we can deliver a tailored solution for your business quicker, thus saving you resources.

You can contact us today to get in touch with our business experts.

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